Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hauling Sunday IV

Whew. The past week has been kind of rough. First, it's been extremelyyyyyyy hooooooot. With humidity, the temperature has been somewhere around 40C (104F). Luckily, the lab has AC... unfortunately, let just say that with the amount of people, computers and machines running... we don't really feel the impact of the AC :( Plus, it's been crazy busy at the lab, so I've been running around a lot. As a result, I haven't been blogging or blog-hopping much ^_^; I hate it, but I just don't have the energy. I come home and all I want to do is read and sleep. I'm all ready to get back to my regular routine though :P

Okay, let's talk new books :) Well given how crazy I went last week, I tried to calm down this week :P Still, I found some books to get LOL.

The Search by Nora Roberts - well this one is self-explanatory, right? Love Nora Roberts single title. Some are better than others and o far, The Search has been getting good reviews :D

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashely - This has been on my TBB list for July. I enjoyed The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie and was looking to read more about the brothers. I was going to wait a bit longer before getting it, but it seems there's a buddy review in the near future, so got to buy it :P

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott - Ames read Bloom by Elizabeth Scott this week and enjoyed it. I took a look at the author's books and liked the blurb of this one. When I went to buy Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage, I couldn't resist picking it up ^_^;

There you have it for the week :D This coming week should be quiet in terms of book buying... but you never know, right? :P


  1. Hey, we're getting the same type of weather where I'm at. This past week our temperatures had risen to the same, and it was only on Friday that it lowered to the 90s. It was crazy hot.

    The Search was definitely a good read for me. I'm not a dog lover but enjoyed reading the dog training that Fiona teaches and, yeah, you know how I feel about Simon. His gruff self doesn't push me away. *wink*

    What is it with Elizabeth Scott's covers and feet? She has two books now where the cover only show the feet. Lol. Anyway, I went to pick up Unwritten Rule (the other cover w/feet) only to realize it was in hardcover, and it was $16.99. I don't normally mind those prices for a HC but the book is only 200+ pages. So I reluctantly parted with the book at the bookstore!

  2. Wow, I keep reading about how hot it is everywhere, but while it will be warm here this week, it seems like this is the coolest summer in a long time. Which is very good for me since the a/c in my car is busted! :-P

    I've been lagging on the blog hopping, too, but trying to catch up tonight.

    I've requested The Search from my library in audio format. Of course the wait list will take forever!

    Lady Isabella is one I'll get to, too. Eventually. Sooo many books!

    Looks like a good haul, Nath! :-)

  3. Nath, the heat! OMG! I've been melting this past week... we've had a few blackouts and "brownouts." So our ACs are not working at full power. You can only imagine the torture. Good thing I've been out and about celebrating in COOL places all week, lol!

    I still have to get to The Search. But I forgot all about the Ashley book! I want to continue with that series. Ooops, now I must get it. :)

  4. I picked up Lady Isabella's book too!

    I love Elizabeth Scott, although Perfect You wasn't my favorite. It was still cute though!

    BTW I'm down for reading Unholy Ghosts. I have to finish My Most Excellent Year first (which I'm LOVING by the way!)

  5. Tabitha - Nod, nod. I thought so. It's just incredibly hot and humid, ugh. Although it got better, but we've got a lot of thunderstorms :(

    Me neither, I'm not really a dog lover, but I love to read about dogs and I thought Jaws and cie were so cute :D I really enjoyed The Search :)

    LOL, I don't know. Anyway, she's probably not the one choosing the covers. Hmmm, yeah, I would pay HC prices either... that's why I use the coupons whenever I can :)

    Renee - LOL, lucky Renee!! I guess that's why we're having it hot here, cos you're having it cool!

    I've missed you! Glad you're doing the rounds :) and yes, I know, so many books! I keep trying to be patient... and seriously, LOL, I'm not!

    Hilcia - I bet you'd have, Hils. In Toronto, a transformer of fuse blew out because of the amount of people using AC/electricity. Here in Montreal, we're good though... cos apparently, we haven't reached the levels that we use in the winter!

    Hope you'll enjoy both The Search and the Ashley book :)

    Mollie - I don't know, something in the Perfect You blurb got me :P

    All right, I'll try to get to Unholy Ghosts soon as well :)

    Isn't My Most Excellent Year awesome?!? I just love it :)