Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cousins' week-end, reading slump and current obsession

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the long silence :( I had a crazy week a couple weeks ago and well, it just snowballed from there. So, wassup with everyone? :P

Me? Well I managed to finish the pictures slideshow in time for the 25th anniversary thingie at work. It was a close call and well, not sure it was appreciated... but oh well. It's done and hopefully, by the time the 30th anniversary rolls in, I won't be there anymore. Then, my sister and I met up with some cousins in Maryland... somewhere in the suburbs of Washington D.C. :P Remember I attended a wedding in Annapolis two years ago? Well, this time, we celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary :) Ever since the wedding, the 6 of us have been trying to stay in touch and have decided to meet once a year. Last year, it was in Boston for their grandfather's birthday, This year, we decided to meet up in Maryland :P Once again, we ate way too much LOL. We also went raspberry and apple picking, walked a trail and just hung out :)

We had a great time that week-end. The weather was gorgeous and the company, excellent :) It was just nice to be together. It was also quite novel not to have any parents, herding us around LOL. Next year, we're hoping to meet up in Germany for my another cousin's wedding :) Also, one of the girls just got engaged after the week-end, so perhaps another wedding :P

I meant to blog when I came home, but well, had to get back into a routine... and then, got into a reading slump :( I just didn't know what to pick up... and I think I burned out a bit on contemporary romance. I wanted to read urban fantasy, but just didn't know what book to pick up. This month, I won`t get double-digits of reads. Oh well :( Luckily for me, yesterday was release day... I'm eyeing the new Jim Butcher's book, The Aeronaut's Windlass. I also got an ARC for Ms Bowen's latest Ivy Years book, The Fifteenth Minute! Also, next week, Ms Hooper has a new FBI SCU book coming out, Fear the Dark, and it seems one of my favorite couple will be back!! Yay!! So I think I'm about to be rid of this reading slump :)

I think one thing that has contributed to my reading slump is I got hooked in this Chinese TV series, Nirvana in Fire.

This TV series is a novel adaptation. It's basically a court intrigue/political tv series. It was filmed in 2013 and was supposed to air in 2014, but got pushed back. Finally, it's on right now!! It started on September 19 and the release schedule is 2 episodes a day, every day!! It's 54 episodes... Let just say that I'm in heaven! The tv series sounded good from the trailer, but actually watching it? The production quality is top-notch, the story is excellent and the actors? Amazing!! So yep, that's my current obsession :)

And there you have it, what I've been up to :P I hope that October will be a better reading and blogging month. Or at least, I'll manage to put up one review!



  1. Hey Nath - sounds like September has been a fun month! Love your photos, like always :-)

    I'm also eyeing the new Jim Butcher, but maybe one for the library as it's rather expensive...

  2. Love the photos! Are you going to read the new Rick riodran book?

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