Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little update

Hey everyone!

It seems I keep saying the same thing, but once again... it's been very quiet on blogland! Where are you all? Busy with life? I can understand :)

I've been a bit tired both physically and emotionally. Very stressed lately... For those who still remembers, I applied for pharmacy schools... Well, I'm going to do some psychiometric tests in mid-April - to see whether I'm suited to be a pharmacist or not. After the tests, they will re-evaluate every students again. So not a positive answer, but not negative either. However, to tell the truth, I'm not getting my hopes very high. It is very competitive and apparently, this year, it's really hard to get in... harder than dentistry school... which is a bit depressing. Also, that test is for both universities... and I had to pay 40$ for each.. Seriously, me think it's a rip-off and the universities are definitively making money on that... guess that's the cynic in me. So yeah, lots of paperwork and that's been stressing me... In addition, still don't know if my contract will be renewed for the summer. I asked my supervisor... He said he would asked (who, I don't know) and he forgot about it. Sigh... the bad news is that I haven't been able to save much money this month ^^; gotta start cutting somewhere... Nope, not food... but junkfood :P

What else? See so tired, can't remember ^^; Oh yeah!!! Elections! We had provincial elections this Monday... well Quebec is still liberal, with a minority government. Seriously, politics in Quebec sucks... it's so complicated, such a headache... so yeah, that was stressing as well... good news is that there won't be a referendum asking for Quebec independance for the next four years. I guess that's something...

Ah well, I hope next week will be quiet. At least, it will be only a 4-days week :P In the meantime, I've been reading a lot :D about the only good thing that's been happening :)

Hope everyone has a nice week-end!


  1. Sorry that you are so tired and stressed. :( I hope things get sorted out soon, I know that it is stressful when so many things/decisions are up in the air. You are in my thoughts ;)

  2. The best way to save money is to designate a certain amount (let’s say 10% of your salary) each month, to put aside. It’s always better to move that money into a savings account because if you leave it in your checking account, even if you tell yourself not to spend it, if it’s there, you more than likely will. So the best thing to do is to set it up so that the money you want to save is automatically deducted from your checking account and transferred into a savings account. That way, it’s done automatically and the money is gone before you have a chance to spend it. Think of it as “paying yourself”, just as you would a bill.

    Good luck getting into pharmacy school! That sucks it’s so competitive but I would just do my best. You can always think of a back-up plan if things don’t work out, or try it again later.

  3. Hey sweetie-it's hard to make big decisions like that. I hope you hear back soon from your supervisor. You could always come visit me. :P

  4. Probably the best way to save money is to give up books, but I've never had much success with that one. :)

    Good luck with the school applications!