Friday, October 04, 2013

Rough week...

No reviews this week, sorry :( I don't usually need excuses for that or at least, nothing more than my usual  "blogging muse has been on vacation" explanation... but this week, I have a good excuse. Week has been a rough one and long story short is, I have a ruptured appendix ^_^;

I started feeling some abdominal pain last Thursday... Pulses of pain that came and went. Nothing alarming or excruciating, just uncomfortable. I was hoping it'd go away, but it didn't... so on Sunday, I went to the clinic. When the doctor pressed on the lower right region, it did hurt. Combined with a slight fever, she suggested that I headed for the emergency because it could be my appendix. After hours of waiting at the emergency and a CT scan, the diagnosis was indeed my appendix. Doctor told me I looked good for someone with a ruptured appendix and I have to say, I was a bit stunned. Anyway, I was admitted right away... After meeting the surgical people, there was two options: 1) remove the appendix right away or 2) treat it with antibiotics and have the appendectomy in a couple of months (an interval appendectomy). My first reaction was to want to the surgery right away. Why keep it in? However, the appendix was very inflamed and I was told that there was the possibility that if they went in now, they'd have to remove more than necessary. Yeah, not really what I want. Given my age, the low level of pain and symptoms that I had, they'd rather go with option 2. They started the antibiotics and I was all set to leave on Wednesday when my left foot started to swell... and I developed a rash on my belly. It's most probably an allergic reaction to the IV antibiotics I received, but by that time, I was set to start a different kind of antibiotics in pills. Still, they called in the immunology/allergists to check it out. They had a look and well, didn't seem to be alarmed. So I get an appointment for some test in two weeks. I also got a doppler ultrasound for my left leg to be sure that the swelling wasn't caused by a clot.

So far, everything seems okay-ish... I had a bit of a rough time with the side effects of the antibiotics - nausea, dizziness, abdominal discomfort... but today seems to be better. I need to be aware that my appendix could develop into an abscess and that means going back to the emergency... And that means I'm being a bit paranoid with any abnormal twitch, sigh. But we'll take it day by day and see how it's going :)

While 2013 is not over yet, I can say it's been a mixed year... So many ups and downs! Every time I seem to get back into a blogging rhythm, something comes up and I need to start over. I'm not stopping my blog or anything, but you can understand that I'm not really in the mood to blog lately. Or I'll blog, but not review :) And seriously, at this point, I'm soooo far behind ^_^; Ah well.

What about you? Hope you've had an easier week than I did :)


  1. Oh no!! Hope you're feeling well soon, and that there's no need to go in earlier than expected.

    Sending love & healing thoughts your way.

  2. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon!!
    I didn't know they could do that with appendixes these days? I always thought it meant immediate surgery because the risk of septicemia is too high, so I guess I learned something new today!

    Have a nice weekend, I'll be sending you good vibes.

  3. Hi...I hope you're feeling ok now.
    I'm also allergic to a couple of's a problem alright....
    Take care!

  4. That is a good non-blogging excuse - not that excuses are needed! I hope you feel better soon - take it easy!


  5. Hey Nath, I hope you're feeling better by today? Do what you need to do and take care of yourself. That comes first!

    This has been a tough blogging year for me too, but still hanging in there.


  6. Lori - Thanks Lori!! Happy belated birthday to you, by the way! :)

    And I sure hope everything goes well :)

    Alex - Thanks Alex! Yeah, everyone is quite surprised that I didn't get a surgery right away... but I guess the risk is that it ruptures and you don't know it... Also, it depends on how it ruptures and leaks... Anyway, what can you do but trust the doctors?

    Sonia - Well the thing is that I wasn't aware that I was allergic to antibiotics... so now, it's something else to have checked out. Sigh. Thanks!

    Li - True, true. And I'm taking it easy :)

    Hilcia - I think I'm feeling better :) Hard to tell with the periods... well okay, the pain is different, but it still makes me nervous. However, I know what to do.

    And yes, blogging-wise... I sure hope 2014 is better!

  7. I'm so sorry you're going through this, Nath. Take care of yourself.

  8. Dayum! Just saw this. Hope you are feeling better! Take care :)

  9. Nath! Hope you're starting to feel better, although you won't feel ALL better until that appendix comes out. Any word on a surgery date yet?

  10. Hugs Nathie! Take it easy and feel better!

  11. Omg, it ruptured?! I'm so glad you went in and didn't wait any longer. Please rest up and feel better soon. It's all about health!

  12. Jan - Thank you, I will!

    Mariana - That's the plan, Mariana :P

    Wendy - No words on a surgery date. I have an ultrasound on November 7 and then, a follow-up appointment one week later and then, we'll decide...

    I just need for time to go by a little bit and obsess less about it LOL.

    Leslie - Thanks Les!

    little alys - Yeah, it ruptured... I'm glad as well!