Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hey everyone :D

Sorry for the lack of updates this week-end... Going to try to review Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith and a couple of other ones, but seriously, been feeling like crap this week-end T_T It's my week of the month, accompanied with some cramps and backache... and then, we had another 30cm of snow yesterday, so I went to shovel the snow and my arms hurt T_T... Seriously, I'm tired of snow. Why does it have to fall 30cm at a time this year?

Anyway, I hope everyone's still doing very well :D
Thanks for all who have participated to the contests over at Twisted Kingdom v.2 :D As for those who haven't, what are you waiting to head over there? :P

All right... reviews now...


  1. Hope you are feeling better!


  2. Yeah, I caught a cold. I feel like I just had a cold, so it sucks :(

  3. Hey Cindy :D

    thanks, I am feeling better to my great joy! :D

    Kailana - I know, sucks. Hope you feel better soon :D

  4. Hey nath, hope you're feeling better today. :P