Sunday, April 26, 2009

Re-Read Challenge Reminder and New Layout

Hi everyone!!

How have you been? Let's start with the obvious :P I did some changes to the layout, mainly the colors :) Does feel more spring-y/summer-y right? :) Have to admit though, I don't know how long I'll be keeping it ^_^; The colors are very bright, LOL :) But it's good for now. I think I changed everything, but if there's something that's not working or seems odd, please let me know :)

Actually, I already have two questions for those who are design-savvy and would be willing to take a look at my html codes (yeah, I know, I'm asking for a lot ^_^;)

1) If you're going to post comments, you'll see that the link "Post a Comment" is very close to the main body... How do I do to space it out?

2) My sidebar... it's not a problem in the main page and I guess not many will care or notice, but if you go to specific post, you'll see that my sidebar is very long and goes over the bottom at the end... If I add some padding or something, will it be okay?

Thanks a bunch!

Okay, onto the more important news... the end of the month is around the corner already! So this is a reminder for you to re-read a book if you still haven't done so :) So Thursday is the official date to post review, but as usual, I'll put up the Review Post on Wednesday so people who are already done can post their reviews :) I'll accept post till Friday, May 1st - midnight Easter time and will draw the name for the 10$ certificate winner on Saturday morning :) Sounds good?

Now, let me see if I can get a couple of reviews ready for this week :P



  1. Oooohhh - very nice!! I really like the padding on the sidebar!! And the colours and flowers are very spring-ish.

  2. Hey Nath- looks fabulous!!

  3. Wonderfully Summer!! I love the colours.

    Also thanks for the previous post on release times. Already have Anne Stuart in the HOUSE!!


  4. Kristie - Glad you like it :D The other look was very classic, but at the same time, dark... I needed something different :)

    Ames - Glad you're liking it :)

    Cindy - Yes, summer! I love the colors as well :)

    Glad I could help you out :) So now, I'm expecting a review of the new AS soon :)

  5. Definitely feels spring/summer-ish. Like it!

    And I've actually read my re-read this month. Just need to write the review. :)

  6. Hi Nath!

    I like the new look, very springy. :D

    As for your layout "problems," no help - sorry! - but suggestions because I don't remember much html from my days with blogger. Maybe some padding would work for the "Post a Comment" part? Like it's done for the post text and the comments box, for example. I'm not sure if padding would work for the sidebar on specific posts, though. Is the part that goes over the bottom always the same length?

    I still need to read my book for your challenge. I hope nothing gets in my way this evening! :)

  7. Oh I like the new look - something different is always nice. I always so afraid to change cuz then I have to add everything back in on my sidebar! lol

    Thanks for the reminder about the re-read challenge. I'm reading mine now!

  8. Oooh, I like the colours! Nice.

    Everyone's been updating their layout lately - it's definitely springtime.

    Err no help with the html bit, there's a reason why I stick to Wordpress :-)

  9. Love the new layout. It definitely says "Spring!" to me. In fact, it's so fresh, I can almost smell lemon and clean linen... Okay, that's weird. ;)

  10. Leslie - Can't wait to find out which book you re-read, Leslie :)

    Taja - I tried locating the Post a Comment link, but I can't! That's why I'm sooo annoyed!

    Li - LOL, I like playing with the HTML codes - when I get results! :)

    So are you going to make the challenge this month, Li? :P

    Christine - LOL! Well I guess yeah, I get a bit the lemon part :P

  11. It is bright! But it's very summery, I like it.