Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

I wish you all an awesome and fun year to come 
 may 2014 be filled with love, joy, health and good books!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I hope you're having a great holiday! Mine has been pretty good so far :) After the year we've had, my sister and I wanted to finish the year with some cheer and so were really in the mood for the holidays :) We haven't had a tree for 12 years, but this year, we got one as you can see in the above picture :P We also went all out on the gifts :P My favorites came from my sister...

I can't believe the last time I blogged was in November!! Time goes by so fast, it's unbelievable! I wanted to a lot of times, but nothing would come to mind. My blogging muse was still missing in action and in addition, I got into a reading slump. December is never a good reading month for me :( Also, with everything happening this year, I've been soooo behind on my reviews, monthly recaps and so on... I figured I should wait till the New Year and start with a clean slate :) And that's what I'm going to do. Unfortunately, that means a lot of good books I read last year, I won't be reviewing... but seriously, there's just no way to catch up. I think I made it till around May ^_^; Also, I've fallen behind on my excel spreadsheet and that means there'll be no "2013 in numbers..." post :( However, there will be a "Favorite Reads of 2013" post, so that's something :) I'm sad about giving up 6 months of blogging, but at the same time, it's a pressure off my shoulders and I think starting anew will make blogging fun again :) I thought of changing the background of the blog to reflect the new start, but in the end, I really like this background :P

As a result, my resolution this year for blogging is just to enjoy it and start commenting again :P

What about me? Well I'm still recovering I guess. It's been almost two months since the surgery and lately, well I've been feeling some twinges and twitches again... Makes me a bit nervous from time to time, but otherwise, I'm okay. Just learning to live with it. The good news is that I can now curl! Woohoo!! Starting again this Sunday, just can't wait LOL. Although not curling wasn't a bad thing... because while I was recovering, I picked up a new hobby... crochet! I never thought I'd like it, but it's kind of addicting :) My sister wanted to make an infinity scarf and I've been thinking of buying one for myself as well... but making one sounded more cool! And it's actually quite fun LOL. While I picked up crocheting, my sister chose knitting :P That's how she made my broom cover :P Want to see some of my handiwork?

It's really addicting! Once you start, you don't want to stop... However, there are just so many scarves I can make!

Looking back on 2013, it wasn't a bad year per se. Of course, the bad stuff tends to jump to mind such as my aunt's funeral and the appendicitis. However, there were also a lot of good things that happened such as the Punta Cana trip, my second cousin's wedding, Ames' visit, seeing Oliver twice in a year, etc.! I guess what I should say was that 2013 was a very, very busy year with many events disrupting my schedule and routine and in turn, affecting my reading and blogging. LOL, see my priorities here? :P So for 2014, I'm hoping for a healthy and peaceful year... for me and everyone :) And so far, so good because the only plan I have is to eventually re-do my closet... yes, my closet :P Let see if I can fit more books in there!

Once again, Happy New Year! May we all have an awesome 2014!


  1. Happy New Year, Nath! Love your tree.

    I love scarves, so your new hobby sounds like a very practical one ;-) I saw a link to "hand-knitting" the other day - it's like knitting but with your hands instead of knitting needles, which kind of tempted me (also no need to invest in needles!).

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and am looking forward to you being re-inspired to blog in 2014! I also go through periods when I've got no urge to blog and then feel a bit guilty, but I figure it's a personal blog and should be a fun thing.


  2. Happy New Year!!
    I hope you and yours are full of blessings.
    Also, your scarves are awesome! I get the knitting bug every once in a while and its so relaxing :D

  3. Kailana - Happy New Year back at you!!

    Li - Happy New Year! Thanks :) The tree turned out nice :)

    LOL, instead of knitting, you can take up crochet :) Hooks are less expensive than needles :P In the end though, it's the yarn. If you want soft and warm, it's going to be an investment.

    I agree with you, our blogs are for fun, not industry :) So we should just take it easy and enjoy the process :P

    Alex - Happy New Year Alex!

  4. Ooo like your scarves. Better be careful though or you'll have a yarn stash like me. lol. Have fun curling again!!!

    I'm hoping to read more and do more book reviews this year too. Joey gave me a kindle for Christmas and woo hoo!!! Already finished a book. Yay me!

  5. Isabel - Thanks Izzy! Means a lot coming from you! LOL.

    As for the yarn stash, well I've been buying my yarn at a yarn shop and I can return the unused skeins of yarn within 3 months of the purchase for store credits... so I hope that will help keeping the stash as at minimum! LOL.

    And thanks :) I have a lot of curling planned!!

    I hope so for you! With Big Baby getting older, is it easier to find time to read? Also, what book did you finish?