Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of the month and I want to blog!

Okay, I started this post yesterday (i.e Thursday)... and didn't get the chance to finish it! Man, my last post was Monday… and today is Friday. I swear, I was planning to blog yesterday and the day before and even the day before that... I don’t know what happened… it’s not as if time flew by that fast… (especially when you’re at work… especially when the work atmosphere is crappy). Well okay, today was a bit busy... but still. I want to blog!! (although, what I have to say might not be that interesting... but I know you'll still read it! LOL)

Anyway, I got Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts on Tuesday :D (I actually sneaked out of work around lunch hour…) I also bought: Two Weeks with a Stranger by Debra Mullins, Lord of Scoundrel by Loretta Chase, Take Me Home by I-don’t-know-the-author, Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards, Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy and Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie. Not bad right?

I haven't done much this week except read and sleep... which I guess it's great LOL :) So it's already Friday... tomorrow is December! A new month! I hope it's going to be a great reading month LOL (as opposed to November - you'll see tomorrow in my monthly post). Cindy was wondering what books I was looking forward in December... that'll be a post coming very soon :D

Also, I've been slacking off a bit on my reviews :( So I think I'll have to start doing lightening reviews... my only problem with that is that it kind of sucks when you archive it :(

Anyway, all of this coming this week-end!


  1. Hey nath, time gets away from us sometimes :) I have read Mouth to Mouth and enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. hey there, sounds like a good reading list. I look forward to hearing how they went. mmm fresh new reviews!

  3. Hey, I'm totally with you on losing time this week. Blink. It was gone. I just picked up my copy of BLOOD BROTHERS today. I'm hoping to get some reading done this weekend. Fingers are crossed.

  4. Woohoo on the Roberts and N-Rex didn't have to be busted out ;) And of course I'm going to read about your day!

    I hit complete boredom at 3am. That was an hour and a half ago and I'm scaring myself. I so want to read but I'm afraid I'll start yet another book and it won't stick. I got annoyed with the last book I started. Ooops.

    Happy Weekend!!


  5. I'm excited about Blood Brothers! You've got a great list there, Nath. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

  6. I loooooooooooooove Lord of Scoundrel by Loretta Chase. Hurry up and read it!

  7. Kris - I know! I can't imagine where time goes. Mouth to Mouth was an enjoyable read :D

    Sula - My list of reads is up :D now if only I could write a couple of reviews... but lately, it seems that a book has really have to "scream" at me so I review it LOL :)

    Rosie - i hope you'll enjoy Blood Brothers... and I seriously wonder where my time goes. I don't mind it passing by, but what did I do with it?!?

    Cindy - LOL, N-Rex is inoffensive compared to C-Rex. I doubted the sale clerks would be scared of her. Happy week-end to you too! and hope the reading mojo comes back to you :D

    Dev - I'll try to write my thoughts about Blood Brothers soon :D so far, I thought it was okay.

    Isabel - I've already read LoS and thought it was a good book. My review of it is somewhere LOL :)