Monday, November 26, 2007

Another week-end

Someone, tell me how come the week-end always goes by so fast, while the week days feel like eternity? It really is unfair. Not surprisingly, I didn’t want to wake up this morning and go to work. In the end, it wasn’t bad because my supervisor was absent! (yay!)

My week-end started off okay… I was very excited on Friday, because after checking online, I found out that every bookstore already had Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts in stock!! However, once I rushed to the bookstore after work, they told me they couldn’t sell the book to me, because it was not officially released yet. Hmmmm… Okay… Ames already warned me of that problem, because she got the same answer in 2 bookstores in Winnipeg… but I thought I would be safe, as I know that the bookstore I went usually put out the books a bit early (for example Mira/HQN books are always out about a week or two early… that’s also where I bought Count to Ten early and etc.). I guess Nora Roberts has now reached such a notorious level that they are now very strict on the release date (apparently, the bookstore could lose its license…) I didn’t give up though… I went to a second bookstore and look for a new and innocent employee… but still didn’t get the book :( So I’ll be rushing to the bookstore tomorrow again.

As for my week-end, very relaxing… and kind of boring. I mean, all I did was reading which in itself is not boring… however, that’s all I did :( So when you think about it, yes, it is kind of boring. Anyway, I didn’t read any new books, but actually spent time re-reading :) It was fun. The first book I re-read was Remember Me by Sharon Sala. Remember last week? I did a Top 3 of my favorite books by Sharon Sala… well I forgot to add Remember Me as an honorable mention is the story of Francesca and Clay LeGrand who are newly-weds. One rainy morning, Clay leaves for work and when he comes back, Frankie has disappeared. After two years of hell where the cops and people suspected Clay to have murdered Frankie and when he had to travel to different morgues throughout the country in order to identify corpse… Frankie suddenly shows up in bed as if nothing happened with no memory of the past two years. All the clues that Clay and Frankie have are the needle marks in her arm, the tattoo at her neck, a wad of money and a vague memory of an earthquake. This was definitively a great book, so read it if you have the chance.

Afterwards, I re-read the whole Chesapeake trilogy by Nora Roberts… Partly because Holly has just reviewed them at Book Binge, but also because I just recommended them to a friend. It’s also been a while since I last read them. Again, great books. This is definitively my favorite trilogy by Nora Roberts… I just love the relationship between the four brothers and NR is very good with family interaction and dynamics. Finally, I started Through A Crimson Veil by Patti O’Shea… another of my favorite.

As you can guess, cleaning and re-shelving didn’t really happen ^^; What a surprise! LOL I'm also trying to figure out my online orders and what books I'm going to buy in-store for December. I seriously can't wait till December... I've also gone through my book journal... this year is the first year I'm keeping track of what books I'm reading and when... Turns out that I've read about 160 books already this year (excluding January)­... I think that is great :D

... and I think that's it for now :D So how was your week-end? By the way, I've been meaning to, but keep forgetting: Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! :)


  1. I keep meaning to pick up the Chesapeake books, but I always forget. I'm headed to the library tonight ~ maybe I'll remember to pick it up tonight.

  2. Hi nath!!!
    I am back online, yeah!!!
    I still have yet to read any Nora Roberts contemporary books or any Sharon Sala. Have any suggestions on where to start.
    A reading weekend sounds like a great weekend to me.

  3. Wow, I like that plot outline for Sala - I think I need to write those titles down!

    It's a good think you don't have a N-Rex inside of you - if it was an Anne Stuart book and I knew it was in the store, people would fear for their lives!!

    I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend - you so deserve it! I love, love, love those weekends where all I did was read great books. I miss that. Hopefully I can get that back in the New Year. One can hope.

    Which books are you looking forward to in Dec? I need some help in finding some new books to buy. I have to keep up with Bob's Home Depot purchases some way ;)


  4. My reading is at a snail's pace therefore, except for BLOOD BROTHERS, I'm not going to buy anything until after Christmas. I think...mostly...maybe...I really shouldn't.

  5. Browse our video book reviews and find out what real readers like you have to say about the books we read :)

  6. Dev - You really, definitively should Dev!! I hope you find them all at the library (which they should be) :)

    Kris - Finally, you're back!!!! I was wondering what happened to you :P (I knew you moved, but that was about it). Well for Nora Roberts, you could go with her Chesapeake trilogy (Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Blue - i know, it's 4 books... but it's still a trilogy for me... and those are in order by the way)... as for Sharon Sala, take a look at my top 3 post (just below :P).

    Cindy - It was definitively a good book :) and yeah, me don't have any N-Rex... I would probably have forced the issue with any other authors... but then, Ames already told me that with this one, if they sold it early, they could LOSE THEIR LICENSE.... okay, I think that's a good enough reason for them not to sell it to me :P I'll do a post on books i'm looking forward to for December :)

    Rosie- My reading isn't going that fast either, but I expect it to change tonight with Blood Brothers. I think it's just the month has been slow... anyway, I want to have a stash of books just in case it picks up :D LOL, good luck on not buying books Rosie! :)

  7. I was just thinking that this week seemed long and it's only Tuesday! Argh. The weekend will never come. ;)

    I'm glad you had such fun re-reading. That's the best. And I love the Chesapeake Bay books! I'm actually hoping that the Blood Brothers series is sort of similiar, since they both revolve around the heroes. We'll see.

  8. Jennie - Oh my god, please don't remind me that the week is long... I know! LOL :) It's only Wednesday... sigh.

    Yep, re-reading was fun this week-end :D and it did provide me the change of pace I needed... I think. I bought Blood Brothers yesterday and it's okay...

  9. my sister is a huge fan of Sala and I haven't read anything by her yet. You have just convinced me I need to check her out!

  10. Laura - Yay! another person that will check it out! You're lucky though that your sis is a fan... you can borrow her books :P Cos her older ones are hard to find.