Saturday, January 23, 2010

How often do you visit authors' websites?

Work has been really busy lately and so, I haven't had as much time to blog or blog-hop :( At the same time, my review muse seems to be taking very, very long walks and is not returning often ^_^; The good news though is that I'm reading :) Not a reading machine like Kristie :) but very steadily, so I'm happy :D

Last week, I posted a discussion about excerpts and it was well received :D I was actually surprised at the comments though. I thought more people would read excerpts online, but seems like it is not the case... and that got me thinking of another question :) So here I am with another topic :) Feel free to share your opinions!

This time, the question is not as simple... How often do you visit authors' websites and why? The reason I'm asking this question is I wonder if people don't read online excerpts as much because they are not interested or simply because they don't visit authors' websites?

In my case, I visit author's websites only once in a while, to see if there's any news updates - most of the time, for new information on their next book (such as a blurb or H/H) or release schedule. For new authors, I visit their websites more frequently at first to find information about their books and series... The only exception I make is Kelley Armstrong, because I know she updates every month unless warned otherwise.

There are also very few authors whose websites I visit and you can see their names on my sidebar. In addition, I don't read authors blogs. I don't really know the reason ^_^;

What about you?


  1. While I very rarely visit author blogs, I OFTEN visit their websites. I go for a lot of reasons - to see their backlist if they are a new to me author, to see what's upcoming, to link to their pages, to read excerpts, to watch trailers - all kinds of reasons. *g* I can't imagine not visiting their web sites.

  2. I visit very few author blogs and only once in a while -- usually to gather information for a Message Board where I post info. Author websites I visit more often, usually looking for new release dates, upcoming books and links.

  3. I don't really visit. I usually only go to check out the reading order of a series. I follow a few author blogs though.

  4. If an author is new to me, or they've been recommended to me, that's usually the first place I go to check them out.
    Otherwise, I try to work down my list of authors' links-some blogs, some sites (down my left sidebar) about 2ce a month.
    Though like you, I only check Kelley Armstrong's at the beginning of the month since I know that's when she updates. ;-)
    I especially enjoy Charlaine Harris' "book and blog" page, since she reviews the books she's been reading (and she doesn't hold back on her opinions).

  5. I visit websites of new-to-me authors more often that I do the ones I have been reading because I'm interested in what they have on their backlist, book series, and if there are any questions I have that may be addressed in their Q&A section.

    I often visit the site of favorite authors several months after their recent release for info on their upcoming work.

    There are very few author blogs that I follow, mainly the ones who update often. I don't like to follow the blogs of those authors who only update their blog when their book is due to be release -- just a preference of mine.

  6. I usually visit author's websites for info on their next book. Or if it's a new to me author to check out their current releases and backlist. I do read author bios. Maybe that could be your next question. How many of us read author bios. LOL

    Author blogs - there's a couple I mainly lurk at Ilona Andrews and Paperbackwriter (Lynn Viehl) because they update almost daily. I do like the group blogs that seem to be popular with authors. It makes sense since it's easier for a group of authors to keep it updated.

    Good question nath! Hope you get your muse back. :)

  7. I visit author sites for basically the same reason as everyone else. To learn about a next book or a backlist. Or find out info on a new to me author.

    I only follow one or 2 author blogs.

  8. Every single time I start a book by a "new to me author," I'll visit their web site. For my regular, favorite authors? Not all that often, unless I know they have a new book coming out and I want details.

    I follow a handful of author blogs, but am a VERY rare comment-leaver on them. I follow a couple of favorite authors and a few authors whose blog presence I enjoy - Alison Kent being the most notable of that group. I think she does a very good job with her blog - and has for years.

  9. I visit author website very often. :-)

  10. Hmmm, so it does look like a possible reason why people don't read online excerpts is simply because they don't visit authors' websites. Interesting...

    Kristie - LOL, what did you do before the internet age?

    Hilcia - Just like me ;D

    Ames - Yeah, I have one or two, but that's it. Who do you follow?

    Renee - LOL, twice a month is pretty good... I do it perhaps 1 every 3 or 4 months :P

    Oh, that's great about Charlaine Harris. I didn't know...

    Tabitha - Nod nod, seems like we like to research before buying new authors :D

    I wonder if it's a lot of work for an author to maintain a blog... hmmm.

    Leslie - LOL, good question, Leslie!! I know I don't do if often enough ^_^;

    Lori - Who are the authors? I'm curious... :P

    Wendy - What happens if the new authors don't have a website? Although nowadays, that's really rare...

    Seneca - What do you check?

  11. I don´t visit author websites much unless it´s a new-to-me-author and I´m looking for their backlist! (Kelley Armstrong and Jim Butcher would be the exceptions.) What I do have is an LJ and a feed reader and then I don´t have to visit their site - I get notified if they´ve updated and I can decide whether to clicky and read or not. That way it doesn´t matter how often they update, although if it´s a journal/blog and I don´t enjoy the content, or find it relevant I´ll remove them from the list. (Also if I find their personal opinions objectionable - they can hold whatever opinions they like in their own journal but I don´t want to read about those opinions because then I might start to see their prejudices in their writing and then I will stop enjoying it. Strangely, I don´t have to agree, I just have to not find it actively objectionable.)

    Not enjoying the content is an unpredictable thing too, very variable; Robin McKinley blethers on about all sorts and quite a bit of it has nothing to do with books or writing, or indeed anything that I have an interest in - and yet, she´s never less than entertaining.
    Very rarely I´ll sign up for newsletters and those I´m less forgiving about - if I get spammed with non book relevant bumff then unsubscribe is clicked. And if I still get them then the get added to the spam filter and to hell with whether it damages their mailing list.

  12. FD - See, for me, the problems with blog is that sometimes, they get more personal. Authors talk about their life and hobbies... and it's their blogs, they have the right to write whatever they want... but for me, it's a line I just don't want to cross. I want to read books by authors, not friends ;P So I keep my distance a little bit.

    So I hear you on the objectivity of an author...

    By the way, you have a LJ? :)

  13. Wendy - What happens if the new authors don't have a website? Although nowadays, that's really rare...

    It irritates the crap out of me. Seriously. Although honestly it's a coin toss on what annoys me more: no web site or one that's so grossly out of date that the author may as well NOT have a web site at all.

  14. I visit author websites about once a month. Most of these sites sponsor some sort of giveaway or have information about new releases etc. about once a month.

  15. I rarely visit author websites or blogs - I go when I need a cover or link when I'm blogging but other than that - not much.

    Even Anne Stuart doesn't get stalked online - although I went to her blog just the other day and only because I was digging around trying to find her next book release and tada! She has a historical trilogy she's writing. Cool.

    Used to go to Suz Brockmann's site a lot but not now.

    So yeah, hard to read an excerpt if I don't go to the site. But then, if I do go and there is an excerpt I rarely read them.


  16. I rarely visit authors' websites. I sometimes do it when I find a new-to-me author I like who already has published several other books. I like to take a closer look at the backlist.

    Or I do it when I'm on the fence about a book from an unknown-to-me author. Then I like to look at the website (and the excerpt). I'm usually rather irritated when I don't find a website then. (Yeah, I know, usually not visiting websites but then being *grrr* when there is none - that's me. ;) )

    In the past, I visited for the reading order of a series but I use other sources for that now. I also don't have author websites bookmarked. No subscription to a newsletter, either.

    The last time I visited an author's website - I actually can't remember so it probably was a few months ago.

  17. Wendy - Grossly out of date is worst, Wendy. At least, when there's no website, you don't have any expectations.

    Justpeachy - True, there's a lot of contests and many are very active...

    Cindy - LOL, I usually use Chapters for cover pics :P

    I'm the same as you. I'll jump on new releases ASAP, but I rarely stalk my favorite authors online.

    Good news for Anne Stuart.

    Taja - Well, how else are you going to find information? I think that authors should all have websites... they don't need to update it so frequently. Just enough that their backlists and dates can be found.

  18. nath, I'm sorry, I meant other online sources of course, websites which offer information about various authors. :)