Monday, April 01, 2013

Hauling Sunday CVI

Hi everyone!! How are you doing?! It's been a while I haven't shared my life with you LOL. I thought this post would be the perfect time to catch up! The last few weeks have been quite busy work and social-wise and I didn't really know where to start, so I just didn't. While it was busy, it was a good busy though, so I can't complain... at least, not too much :P

So let see... Two week-ends ago, I went tubing with my friends :) I'm not such an outdoor-sy person, but if it's to be with my friends, I'll participate :) It turned out to be a lot more fun than what I remembered! And we ended up being so lucky because the weather was so nice :)

Then, last week-end, I ended up going to sugar shack twice :) Once with work and once with my friends. Got an overload of sugar. Of course, I could have gone only once... but seriously, everything to avoid working is worth for me. Especially since back then, I was still "practicing" and I was running out of material to practice on. The menu is always similar no matter where you go: ham, omelette, potatoes, maple syrup, maple syrup toffee, etc. But some places are better than others and the one where I went with my friends was really yummy! I have a feeling we'll definitively return :) And perhaps even this summer since they have an orchard.

Also, curling has been keeping me very busy :) I've been meaning to post about it, but I thought getting back into a rhythm for reviews was the priority. The season is almost over (3 more weeks), so perhaps I'll recap my experience then ;) I've been playing a lot lately, averaging three games a week. This past week-end, since it was Easter, we had a long week-end... and my curling club usually hosts a tournament. Since I miss a lot of events to which I wanted to participate, I decided to sign up. It's been really fun :) All in all, I'm really happy because I feel I've come a long way in a year and I'm definitively signing up for next year :)

As for work, well it finally picked up. After weeks of practicing, I finally officially started on "good" samples. And of course, to celebrate, I cut myself on the blade ^_^; Sigh, it was such a stupid mistake... a moment of inattention. Once again, I was lucky because the cuts weren't deep. Two of my co-workers had taken a first aid class and decided I did not need band-aid, they could do it...

I'm the one who added the smiley faces LOL. While they tried their best, let just say I wouldn't have been able to work with those bandages... So they had to come off LOL.

Finally, my latest addiction has been the online game, Candy Crush ^_^; I don't know why I keep getting addicted to those games... For a while, it was Bejeweled, then Tetris, Words with Friends... Lately, I've been doing some jigsaws online... and last week, our admin showed me Candy Crush on her iPhone and the next thing you knew, there I was playing it on FB. By the way, a big thank you to those who have helped me unlocked the next stages! The game is very similar to Bejeweled, but what I like about Candy Crush is that you have goals that need to be reached... and there are different stages, so it makes it more challenging. However, there's a few things I don't like about it... such as when your friends send you extra lives, how to you claim them?!

And in the middle of everything, well I'm reading :) I try to read as much as possible and I have to say, so far, 2013 feels like a good year! (Hopefully, I have not just jinxed it ^_^;) Here are the new books I've gotten since my last Hauling Sunday post:

 Not many books, but ones that I really wanted. Still, there's a lot more books that I want to buy, so I hope Chapters has a "Buy 3, get the 4th book free" sale soon! And the list just gets longer since it's the beginning of the month! Check out what Ames and I are looking forward to add to our TBR pile in April over at Breezing Through :)

What about you? How have you been? Read anything good lately? What books are you going to pick up this week?


  1. I'm trying to ignore everything you said about the online game, because I don't need another addiction ;-)

    How did you like The Wanderer?

  2. Oh, and how is that Holly Jacobs book you're reading? I can't resist a Superromance, but I'll wait to hear your thoughts first.

  3. The tubing looks like so much fun!

    I wish we had Sugar Shacks here. The pictures always look so delicious! And the ham on the omelet – is that just for one person or do you share?

    Oh, Nath your poor fingers!

    My niece plays Candy Crush and posts it on Facebook. I’ve resisted temptation so far…

  4. OMG! Candy crush is addicting! i see you are catching up to me. I was stuck on a couple of levels for a while. But none of them were like level 65. Ugh.

    Tubing looked like fun! I wouldn't mind trying that out. Glad your cuts weren't bad. Yikes.

  5. That looks so fun!! Looks like you had a great time!! :D

  6. I'm so glad you're having such fun Ms. Nath. Tubing looks like a blast! But, I bet your fingers hurt. :( I'm not much for games, but John is an addict. I'll have to ask him if he plays Candy Crush. LOL!

    My latest addiction is watching all the old NCIS TV shows on my Kindle Fire. I've become an avid Tony/Zeva fan. Who would've thunk it? I don't usually watch television. :D

  7. The snow! Gosh, it looks cold (cannot wait for spring to actually make an appearance myself).

    And ouch, I hope your fingers are better now.


  8. Brie - LOL, you're wise, Brie!! It takes up so much of your time, sigh. But it does pass time! LOL.

    I enjoyed The Wanderer. Hopefully, I'll have my review up pretty soon. All in all, I really was pleasantly pleased :) As for the Holly Jacobs, a lot of elements were well done, but I think the romance was a bit too abrupt.

    Leslie - Tubing was really fun! :) We had a great time and were all exhausted at the end of it LOL.

    The sugar shack, something to consider whenever you'll come East! However, they're only really open during February-March-April. Apparently, this year is a good year as you need cold weather during the night and warmer during the day. Anyway, the food was too share :) However, it's all-you-can-eat, so you can always ask for me :) The only unfortunate thing though is that the service is usually very quick, so you kind of have to eat fast ^_^;

    Keep resisting, Leslie! :) Be a stronger woman than me! LOL.

    Isabel - It sure is! The thing though is that luck also has to be on your side. That's what annoys me. I can't remember which levels 65 is, but there was one that was really hard!

    Tubing was fun :)

    Alex - Yes, I did Alex :) Thanks!

    Hilcia - LOL yes, been pretty busy having fun :) That's what you want to be busy for :) The first few days, it hurt, but now, it's all okay :) LOL, let me know if John plays Candy Crush!

    That's good, watching TV :) You only need one good show to hook you in :P

    Li - I know!! We're all looking forward to warmer temperatures here. Easter week-end was gorgeous and then, the temperature took the plunge. Brrrr.

    My fingers are better, thanks Li :)

  9. I LOVE this post, nath! !! Sorry I'm late visiting.. as usual. I've been swamped lately and haven't been visiting blogs or even blogging much. It frustrates me because you guys are always on my mind and I feel anxious that I haven't been keeping up. I gotta practice what I preach and not stress the small stuff. ANYWAY...

    Snow tubing, yay! Next step skiing or snowboarding!

    Okay you know how much I love REAL maple syrup. I want to go to a sugar shack!!!!

    So proud of you for all the curling you did this season, nath. It's really great to get out there doing something active and meeting new people. And I mean this for anyone at any age and even for people who are in relationships.. I'm not talking about meeting dating material.. but that's good too! I really believe it keeps us healthy when we're social. And not just social online. Although that's good, too! Mostly I'm psyched that you had so much fun curling! Yay! I imagine watching the matches on tv now will be even more fun for you because you know what it feels like to play it. All good stuff.

    Oh I've gotten some invites on facebook to play Candy Crush but I've been ignoring them. I didn't realize I could just play it on my phone.. but really.. do I need another distraction?

    I think I'm almost caught up in the Elemental Assassins.. I'm up to Widow's Web. Isn't that right before Deadly Sting? Are you proud of me? ;)


  10. Christine - LOL, glad you liked the post, Christine :) And don't worry, I haven't been blog-hopping as much as well, so I totally understand. No need to apologize!

    Nah, no skiing and snowboarding for me! I'll skate and now, I curl and that's pretty much my winter activities extent :)

    I'm really proud of myself as well, Christine. For finally trying to curl and curling so much :) I needed it I think. Loved playing, loved the people I met as well. It cut in my reading and my blogging, but I think in a good way. I can't wait till next year!

    No, you really don't need another distraction, Christine. Stay strong! LOL, do not give up!

    Ha, I am proud of you! And funny because I still haven't read Widow's Web yet ^_^; I was waiting for Deadly Sting to be out and now, I wonder if I should wait for the next one as well ^_^;

  11. You haven't read Widow's Web yet?! Wow. I actually caught up to you with this series. I'm shocked! LOL! I am behind in the Read-Along schedule now, but I'm so close and since I already bought Widow's Web, I'm sure I'll read it. Hopefully this month. We'll see.. my schedule is still so jam-packed this month, I'm having a hard time fitting time to read in my schedule!