Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Remember last week, when I said I would be writing reviews like crazy? well obviously, it didn't happen :P I don't know where the week went... oh, actually, I know... I've been morphing into Cindy and sleeping a lot, although not as much as her :P So yeah, sorry, not much review last week, but I'll catch up!!!

Otherwise, my life has been very quiet... the only fun thing I've done was read and go celebrate a friend's birthday. The weather is killing me. Last week, it was all warm and shiny... You'd had thought it was spring. The sun was out and very nice... the snow was melting. I even went outside a couple of times real quick without a jacket and I was okay, cos the sun was so warm. Then, bang, we had 30cm of snow on Friday. The only good news was that I decided to stay home that day, cos way too much snow. Anyway, the snow was HEAVY!!! No fun. Then, it snowed yesterday also, but we only got about 5cm... and today, it's freaking -30 degrees because of the wind. It's cold! I went outside with my hair not completely dried and yeah, they froze. However, don't worry, I still have all my hair :P It didn't freeze and break off, so I guess I'm lucky :P The weather's supposed to be still cold tomorrow, but hopefully, it'll warm up soon.

So yeah, I had a three days week-end and had lots of things planned - scrapbooking, reading, reviewing. However, I got nothing done. Instead, I slept and watched Grey's Anatomy - which I have to say, is not an amazing show, but got me hooked nonetheless. I've also been watching curling - don't laugh! it's really an interesting sport and much more complex than you'd think!!

Anyway, I'll stop here and start writing reviews :D Here are the reviews I want to write before the end of the week (well, not Friday, but let's say the week-end)

Hell's Belle
The Survivors
Visions of Heat
Innocent in Death
Andrea Kane features (I have three books I have to review)
Christina Dodd's Fortune Hunters series (I have no idea why it's named that)
Arousing Suspicions

and I think that's it :D but I can't remember ^^; Oh, there's also a couple of DNF/skimmed books: Deadly Game by Christine Feehan, Summer Lovin' by Carly Phillips and Kissing Blades by Jessica Hall.

Oh, and please, let me know what you've been up to :D


  1. I feel your pain. It's really cold here too, after days of spring-like weather. The wind is making it even colder out. The worst part is, I've been hearing snow is in our forecast. I can't wait until spring is finally here. All this cold weather makes me just want to curl up in bed and do nothing! :-)

    I want to read Visions of Heat, too, because I enjoyed StS. I also want to read Innocent in Death but I'm trying to wait for paperback. I haven't really been too happy with the last three In Death books, and even though I hear this one is good, I'm still wary of buying more hardcovers.

  2. Be sure to list the dnf's and skimmed as well- i like to know what to avoid!

  3. Sounds like you have read some good books lately though. I can't wait to read Visions of Heat. I enjoyed IiD very much. I am currently catching up on my reviews as well so I know your frustration.
    Your weather sounds icky, sorry. Our Spring Break is next week and I cannot wait. My kids still have daycare so I have the house to myself during the day!

  4. Hey, you're the one stealing my sleeping mojo!! ;)

    The cold is brutal but my friend has been keeping me busy by painting her house in a terra cotta colour which feels really warm.

    Tomorrow though she has a houseful of kids so I'm going to sit and read Lover Revealed all day long! Can't wait. I would start it now but I know I would not go to bed at a decent hour and end up screwing up my sleep again.

    What I like about a super cold winter is I appreciate the spring so much more!


  5. Dc - Heya girl!!! apparently, it was -36 today... -40 tonight. I nearly got burns on my fingers, it was sooo cold! I hope you don't get snow... but at least, snow means that the weather's going to warm up... better get snow after the cold temperatures, cos right now, here, the snow is all frozen into ice... makes the road hell to drive. Visions of Heat was good, but I preferred StS because of main characters :P Innocent in Death is one that is worth to get in hardcover... perhaps you'll be able to get it at the library.

    Zeek - I just edited my post and post them :D Just three books. I'll review the reasons why I didn't like them soon :D How are you by the way?

    Kris - man, you're really catching up on your reviews!!! :D and apparently, you've been reading really good books :D Lucky you, spring break... hope you and your kids enjoy... me no longer a student, so no more spring break T_T

    Cindy - yep, it's me!!! sorry, hopefully, I can give you back your sleeping mojo soon!

    I actually really like painting walls :D so I hope you're having fun :) be careful tho, you might end up with a muscle bigger than the other :D Oh and I hope you enjoy Lover Revealed... I just got it, so I should be reading it soon :P

  6. Thanks! I'm doing fine. Dad is responding well to his meds right now so that's been a nice relief ...

  7. Ahh, I haven't read a Feehan that I've liked so far anyway and not a huge CP fan either, never heard of the other but will prolly be ignoring it ...

  8. I've read up to Conspiracy Game, which is when other readers told me to STOP (yes, in capitals). So I guess you'd recommend the same? I wasn't all that happy with Jack's book, so if Ken's is worse then I'd rather stop while I still like the series.