Friday, August 05, 2016

Week-end plans!

Friday, finally!! It was a 4-days week, but it just felt sooo long! To tell the truth, I was ready for the week-end already yesterday LOL.

So, what's your plans for the week-end? Tomorrow, my mom turns 65 years old, so we're celebrating by going to the restaurant with some of her friends :) Then, on Sunday, it's my annual BBQ. Once again, I'm hosting. So this week-end is going to be quite busy for me. Plus, the Olympics are starting!! Actually watching the opening ceremony right now!

What about you? Any plans?


  1. Hey Nath - good to see you blogging again!

    I'm watching the Olympics right now as well :) Though the time difference makes it difficult - didn't manage to stay up for the opening ceremony which started at midnight here.

  2. This weekend: Nada. Just errands and chores. SO boring.

  3. I was in Vegas this weekend. Lots of fun in the sun and AC'd hotel room so we can watch the Olympics! Go USA!

  4. Li - LOL, hopefully, it lasts Li!!

    I hear you Li! I'm so happy the time difference is only 1 hour for me. Am having a great time watching it :) but then again, you got great coverage last Olympics! :)

    Isabel - It is, but sometimes, boring is good :)

    Rowena - What did you watch? Canada is doing well! Not as well as USA, but really well for us :)