Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hauling Sunday LXIV

All right! My parents are back, work should be more quiet and the stress of my annual gift exchange is over :) I love organizing the gift exchange every year, but it's always a bit hectic - finding the gift, making sure everything runs smoothly, the menu for food, etc. It's always a ton of fun :) but also a bit of work :) Anyway, now that it's over, I'm pretty  much free and should have more time for my blog now! Yay!!!

First thing is to keep up with the Hauling Sunday feature :) Have to admit though that lately, I have not been buying that many books as there aren't many releases... Ah well. Still, I have two for this week :)

As You Wish by Gabi Stevens - Truth be told, I got this week a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to include it in the last Hauling Sunday. I read the first book in this series, The Wish List and it was cute and so I got As You Wish. Also, I admit I have a fondness for the Tor line which brought us the Warland Chronicles series by Elizabeth Vaughan.

A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton - This was a free download, part of Harlequin's 12 days of Christmas campaign :) I was actually planning to buy it, because I've been in the mood for contemporary romance... but I've been dragging my feet... and I'm glad since because of it, I got this free :) I only realized afterwards that A Rare Gift is part of this year's Carina Press' anthology. Surprise surprise :)

And there you have it, my haul for this week :) This week is most probably going to be quiet as well... unless the bookstore receives the Avon releases early. That'd be a great Christmas gift LOL. What about you? Too busy to read? Or expecting books as Christmas gifts? :)

Now I'm off to read and watch curling... but I'll definitively be working on some reviews tonight. I must! :)


  1. Damn... missed the free download! I'm planning on buying that anthology actually. Loved the m/m one.


  2. Oh. I missed getting the Jacy Burton book. I'm not buying books right now either. I'm waiting until after Christmas.

  3. That anthology was on Netgalley but reviewing anthologies is a complete pain because it’s like writing four reviews for the price of one LOL! But I think I’ll buy it because the reviews are good. Haven’t read anything by Gabi Stevens but the name sounds familiar.

    Right now I’m trying to read a couple of books before I leave on Friday, I’m reading my first Sarah Dessen, can’t remember the name (which should tell you something about my first impression of it) it’s the one where the heroine’s dad dies in front of her, anyway, it’s not bad but I’m not crazy about it, I’m just 15% in so we’ll see.

    That’s pretty much it, I have one more review ready and a post about the best books of the year, and then the blog is going on hiatus until January.

  4. Oh, those two look quite good.
    I forgot about the 12 days of Christmas thingy! *hands head*

    But A Rare Gift sounds nice :D

  5. Li - Oh, let me know if the anthology is good, Li! I might be buying the other stories as well :)

    Hilcia - LOL, you're waiting to see what you're going to receive? :)

    Brie - LOL, so true! I don't often review anthologies, especially not the ones with tons of stories. Actually, that's because I usually only read one or two LOL.

    The Wish List was Gabi Stevens' debut novel.

    You're reading The Truth About Forever if I'm not wrong. I actually quite liked that one and thought it was one of the better ones :) It might start off slow though. Hope it picks up for you! :)

    Oh smart, holiday breaks even on the blog! :)

    Alex - It's a bit frustrating that the deals only last one day LOL. I've missed a couple of good ones.

    A Rare Gift was okay. I was expecting a bit more out of it I think.

  6. Yeah for your parents being home. :)

    It seems like the end of December tends to be slow for releases. Things will pick up in January. Lots of good stuff coming out next year!

  7. Hey Nath! If you want to read Unlocked by Courtney Milan, is a free download for Kindle and Nook, but if it's not available in Canada let me know and I'll lend it to you ;-P

  8. Leslie - I know about the releases and really, I don't get why. Sigh. Don't they realize I'm dying here? LOL.

    Brie - Thanks Brie! But I got it for cheap so it's fine :)