Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 3 of Nora Roberts

Anyone remembers my Top 3 feature? No one? LOL. I'm not surprised since it was a couple of years ago and I only did it twice ^_^; Well, the idea was to share with everyone my Top 3 reads from an author. I thought it'd serve as a good topic of discussion, but also as recommendations :) You all know where this is going, right? LOL, yes, I'm reviving the Top 3 feature!! However, I thought it'd be more fun to have more than one opinion and therefore, I'm moving it to Breezing Through :)

Ames and I wanted to start things with a bang and therefore picked Nora Roberts for our first  Top 3! Click here to find out which books are our favorite reads by Nora Roberts :)

We are planning to make this a long-running feature and hope to have guest bloggers contributing to it! If there's an author or a series you want to do a Top 3 for or need recommendations for, feel free to let us know :)


  1. Oh! The feature sounds pretty cool but I have only read a four - no, five - Nora Roberts books :( so I can't be much help :D

  2. Going to check it out, but this is going to be tough for me!

  3. Alex - LOL, well that's why this feature can serve as recommendations as well :) I hope you give the books we've chosen a try!

    Hilcia - LOL, I know! Believe me, it was tough for us as well!! :)

  4. Oh fun! I'll head over there! :)