Saturday, December 15, 2007

Books - yay!

Hey everyone :D

Quick likttle update to say that I'm still alive, but nothing much to say... work is boring, my reading is going slowly too... I did finish 2 books this week and am on my third one. I will try to review them on Monday...

Apparently, we are getting another snowstorm tomorrow :( another 30 to 40cm of snow!! Ames, I think that's your blizzard of Thursday! It's bad, because I'm supposed to have my annual Christmas Gift Exchange with my friends... hopefully, we'll make it back and forth.

Book-wise, I'm really happy though... because guess what i found yesterday at the bookstore? Elijah by Jacquelyn Franks! This book was supposed to come out on Dec. 26 if I'm not wrong!! So happy... also, guess what is in the mail, on the way to my house? The Haunting of Josie and Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper!! Yay!!! Those two are also early!! So seriously, me extremely happy.

So how's your week-end so far?


  1. COLD!
    Bring sweatshirt and socks!

  2. that sucks about the snow.

    My weekend is all right. I'm sick so I've been trying to keep warm and taking medicine.

  3. It's cold here but again, the snow just missed us- although quite nearby the ice and wind was so bad that many are out of power ...

    Books? Next week I get my Christmas Bonus and I'm planning on going on a book shopping spree! yeah baby.

  4. I want snow! Maybe for Christmas we'll get a big ass blizzard and I'll be forced to read. Woot. LOL

    I'm so jealous you got Elijah. hmph.

  5. Vivou - I brought them :D

    Isabel- I really hope you feel better Isabel!!

    Zeek - Hey Zeek :D Lucky you didn't get snow! and lucky you still have power!

    I'm definitively going to participate to your contest! :D and have a nice book shopping spree! Let us know what you got!

    Ames - don't you already have snow? LOL :D Did you get Elijah at the bookstore?