Friday, November 02, 2007

October Reads and more new books

It's already November! I don't know whether I should be excited or not... All I know is that I'll have to wake up extra early tomorrow to go line up at Costco in order to change my tires into snow ones... Sigh. There goes my morning...

Anyway, this post isn't to complain, but to post my October reads! October was an okay month... I read 17 books which is good, but I'd have done without the mini-slumps. It's like I'll read a lot for a few days and then, would not know what to read and slump, then pick up the pace again to just slow down and so on. I'd rather read consistently throughout the month.

Okie, enough said:

- Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh (part of anthology Enchanted Season): B+
- The Serpent Bride by Elizabeth Hoyt: B
- Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight: C+
- The Highlander's Bride by Michele Sinclair: B+
- A Touch of Minx by Suzanne Enoch: C
- You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister: B-
- There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde: C
- Black Silk by Metsy Hingle: C
- Squeeze Play by Kate Angell: B
- Cut Throat by Sharon Sala: B
- Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher: A
- Secrets of a Proper Lady by Victoria Alexander: B
- No Holding Back by Liz Allison & Wendy Etherington: B
- The Lady in Question by Victoria Alexander: C
- January Chill by Rachel Lee: C+
- What a Lady Wants by Victoria Alexander: B+
- Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole: B+

Hmm, there's one or two more books that I've started, but did not finish, but that was more due to my mood than to the books, so I haven't included them. By the way, I have updated my archives :P So if you want to look for reviews, that's where to go...

To continue this post, I have a list of new books that I've bought on Wednesday. Seriously, after last week's book shopping, you'd really think that had enough books... but wrong! I blamed the MHIT Syndrome (Must-Have-It-Now) for it though. So I head out to buy Upon A Midnight Clear which is the new Dream-Hunter novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon and ended up going home with:

- Upon a Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon
- Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp
- Touch of Madness by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp
- Daisy's Back in Town by Rachel Gibson
- Not the Marrying Kind by Hailey North
- Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy by Stephanie Rowe
- The Seance by Heather Graham
- Warsworn and Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan (I know, I have both of these already, but they're for keepsafe).

It was fun cruising through aisles and realizing that some publishers have already started lowering their CDN price :D By the way, anyone got Upon A Midnight Clear, the new Sherrilyn Kenyon... is it me or the font is huge in this book and it's actually pretty thin?

Ohhh... yesterday was November 1st and the launch of this new review site:

Basically it's a review site by authors... I don't want to go into the whole debate about authors being reviewers (i.e. are all the reviews going to be good even if the book wasn't that great and all), because Jane and Jayne have already allude to this topic in this post. The announcement caught my attention because the website was started and will be maintained by married-couple-authors Katherine Stone and Jack Chase. Mrs Katherine Stone is one of my favorite author, so when I read the announcement about this new site, it stucked in my head... Then I visited the website yesterday and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see review contributors such as Robyn Carr, Colleen Gleason, Lisa Kleypas, Karen Rose and Susan Andersen. I thought it was fun to read what my favorite authors thought of books I read... You should give it a try...


  1. Good list! I'm so glad you liked the Highlanders bride. I'm eager for the next book from the author to be released.

  2. Well, there's some good authors over at ~ I guess I'll have to check it out.

    You've got some great books. I'm going to get the new SK book tonight and add it to the pile. I still need to read the first dream-hunter book before I read this one.

  3. Chantal - Yep, me too, I'm waiting for the next book by Michele Sinclair. I guess with so many brothers, she's making a series right?

    Dev - I know! I was surprised to see some of the names... of course, to my greatest disappointment, there was no reviews by Ms. Stone. Ah well...

    Hope you like the dream-hunter book :)