Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lost mojo...

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

So sorry that I haven't really blogged or blog-hopped recently ^_^; The conference has really put a kink in my blogging routine and even though I've been back for two weeks already (gosh, how did that happen?!?), I still haven't settled back into a routine yet. I have lots of excuses for it... Want to hear them? LOL.

Well, work has definitively been quite busy as my boss has decided to rush an experiment, sigh. My parents have been away ever since I came back and so my sister and I have been fending off for ourselves. I don't mind, but it is time consuming LOL. Good thing they are coming back tomorrow :) It's the holidays season and I've been trying to squeeze in some shopping... and finally, my room. I'm still not done with it ^_^; It's mostly a matter of re-shelving the books in an order that I like. Hopefully, I'll be done with it tonight especially since my parents are coming home tomorrow ^_^;

And oh, I've finally given up on my computer and therefore has been using my dad's laptop. It's not bad, but I prefer a desktop which I'm hoping to buy on Boxing Day, hoping there'll be a good deal. In the meantime, well my desk is a mess and I feel cramped when using the laptop and so I've taken refuge into reading... Although I'm really having a hard time deciding what to read. Ugh, December is just too slow release-wise :(

And that's what I've been up to. What about you guys? Blogland has really been quiet lately so I'm assuming everyone's busy with the holidays :) Still, read any good books lately?

Anyway, since it's been so quiet, here are some pictures of my room. I didn't really want to post them at first, because seriously, it's a bit embarrassing ^_^; But hey, maybe it'll liven up my blog LOL. Also, Tabitha was wondering how much a mess could one person do... The answer is: a lot ^_^;

So this was at the start, when I came back from the conference...

This was during the week-end...

It looks like there's been very little changes, but actually it's mostly books. So if I could just shelve them... However, I've been feeling quite cramped in... Wonder why ^_^; and so instead of continuing shelving, I've decided to just ignore it and read... Don't think it was the best idea...

And this was as of this morning:

 See there is some progress!!! I'm also weeding out books as well. Stay tuned for a list and perhaps some books... and hopefully, I'll be able to shelve everything and at the end, it'll look like this:

Isn't that pretty?!? Okay, need to get to work now!


This is as of this morning (Dec. 15). Ames says she can't see a difference, but hey, you see a lot more floor! The books are all on shelves or in boxes. All I have to do tonight is put them away either in the basement or corner of the room. Quick vacuuming and straightening the desk and chairs and voila. Might not be as organized as I wished, but much better than when I came back from the conference :)


  1. ROTFL!! One of the reality shows I watch sometimes is Hoarders. I like seeing the change in the houses from before and after. That's kind of how your room looks *g*

    And I tried blowing up the pics 'cause I love looking at the actual books that other 'collectors' have, but it didn't zoom in close enough for me to read the titles.

  2. Oh, boy! Looking at the first few pics I'm thinking "what if there's a fire during the night?" It could be dangerous trying to get out of there fast. (You know me, I worry about stuff like that.)

    Thank goodness it does look like it's getting better. Keep at it Nath, you'll get there. :)

  3. Wow! you have made a lot of progress!
    I always let my room go a little during this time of the year... it makes it feel more cozy and it drives my mom up the wall :D

  4. I feel your pain because that’s how my room used to look before I got a real apartment! I also bought a Kindle two years ago and it was the best decision ever, I still have lots of books because they are part of my job, but I’m not drowning in them.

    December is crazy, I’m going home to spend the holidays with my parents and I have so many things to do before I leave, it’s insane! I have a couple of post ready for next week, one of them is about the best books of the year, then I want to write one about blogging in general and I was thinking about writing a “worst of” post as well, but I’m not so sure about that one, then I have a couple of reviews to post and that’s it for this year…

  5. I'm finally able to get some time on the computer. Still really busy with the unpacking. ugh... my house looks like your room.

  6. Kristie - LOL, Kristie. I always like before and after... Although I have to say that it's pretty clean, since it's books... and Kristie, I want to see pictures of your living room? Is there still 35 boxes of books? :)

    I'll take more close-up pictures soon ;)

    Leslie - LOL, well the contingent plan is if there's a fire, I'm throwing as many books out of the windows as possible LOL.

    Alex - Thanks Alex!! You're so nice LOL. I think there was progress, but now it looks like a mess again. Oh well, perhaps this Christmas, I'll be done :)

    Brie - Nod nod. I need to start buying less in print format, obviously. What helps now is that I'm less likely to buy duplicates for keep-safe :)

    By parents have told me many times to put books in the basement, but I don't have the heart to do it ^_^;

    Do you live far from your parents? and how long as you going for? At least, you're organized enough to have some posts ready. I always try, but never seems to be able to make it ^_^;

    Isabel - Yay for computer time! I can't wait to see pictures of your house, Izzy! And poor you. I'm glad it's just a room in my case ^_^;

  7. WOW.

    I would tear my hair out in that mess. I get headaches when my house/rm is a mess. :D

    So has your parents seen your "cleaned" room? lol

  8. LOL. Ok now I want to see a pic with the boxes put away. :)

  9. Lol Nath! Love it. It looks cozy in there alright! Lol but you did make progress. My living room is beginning to look like a bookstore again. I'm reorganizing and weeding out my shelter again during my vacation. I feel your pain.

  10. Tabitha - LOL, well let just say I hadn't had the urge to clean for a while... It's just hard, because there was stuff I didn't know where to put ^_^;

    And I didn't finish cleaning my room in time and it got worst at the end, because instead of putting the final touches, I had to crammed even more stuff in my room. Sigh.

    Ames - I will... as soon as I actually do it!

    Hilcia - LOL, shelter!! Well one thing for sure, it's well-lived in :)