Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hauling Sunday LXXVI

I thought this week was going to be real quiet, but I managed to find some books to buy :) So let's take a look, shall we?


Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger - My blog is not the first place this week you've seen Last Days of Summer being mentioned? Well two very good reasons... First, it's a great book LOL. Second, it's on sale at 1.99$ at most e-book retailer!! Seriously, it's a great deal for such a great book! If you're looking for something different, give it a try! This book will make you laugh, smile and cry :)

We'll Always Have Paris by Jessica Hart - Earlier this week, Wendy had a post about Comforting vs. Tired tropes and authors and she mentioned We'll Always have Paris. I decided to give it a go because it had one of my favorite trope: the happy-go-lucky heroine thawing the stuffy hero :) Speaking of this trope, anyone has recs? I'm looking for more! :)

Last but not least:

Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins - Through all my years of chasing after new releases and buying books, I've gathered some good information. One of them is that Harlequin books tend to make their way early at the bookstore... and not have strict release date. This means they're usually early on the bookshelves too :) I decided to take a look at the online indicator and yay, Somebody to Love was in stock! Bonus, I didn't even have to bother a clerk to find a copy :) I've heard this one is good, so I'm looking forward to reading it :)

And there you go. All in all, a pretty good week :)


  1. I was wondering how you found the Jessica Hart??

    Jayne Ann Krentz does the happy-go-lucky heroine/uptight hero well, or at least her earlier 90s books. Have you read all of them yet?

    But if you're looking for category romance recs, I'm going have to mention Kelly Hunter ;-) Seeing she is probably the only M&B author I've loved recently. Have you read BEDDED FOR DIAMONDS or TAKEN BY THE BAD BOY? Not really the tropes you're looking for, but good books!


    PS Oh, the titles - this is normally why I never rec M&Bs - arrgghh.

  2. Nice haul!!
    I read the Higgins one and it was nice enough. I hadn't heard of the other two but they sound nice :D
    Enjoy your books :D

  3. Nice finds!

    I've been hearing a lot of things about Last Days of Summer. I might have to eventually check that one out.

  4. I'm going to have to give that book by Jessica Hart a shot. :) You're so lucky that you got Last Days of Summer at that price in ebook format! I went to check it out, but the offer was not available by the time I checked it out. Oh well, I have it already, *g*

  5. Li - I hope to have the review for the Jessica Hart up sometimes this week :) Overall, I liked it, but was hoping for more.

    Can you give me some titles of the JAK. I read one or two with that themes... but can't think of more.

    LOL, I read Bedded for Diamonds I think. Taken by the Bad Boy, I'll have to check :P

    Alex - Thanks ;) In the end, what matters is that they are good books. I read your review of Somebody to Love and I'm hoping I'll like it more than you did :P

    Samantha - Thanks :) Definitively check out Last Days of Summer. Although if you can, I'd advice you get your hands on Almost like Being in Love and My Most Excellent Year. I loooove those two books ;)

    Hilcia - Nod nod.

    Awww, that's too bad you didn't get Last Days of Summer. AT least, you have a print copy :)

  6. Wait! What??! SOMEBODY TO LOVE is out already??! Really? I'm a bad fangirl. Very bad.. you know I lurve Kristan's romances.

  7. Have you read TRUST ME or HIDDEN TALENTS?


  8. Christine - LOL, well the print copy is findable, yes :) The ebook, not yet :) And yes, I know :)

    Li - Yep, read both of them :) They were pretty good :)

  9. I really need to read the Kluger. Have it in print but again, not enough time for everything I want to read. And having said that, I still plan on getting the Hart. :)

  10. Leslie - Yes, you do, Leslie! He's really an awesome author :)

    Hope you enjoy We'll Always Have paris!