Tuesday, May 31, 2016

30 Days Blog Challenge - Complete!!

Woohooo!! I made it!! With this post, I complete my 30 Days Blog Challenge!! Yay me!!

Okay, so I missed one day, but that's acceptable. 30 days of blogging out of 31... for someone who's been having such a hard time, it's awesome! :) Big thank you to Ames for the challenge!! Also, thanks to everyone who participated to the challenge, visited and left comments :) You made a difference!

I'm pretty happy because out of the 30 posts, I have 7 reviews and 11 books related posts. So more than half were about books :) Which is pretty much what I wanted! Now that the challenge is over, I know I'm not going to be blogging daily. It was really hard to come up with relevant topic everyday ^_^; However, for sure, I found my groove and will do it more regularly! :) I'm really excited about it and I think that's what I was missing for so long... That little spark of excitement :)

On that note, I'm leaving you with some nice pictures... In the past month, I was able to blog about another of my hobbies, Chinese dramas :) In one of the post, I mentioned one of my favorite Chinese actor, Yuan Hong. Well, he got married last week-end!! Check out some of the pictures!! 

They make such a pretty couple! His wife is also an actress; however, I'm unfamiliar with her. They were a pretty low-key couple. I heard they were dating... at the beginning of this year IIRC. Can't believe they already got married :)

Loved Yuan Hong's groomsmen!! So handsome... and Hu Ge was one of them! One Chinese tradition is for the groom to go and pick up the bride. Usually, the bridesmaids and bride's good friends will block the groom's passage in order to evaluate his worth through some challenges :P Groomsmen usually help the groom out... It was fun to see Yuan Hong's groomsmen come prepared with bags and equipment. They look like agents on a mission LOL.

In the end, they did succeed in getting the bride! :) Congrats to the couple!!


  1. Great Job Nath! Agree 100% with everything you said about the challenge. So happy to have been part of it.

    Love the pictures! Fun, quirky and classy.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the blog challenge. You guys did great! I enjoyed all of your posts and seeing you guys blogging again. You should keep it up!

  3. Congrats on finishing up the challenge!! Whoohoo! I'm so glad we decided to do this. :)
    I love, love that you ended it with real-life pictures of a star from one of your Chinese soap operas. Lovely!

  4. Leslie - Me too Leslie!! We're back in business now!!

    Yeah, the pictures are really nice. I think they actually sold the rights to the wedding pictures to some magazine... which was smart. Really stunning pics :)

    Wena - Thanks Wena!! I will try my best to keep it up!

    Hilcia - Go Hils!! We rock!!

    LOL, thanks :P I wanted to share the pics. Just so fun.

  5. Thanks for joining the challenge Nath!

    And what a beautiful couple. Cute that they included their dog in one of the photos. Awww.

  6. Congrats on a successful blogging month!

  7. Ames - It was fun, Ames!!

    Ha, I don't know if it's their dog... I'm assuming yes though.

    Kailana - Thanks Kailana! You're doing well too with yours! :) Keep it up!