Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hauling Sunday CVII

Hello everyone :) How are you doing? Hope everything is good with you and you had a great week-end! :) Mine was quite relaxing which was the goal. I had a big headache last Wednesday and a bit of dizziness :( I'm hoping it doesn't become a full blown episode of vertigo again, so decided to take it easy this week-end. Get in my sleep.

Anyway, as I said, not much with me, except for some new books! Yay! Finally, it feels like it's finally picking up new releases-wise. So here are my new precious :)

 I have a few more making their way in the mail. Can't wait to get my hands on them! What about you? What did you get this week?


  1. Hey Nath - I'm passing on the Kelley Armstrong YA series, I think, though I did notice that you liked it on Goodreads?

    I want that Quinn book, but I have a few of the 2nd epilogues from when they were released way back when. I read she may be releasing the new shorts in a separate e-edition later this month, so I may hold out for that.


  2. Li - Hey Li! Sorry for the late reply ^_^;

    I really enjoyed The Rising, but a lot of it has to do with the cross-over between her two YA trilogy. Did you read the other trilogy? I think The Darkest Powers was better and worth reading :) This one, you can skip...

    Nod nod. In that case, it's better to hold out indeed.