Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hauling Sunday XXXII

How is everyone's week-end going so far? I've elected not to do anything. I'm just going to relax, read and watch curling... and tonight, I'm meeting friends :) Overall, it should be a very nice week-end :) If only I could sneak some cleaning, but nahhh LOL.

Instead, I'm going to enjoy my new precious :) I didn't get many, but very good ones. LOL, even in books, quality trumps quantity :)

A Lot Like Love by Julie James - Ms James is another author that I don't looove as much as other readers. Still, she writes well and she writes contemporary. I'm hoping this one will hit the right spot for me :)

Blackout by Rob Thurman - The next Cal Leandros book! I'm really looking forward to this... I'm a bit worried about Cal though ^_^;

Welcome to Last Chance by Hope Ramsay - This is Ms Ramsay's debut novel if I'm not wrong. It caught my eyes because it is published by Grand Central Publishing, LOL. It's a contemporary romance taking place in a small town... sounds good to me :)

I couldn't resist and bought more, LOL.


  1. Hah! Enjoy your precious, Nath. I'm also going to read the new James book, although it's not I'm really panting for. BUT, I can't wait to find out what happens to Cal! That one is getting read as soon as it hits my Kindle.

    Enjoy your weekend. :D

  2. Those owls are too cute. :P

    I can't wait to read A Lot Like Love. Soon, I hope.

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty sure A Discovery of Witches is an adult book.
    I have the first couple of Julie James books sitting in a stack somewhere, I will have to try them sometime.
    I tried the first Cal Leandros book a few years ago but didn't really get on with it. Maybe I should give it another go seeing as everyone loves them so much.
    Happy reading.

  4. A lot like LOVE! YAY!
    I love Julie James' books! I hope it's good!

    And I like the sound of Welcome to Last Chance, will be looking out for your review of it!
    Have lots of fun reading!

  5. Yeah for Cal! I'm getting the James book soon too.

    I'll wait for your take on the Hope Ramsay book. Makes me think of Debbie Macomber.

  6. Hilcia - LOL Hils, I will :) No worries about that. I know what you mean about the James, but I have to say, I actually really liked this one :)

    Only one more day before the Cal Leandros book! I don't know, this one seems a bit short. Still, looking forward to my Niko, Puck and Cal fix :)

    Ames - LOL, I know!! I just couldn't resist, seriously. You're going to love the James, I'm sure of it.

    PS - Want to buddy review the Cal Leandros with me and Les? :)

    Sally - I'll look forward to your review of A Discovery of Witches, Sally :)

    The James are a nice combination of romance/chick-lit in my opinion. Although I wish they were a little bit more heavy on the romance.

    As for the Cal Leandros book, did you finish the Nightlife? It takes a while to get into the storyline and the rhythm. In fact, Ms Thurman books always take me a lot of time to read, I think it's because it's so internal... However, it's worth it :) You can find my reviews over at Breezing Through.

    Alex - I think this James is a winner :)

    As for Welcome to Last Chance, sigh. I've started it and I don't know what to think... Ah well, we'll see.

    Leslie - Yes, Leslie! Hey, wanna buddy review with Hils like the last one? :)

    I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm starting to worry if our expectations are too high?

    As for the Hope Ramsay, yeah better wait for my opinion ^_^; I started it and sigh, I'm wondering if I didn't do a mistake...

    Lori - LOL. Hope you get it soon!

    Kailana - Oh, I will :) Thanks!

  7. i want the julie james book really really bad. I'm going to try and make it borders this week! Let me know how you like Welcome to Last Chance. That looks cute.

  8. A Lot Like Love and Blackout are on my list, too! Of course, somehow, I've fallen 1 book behind on the Cal Leandros series. I don't know how that happened!

    I'll be interested in seeing what you say about Welcome to Last Chance. I've been in a contemporary romance mood lately.

    Enjoy the haul! :-)

  9. I'm there for the buddy review. Any idea how soon?

  10. Great haul, nath! Including the second set of adorable owls. ^_^

    I, too, am vying for the James book. I hope you read and review it soon... that ought to put some pressure on the rest of us to hurry up and buy it. Well, if it's good, that is. I think she's a pretty consistent writer, though.. so I'm confident it will be a fun read. :)

  11. There are a ton of new releases out there, in stock at Chapters and of couse no coupons or deals right now. GRRRR.

  12. Isabel - Did you get the Julie James yet? I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy it, Izzy :)

    I started Welcome to Last Chance and put it down. I don't know if I'm going to pick it up again any time soon ^_^;;

    Renee - LOL, too much books, not enough time, Renee :) That's how it happens!!

    And I noticed about your contemporary romance mood! The Susan Mallory books and Virgin River's :) Hmmm, I'd like to give you more recs, but it's pretty much Nora roberts and the big names authors ^_^;

    Leslie - Whenever you are ready :)

    Christine - LOL, they're really just adorable, so couldn't resist :) I don't have much will power LOL.

    I'm going to try to review it this week, the new James ;)

    Mary G - Yeah, it's a bit disappointing there's no deals at Chapters... although there was a sale on YA books...

    Leslie -