Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello and reviews!

Hey everyone!!!

So wassup? Sorry I've been neglecting my own blog a little ^^; it's been a long week. The robot at work is out of service and so I've been assuming his place, therefore, less time to bloghop at work ^^; Also, yesterday marks Twisted Kingdom v.2 first week and so, I've been quite busy with it... cos I am not the genre to have reviews written up and all prepared for posting. No, I am the genre of writing it up at the last minute :P Anyway, for those who weren't aware of it, here's my reviews up at Twisted Kingdom:

Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward (buddy review with Ames!)

There's also been a guest review (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) by Stephanie, Kailana's review of Valiant by Holly Black and I'm going to review Warrior Angel by Margaret and Lizzie Weis tonight.

I've had a very slow reading week... didn't feel like reading, but I'm back in the mood so hopefully, many books to come :D I've also going to review Christina Dodd's Fortune-Hunter series so stay tune!

All right, have to start my work day now... T_T


  1. Glad you're alive! LOL I feel like it's been forever since we chatted-but yesterday I was gone all evening. And tonight? Why, I got sick again! If it happens for a third time on a Friday afternoon after work, that's a pattern and something to worry about. :(

    I haven't really been reading this week either. Been stuck on one book for a while. Hmm...could it be because I was so busy buying books? LOL

    When is the robot going to get fixed?

  2. Hello Ames! I miss you too! It seems forever i know! I was out on Wednesday night and so didn't have the chance to catch you! and poor you! sick again? man, that really, really sucks.

    As for my reading, finally got my reading mojo back :D glad it wasn't gone longer! and most of the books you bought, I have them! all pretty good :D LOL

    Robot... dunno ^^;

  3. I read your review of VISIONS OF HEAT. I have about 20 pgs left and I'm taking a break to check messages before finishing it. I've really enjoyed it and don't feel let down from the first book at all.

  4. Rosie - well that's great if you enjoy it as much as StS :D To me, it was the characters...