Sunday, February 21, 2010

My new haul :)

So as I mentioned yesterday, I went book shopping :D Are you curious?

Keep in mind that the reason I went book shopping yesterday was because of Customer Appreciation Day at Indigo, Chapters and Coles. This meant that I had 20% off on all the books I bought :D

First, I went to Indigo:

I got the Alexandra Hawkins because Breezing Through is planning a buddy review, but the two other historicals are impulse buys. I've read some Elizabeth Boyle and while some have been misses, others I've enjoyed a lot :D As a result, I'm taking the chance on How I Met my Countess. As for the Tracy Anne Warren, well she's a new author for me :)

Lately, many of my close blogger friends have been reading Sarah Dessen. LOL, yes, that's all it takes for me to go out and buy a couple of her books :) I've read Along for the Ride earlier this week and it was cute :D I'm not planning to read all of her backlist though. These two and The Truth About Forever were the ones that interested me most.

After Indigo, I went to Coles - that's the bookstore where I leave my list of new releases to be put aside - and picked up:

Wooohooo, total score LOL!! I'm really looking forward to Moonlight Road - I think I'm going to like the pairing featured. Also, Cindy has just recently reviewed Pleasure of a Dark Prince - it looks very promising :D

I actually hesitated picking up the books at Coles, because I have another coupon, a 5$ off on a purchase of 35$ and plus, expiring at the end of this month. I'm hoping that some books that I'm looking forward for beginning of March (Roadkill by Rob Thurman, Shadalor Lady by Anne Bishop and Don't Kill The Messenger by Eileen Rendahl) will be available early... but there's no guarantee, so I wanted to keep some books in case... but I totally caved, because I really wanted Moonlight Road.Ah well, I'll be crossing my fingers the whole week :P

By the way, does the elusive book syndrome ever happen to you when you go book shopping? I mean, you embark on a shopping spree to buy a particular book and just can't find it? Well my elusive book this week-end was Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson. I didn't really set out to buy it, but while book shopping at Indigo, I came across to Hallowed Circle which is book 2 of the series. It sounded interesting and so I wanted to give this series a try and looked for book 1 - Vicious Circle. The computer said there was only 1 copy at Indigo and I couldn't find it :( No copy at Coles :( 2 copies at Chapters and 1 copy at Indigo near my house. Hmmm, I didn't really have time to go to Chapters, so decided to give the other Indigo a chance. I called them while I was at work (reception job at the Missionaries of Africa) and the clerk said yes, they had a copy and he'd put it aside for me. I asked him to go check on the shelves and he just said: it's okay, the computer says they have one. Of course, you can easily guess... It wasn't there when I went to pick it up. The sale clerk searched for an hour, but couldn't find it. Sigh. The worst is I had a feeling this would happen. Which is exactly why I called first to make sure they had it. Ah well, it's okay, I got a coupon of 15% off on an item, to be used whenever I want... which I'll definitively be using on a hardcover book :) So not a bad trade-off. As for the Linda Robertson, I'll try to look for it next time I go to Chapters.


  1. Wow look at you go! I need to get some of these myself! Great haul.

  2. The next time I pick up six books in one swoop at the bookstore I'm going to remind GG of you! There's some historical writers in your haul (Boyle, Hawkins, Warren) I've heard about from other SoCal bloggers that I've been meaning to give a try.

  3. I've read all 3 of the historicals on the top row. Just finished the Hawkins this morning on my cruise!

    Major haul!

  4. Nice nath. :)

    I've still got to catch up on Carr's series. Cole's I'm a little gun shy since I didn't like the last one. But I do like the weres so maybe this one will get me back on track with that series. I'll wait for your review. :D

  5. The Kresley book had me on a hunt but I had to calm down and wait a few days before it finally showed up at the local bookstore. It was out on the 16th but it wasn't anywhere near me - I did see that a very small bookstore had 2 in stock and it was just pure luck that two days later we drove right past their door - made Bob pull over so I could run in.

    I'm glad you got a 15% off coupon - I'd argue about the price of gas but I'm guessing I would have been turfed ;)

    I'm behind on the Carr series but only because her stories are more 'epic' in feel - you don't just get one couple's story at a time. You have to meet all these other people and stuff. Not great for the impatient side of me.


  6. Ohh Nath, you scored like always. I have the Cole and will be reading it soon, soon! I've been waiting for this one. :)

  7. Nice haul, Nath! The cover of Just Listen by Sarah Dessen is so pretty. I just bought the Cole book yesterday but don't know when I can get to it. There's so many books that I want to read at the same time, lol!

    Just received shipping notice from Amazon this a.m. that FID has been shipped. I may not receive it tomorrow but I'm hoping by Wed or Thurs. :)

  8. Nice haul. I've heard good things about Sarah Dessen. After i finish my vampire series i'll have to check her out.

  9. Tracy - LOL, it's very therapeutic in my opinion :D I mean, it makes you happy and the next few days, you don't wonder which book you'll be reading :D

    Rosie - ROSIE!!! LOL, everyone with a husband seems to enjoy pointing me out :P

    I'll let you know what I think of the historicals :D

    Lori - So what did you think of them, Lori? Anyone that really stood out?

    Leslie - Thank you :) Which one didn't you like? Untouchable (Murdoch) or Rydstrom's story?

    Cindy - I know, Cindy. I was looking out for it and I think it came out in Montreal on the 18th... but then, I didn't plan on getting it immediately, so I as okay :D

    LOL, well it wasn't too out of my way and I stopped at the Starbuck attached to the Indigo :P

    I think Ms Carr needs to go back to simpler storyline. I was happy to read more of Virgin River, but have to admit, I'm getting a bit sick of it :(

    Hilcia - Want to buddy review it with me? :D

    Tabitha - I think all the covers of Sarah Dessen are very pretty. She really lucked out :D

    Hope you get FiD very soon :D

    Isabel - Thanks Isabel :D I might not love her as much as Ames and other bloggers, but her books are definitively enjoyable :D

  10. nath, it was Rydstrom's story. I can't tell you how relieved I was when they finally got to New Orleans. That's when the book finally picked up for me. But by then it was too little too late. I was just ready to be done with it. Didn't like either hero or heroine. But it can happen in a long series, can't expect to like them all. :)

  11. Yeah, nice haul, nath! :D

    If I ever have a chance to visit Canada or the US I think my haul will be the same in size. Of course, that is after I recovered from the shock of seeing all those romance novels. *g*

    Enjoy your books!

  12. Leslie - I think I enjoyed Rydstrom's story more than you did, but I know what you mean. It wasn't great, especially the first half of it.

    And you're right, you cannot expect to enjoy all the books of a series, even if you really want to.

    Taja - LOL and then, I'm being restricted because I live in the French part of Canada, so I don't have as much selection. Remember when I went to Kristie's this summer? I came back with about 50 books :D So yeah, your haul should definitively be more than mine :)

  13. And the adventure continues...LOL!

    I really want the Kresley Cole, but I don't know when I will get to the store to pick it up. I also really want Provocotive in Pearls. *Sigh* I told myself that I wouldn't buy any more new releases until I read all the ones I just bought on my last shopping trip. Damn me and my addiction!

  14. Jill - Hey Jill :D Sorry for the late reply to your comment! ^_^;

    and yes, the adventure continues!! But it'll have to slow down in preparation for RT :)

    Did you pick up Provocative in Pearls? I'm actually surprised I haven't seen many reviews for it yet.

    Addiction? What addiction?