Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!
May this year bring you good health and good times :)

For the Chineses, it is now the year of the Rabbit :) However, for some reasons, instead of the rabbit, it is the year of the Cat in Vietnam. I have no idea why, especially since all the other signs are identical ^_^; One of the biggest mysteries!

Once again, it was a mad rush to get ready for the New Year ^_^; Seems to have become a tradition LOL. However, everything would have been fine if it wasn't for the snowstorm we got, sigh. I spent 1.5 hours pushing the snow in a corner of our driveway! I missed the snow removal service by 5 minutes, ugh. Seriously, why did it have to snow on New Year's Eve?!? Yes, I know, I cleaned not only my room, but the house! LOL. Anyway, if I could have spent that 1.5 hours inside vacuuming instead, it would have been much better. In any case, we made it with few minutes to spare LOL.

This year, my sister and I were in charge :)  Basically, they are three prayers places: 1) Buddha and ancestors, 2) for the Kitchen spirit and 3) Earth spirits. So we had to get fruits, flowers and food :) By the time my sister finished cooking, it was 10pm... It's about one hour of offering and we're not allowed to eat during that time. Then, when we could eat, we didn't, because it was 11pm and there were still stuff to take care of. We left home at 11.50 for the temple ^_^; Yep, cutting it pretty short. Didn't make it before midnight, but it was okay because there were still praying. By the time we got home, it was 1am and then, we finally ate supper... So yeah, it was a very busy CNY's eve :) Here are some pictures of what it looked like :)

 Once again, Happy New Year!! :)


  1. Happy New Year Nath! And the tables look fantastic. Is the picture with the coke can for the offering. Cause yeah, I would so put a coke in there. And some chocolate.

    Did you have family and friends over?


  2. Happy New Year Nath! The house looks wonderful. Love the flowers. :)

  3. Happy Chinese New Year!!
    Looks like you had a ton to do. I've never seen a CNY celebration, but I want to.


    Blessings upon you and your family ;)

  4. Belated (sorry), but Happy New Year! Blessing in this year for you and yours :)

  5. Happy Chinese New Year to you and the family! Did you get many red envelopes? I didn't do any prayers this year. Maybe for Cambodian New Year's. I tend to celebrate those and skip CNY. lol. I guess because I don't really consider myself Chinese. ^_^

  6. Nath! Happy New Year to you and your family! Sorry I missed your post. :(

    Sorry you had such a tough road to get to your celebration, though. The table DID look beautiful! :D

  7. Thank you everyone for the wishes!! :)

    Cindy - LOL, yes, it's a can of coke. Usually, my dad offers wine, but since I don't drink it, I settled on coke LOL.

    Leslie - Thank you :) It wasn't as clean as I wished, but it's okay :) Got everything up on time :)

    Alex - Hmmm, our CNY celebrations are pretty subdued, since we have to work and everything.

    Mariana - No problem on the belated! Don't worry about that! :P

    Tabitha - Nah, not many red envelopes. I don't have enough family around here :( LOL.

    When's the Cambodian New Year?

  8. Happy CNY, Nath! :)

    Everything looks so pretty. I love the forsythia blooms in the last picture. Makes me hopeful for spring. :)

  9. Hilcia - No problem, I know you've been busy :)

    I was kind of expecting it... LOL.

    Christine - Thanks, Christine! :) The forsythia is the one on the branches, right? Those are flowers that you see a lot in VN for CNY. We have a tree outside and cut some branches from it. It's been in bloom for 2 weeks... We were worried that they'd have died by CNY... but they made it :P