Friday, September 11, 2015


Hi everyone!

how are you doing? Hope everyone's good! Things have been a bit hectic on my end this week. Everything just seems to be happening one after another. Ugh. I thought I had found my blogging rhythm... but seems I was wrong. Or it was so fragile it didn't take much to disrupt it :(

Although, to be fair, I can't blame it all on this week's events. A lot of it has to do with reading. I've been on a roll these past few weeks. I read 23 books in August!! I can't remember when's the last time I read 20+ books in a month... and so, as you can imagine, between reading and blogging, I chose reading LOL.

There are a few reviews I want to write! Plus, tomorrow is the RARE 2015 event... so I'll definitively have things to blog about. However, next week seems to be quite busy as well. Then again, my reading has slowed a bit and I've been roped in to do a pictures slideshow for the department research day 25th anniversary... Yeah, sounds fun right? I've been procrastinating on that (due next Wednesday with a pathetic number of pictures) and so, that might nudged be towards blogging :) After all, I'm writing this post, no? :)

Hopefully, more will come soon! In the meantime, have an excellent week-end!


  1. Send some of that reading mojo my way! I can't fathom reading 20+ books in a month!

  2. Wendy - My reading mojo slipped away!! How fast it can change :(

    and LOL, after reading your post, Wendy, I don't think you can read 20+ books a month... because it entails pretty much reading everywhere... even at work :P

  3. I just started the Julie James book that came out earlier this year. I've been busy with making blankets.