Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Top 3 of Sharon Sala

So, as I said in my previous post, I have been reading… but nothing great or screaming at me to review. Since I want to blog, but have nothing “new” to say, I’ve decided to revisit the “old.”

This is probably going to be an ongoing feature, but I haven't decided on the frequency of it. So what is this about? Basically, I’m going to list my 3 favorite books by one of my favorite author :D The goal is not only share my love of the books and the author, but also be able to discuss these books with people who have read them.

The first featured author is...

Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala is an author whose books I love and I’m always waiting for her new books impatiently. She also writes under the pen name of Dinah McCall and I love those too! She is the first author being featured, because I’ve been in the mood of re-reading her books lately LOL! This was all sparked by Casee’s review at Book Binge of Sharon Sala’s new book, Cut Throat. In her review, Casee said “Sharon Sala is one of those authors whose books I love for a reason I can't name.” This is also how I feel about Sharon Sala. However, once you start thinking about it, the answer is her writing style. Her writing is very fluid and easy to read and she has a good pace. She also doesn’t use an excess of words and doesn’t go into lengthy descriptions which is good for me. When it starts getting too long or repetitive, I tend to skim… However, I think that was set her from other authors is that she surprises her readers with the pacing of her books and also, she always adds surprising elements… When you expect her books to go from A to B, it actually goes even further and to C... when you think it starts at E and goes to F, it actually starts at C... it’s hard to explain without giving examples which includes spoilers… so you’ll have to take my words for it! LOL...

So here is my top 3:

3 – Sweet Baby
The book starts off with Victoria Lancaster, a gypsy photographer, returning home to her boyfriend Brett Hooker from an assignment. Brett is relieved that Tory is fine, but he’s also angry with her for taking off without saying goodbye or calling while she was away. They have been together for 3 years and although Brett loves Tory very much, he is starting to wonder if it’ll work out. How many more times can he be left behind? This time, Tory comes home plagued with nightmares from the past she doesn't remember... then Brett is shot and Tory's life is turned upside down.

2- Reunion
Gabriel Connor and his parents were in a tragic car accident, but only Gabriel survived. After a month in coma, Gabriel wakes up... but he has started hearing a voice... a voice asking him for help because he's lost. Micheal Travers is a family friend and is worried about Gabriel's welfare, so he asks the help of Laura Dane, a psychic. In addition to the voice, Gabriel starts "seeing" the serial murders by the Prince Charming... a man who leaves roses without thorns with his victims. The most shocking is that these murders are connected to Gabriel in a way he could never have expected or imagined...

1- Out of the Dark
Jade Cochrane should have had a wonderful childhood with a loving father... instead, when her mother left to join a cult, she took Jade along with her... condamning Jade to hell. Luckily, she was able to escape with Raphael and both had to live a life of constant fear... 20 years after Jade's disappearance, Sam Cochrane, her father, gets his first clue about the whereabouts of Jade and hires his good friend, Luke Kelly, to find her. Luke finds her easily and brings Jade and Raphael back to Sam... but Jade's past catches up to her, throwing her into a nightmare that's going to change her life again forever.

So these synopsis are mine... they're not the greatest, because I wanted to avoid spoilers... but these books are really great! Definitively heart-wrenching... I cried soooo much for each. I've just re-read them all in the past three days and even knowing the stories, I cried. The plots are unexpected as well as the pacing... the characters are great... strong and very interesting. If you haven't read it, try to get your hand on it.


  1. You know I used to read her. I have a few of the Dinah McCall books on my keeper shelf. This is another one of those I just stopped reading and don't remember why.

    I need more books to read like a hole in the head, but I think I'll add her name to my UBS list and of these days...pick up a couple.

  2. Rosie - hello Rosie :D Did you read the three books I listed? have to say though that she's been writing at a slower pace I think the past 2 years... i love her as Dinah McCall too :D Hope you enjoy the ones you'll find at the UBS!

  3. I've seen her books around blogland, but have as yet to read them ... might have to do so!

    (btw, if you don't like descriptions, you might not like The Bronze Horseman as much. But. I'm usually like you with lengthy descriptions, however in this book I didn't mind so much because it fits so well into the story- unlike Diana Gabaldon who puts stuff in for no apparent reason as far as I'm concerned!)

  4. What a great idea, Nath! I completely agree w/ you about Sharon Sala.

    I thought I was the only one that liked Sweet Baby. *g* Here are my top 3 SS:

    -Sweet Baby
    -Remember Me

    I also love the book Jackson Rule that she writes as Dinah McCall. :)

  5. Zeek - You should do so and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did... try the ones in my top 3 or in Casee's...

    Casee - Out of the Dark holds a special place for me because it was the first book I read by Sharon Sala. I just re-read Reunion... and I cried soooo much at the end!! OMG, it was soooo sad, but I think it was the best ending she could come up with. However, if I had that woman in front of me, I would beat her up sooooo much. Alll that because of her addiction... T_T

    My honorable mention does go to Remember Me... which was great as well.