Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I wish you all health, joy and lots of books :)

I hope you had a nice time in the past few days :) At my house, it was very relax on New Year's Eve. Actually, my dad and I fell asleep and only my sister and mother were up to welcome the New Year :P

I've been scarce the past few days, because I was busy running some errands and mainly, cleaning my forever, perpetually messy room ^_^; I seriously don't know how it gets so messy... and so fast!!

Sigh, it was great to get some time off. I'm really dreading going back to work... although I have to admit that at times, I didn't know what to do... Besides reading, sleeping, eating, blogging and blog-hopping... what else is there to do?

I did end up going to work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday... but only a couple of hours each day. Did the experiments and then left, so it wasn't so bad. I brought with me speakers and dvds so I had some entertainment. Today, I've worked the whole day at the Fathers' house. It went faster than I thought it'd would and it hasn't been too busy, so that's good.

My parents did organize a get-together on December 30 for New Year. Basically, we organized another's family get-together LOL. See, we don't have many relatives living close to us and so, we get invited to other people family holiday party. The past few years, me and my sister have begged off... simply because for us, it was more fun just hanging out the two of us. I mean, all the other young people are cousins - they see each other all the time. So whenever we show up, we're clearly outsiders. Oh, they don't mean to exclude us, it just happens... and when they try to include us, it's always by asking us: "Where do you work?" "Are you done school?" Blablabla. Boring. This year, my parents decided it was our turn to host - can't always be the invitee... So I basically spent Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning my room... and it took me both days ^_^; As always, my mom over-cooked and it was kind of pot luck style... There was way too much food ^_^; We ended up with 5 different desserts... Ugh. I do have a sweet tooth, but seriously?!?

I've already finished my first book of the year 2010 :D Woohoo! It was My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger. I will be reviewing it along with Almost Like Being in Love sometimes this week :) LOL, the year has only just started and already, I have so many posts to write!! Luckily, I caught up on my bloghopping :)

By the way, one of the authors I want to try in 2010 is Josh Lanyon... and guess what?!?! My library is not totally useless! I've discovered that they have 2 books by Josh Lanyon. Too bad it's not open today :( However, I'll definitively go tomorrow... and might stop by the bookstore :P

In the meantime, here are some pictures of my clean room LOL. These are for you, Ames!

The good thing is that I got rid of some junk and re-organized some stuff. Didn't have enough time to re-shelf my books, but that will come :P


  1. Happy New Year Nath to you & your family. Your books look so tidy!!
    Meeting you, Lea, Kristie & the Smiths was the highlight of 2009 for me. Hope we can do it again this year. ((hugs))

  2. Happy New Year Nath!! What a neat room!! I am envious. :D

    All the best for 2010


  3. Hey, I can see the floor! LOL just kidding. You're room looks very organized. Abby drooled over your manga shelves. She doesn't have anywhere near the number you do. Of course, she doesn't have a job either. :D

    I've got the Kluger and Lanyon on my list to read this year. Looking forward to your reviews.

    Happy 2010!

  4. Happy New Year to you nath!

    The room looks good. I'm envious of all the books. LOL

    BTW, how many chairs do you have in your room? *g*

  5. Your room looks gorgeous!

    Can't wait to read your thought on the Kluger books. I've also left the Lanyon books for this year and I'm looking forward to them. So glad you found them at the library.

    Happy New Year, nath!

  6. Happy New Year to you too! I meant to re-organise my bookshelves over the holidays, but didn't manage to squeeze that in, yours look great!

  7. Mary - Happy New Year to you and your family too, Mary :D

    Yeah, my trip to Ontario was definitively one of the highlights as well :D

    Lea - LOL, two days of cleaning, Lea!! That's the price to pay for a tidy room... and I still need to re-shelf my books :D

    All the best to you as well in 2010 :D

    Leslie - LOL, my sister said the same. Actually, she said: "We can roll on your floor!" and promptly lie down and rolled like a puppy LOL :)

    Manga is definitively an expensive hobby. Especially when you get hooked to series that are not finished yet ^_^; But it's totally worth it :D I'm now down to only 3-5 series so I'm glad :D

    Definitively try Steve Kluger :D

    Taja - Happy New Year to you and your boyfriend, Taja :D LOL, for some reasons, I have 3 chairs in my room. I used to have two desks, but I got rid of one... but kept the chair... and my sister had an extra chair, but no room, so she put it in mine ^_^;

    Hilcia - Thank you :)

    I really enjoyed the Kluger books, although they were a bit similar. Still highly enjoyable :D

    I only found two Lanyon books, and it's not the first in Adrien English series... but still better than nothing :)

    Li - Happy New Year to you Li!! :D

    Next holiday, I'll do it LOL :)

  8. Happy New Year, Nath! Your room looks very neat. I wish I could shop your bookshelves. I'm sure you have some great reads there.

  9. Brie - I wish you were close enough to shop my bookshelves!! :D

  10. Hey sweetie! I know I'm a little behind, but wanted to greet you a very happy, healthy new year jam packed with love and books! Cheers!

  11. Christine - I hope you had a good time over the holidays!! :D

    And yes, to a better year :D

  12. How the heck did I miss this post? Ah, your books are so organized! Love it!

    You sound like a friend of mine. She always wonder how her house get so messy, so quickly, and so often. Lol. And she seems to clean more often than I do!

  13. Tabitha - LOL, you were probably busy :D

    Well my books are somehow organized... Some of them are just shoved where there's space :D