Friday, December 09, 2011

When reading leads you into trouble...

So initially, I was planning to post a review... However, I didn't have time to write it. Why? Funny you should ask...

I went shopping with a friend and my sister this evening. I parked my car in a free spot. Free parking in downtown is rather rare. The few places that remain usually have time restrictions, for example you cannot park from 9am to 6pm because it's reserved for delivery. So I got to my parking space at approximate 5.50pm and waited 10 minutes in the car. While I was waiting, I of course pulled out a book to read. Since it was dark, I turned the inside light on... and yes, you can guess what happened. I forgot to turn it off while I was shopping and when I came back, about 4 hours later... my car wouldn't start ^_^;

At first, I wasn't sure if it was the battery or my remote starter. I sometime have problems with my remote starter as in I'll use it once and the next time I want to start my car, I cannot do it manually, I'll have to use the remote starter again. I tried several time starting the car manually and with the remote starter and it wouldn't work. My headlights were a bit dimmed, but nothing drastic. Finally, I had to ask a taxi driver to take a look. He confirmed it was the battery... yay! Unfortunately, he didn't have any booster cables. I asked another taxi and he didn't have any either. In the end, I had to call a friend and she was nice enough to come and give me a hand.

Little problem is that we've each had boosted a car only once before... and with help. LOL, the funniest is that we told my friend to park her car so both the cars would be hood-to-hood. She then popped the hood and I tried looking for her battery to connect the cables... After a moment, I had to ask her where her battery was... She took a look as well and a minute later, she remembered that she had a Mitsubishi Evo and therefore: "Oh, my battery is in the trunk!!" LOL, it was sooo funny, especially the look on her face :) Finally, I was able to connect the cables... but it still wouldn't work.

At that point, I was really starting to panic :( If it wasn't the battery, than it was the remote starter and the battery, I can jump start... but what do I do with the remote starter?!? Finally, I was ready to give up and I called roadside assistance. I was on the phone with them when a security guy was passing by and gave us a hand. Turns out the pliers were not well connected to the battery!!! My friend's battery was a bit dirty and therefore, the pliers weren't in contact with metal, but with grease... After a few tries, my car finally started!!! Alleluia!!

A few things I learned from tonight's experience? Check the horn and headlights as indicators for battery - although they can still work and battery be weak. If there's no sparks when the pliers make contact with metal, then it means the pliers are not well connected ^_^; And finally, I should put the booster cables and a flashlight in the trunk of my car. Well next time that it happens, I'll be more prepared and know better what to do. But I hope there's not a next time ^_^;


  1. Oh Nath! ^_^. When I got my first car, my dad didn't let me get in the car without first learning how to boost a battery or change a tire -- I hated it, but it saved me a lot of grief later on! So, also make sure you always carry a Jack in case you get a flat tire and roadside service is not available. Do you know how to change a tire? What a pain! *g*

  2. Wow! that was quite the adventure!
    I technically do know how to boost the battery but my dad has never let me do it! :P

  3. Yikes - that was an experience! I was afraid you were going to say that you'd connected the jumper cables wrong. Not good!!!!

    Glad your ordeal is over and you learned something from it!! :-)

  4. I am SO unprepared in case my battery dies. No jumper cables, no idea how to hook them up even if I did have them. But!! One thing I DO have is CAA plus - just in case of such a scenario :-)

  5. Hilcia - Oh, that's actually a good idea, Hils!! Good for you LOL. I actually connected the cables right... Simply didn't check that it actually made contact with metal ^_^; Next time LOL.

    I think I know how to change a tire. The problem though would probably see if I have enough strength.

    and I do have a jack in the trunk. I think it comes with the car....

    Alex - Yeah, it was an adventure ^_^; And of course, it always happens at the wrong time!! Once again, my parents are not home ^_^; and my sister was in a hurry to go home and study. Sigh.

    LOL, you should try it once, in a non-panicky situation LOL.

    Dev - Yeah, that'd be bad as well! But no, the cables were actually well connected. It actually helps that they put a red cap over the positive side.

    Definitively learned something, but hopefully, it'll never happen again. I know to be more careful with my light now!!

    Kristie - LOL, CAA is a good back-up, Kristie! I don't have that, so I need to learn.

  6. Glad to hear everything worked out okay. Having 3 older brothers, growing up I learned about cars from helping them. Now - I have AAA. LOL

  7. Something similar happened to me once and it was so embarrassing, you know why? Because I couldn’t even find the little button to open the hood! It was ridiculous, I started laughing because the alternative was crying. Thank god the guy who helped me had the cables and knew what he was doing… The good news is that now I know how to jump start a car, change a tire and all the basics because I don’t want to go through that again. Oh! And now I have a car that makes a sound when I leave the lights on…

  8. Leslie - Yeah, I should stop being cheap and get CAA LOL.

    Brie - LOL. At least, you could laugh :)

    My car makes noises for the headlights and if I forget my key, but not that inside light...

    And it's good you learn! I think now I can handle it all :)