Thursday, December 20, 2007

No more for 2007...

Hmmmm, guess where I went today?

If you said bookstore, you're right :) (Sorry, no prize - it was too easy to guess LOL) In my defense, I'll say that Chapters and Indigo are really going all out this year for their Holiday Season... They had a booklet with coupons (nothing really interesting except for a 25% off coupon on a book), also 20% off on one book if you buy over 40$... as well as all those mystery cards (you have to buy over 50$ in able to use them and usually get 5$ off) and for three days, they had a "buy 3 books, get the 4th book free" sale. Seriously, how can you NOT buy books?

So what did I get? The following...

- The Wicked Ways of a Duke by Laura Lee Guhrke
- Hello Doggy! by Elaine Fox
- Beware of Doug by Elaine Fox
- Guys and Dogs by Elaine Fox
- Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner
- California Demon by Julie Kenner
- Savor Me Slowly by Gena Showalter
- One Night With You by Nicole Jordan

I have to say, I'm very surprised and pleased this year that books are coming out early! I mean, The Wicked Ways of a Duke and Hello Doggy! were both supposed to come out after Christmas... Savor Me Slowly, in January 2008... so yep, me very happy... Also, The Wicked Ways of a Duke was the last new release that I was looking forward to... and so it's official, this was it for 2007... no more book buying for 2007 (except for manga!). Hopefully, I'll be able to stick to it :)

Aside from that, tomorrow is my last day... and after that, I get one week off! YAY YAY YAY! I'll try to catch up on my reviews during that week :) and some other stuff...

Oh and before leaving, here are pics of the snow we got! In about 2 weeks, we got almost a meter (100cm)... but you want to know what's the worst? Apparently, it's going to be 9 degrees C this Sunday and it's going to RAIN!!! Ugh, that means everything is going to freeze up after... No fun at all... and traffic has been insane lately! It seems like it's just going to get worst :(


  1. Wow! Now I know what you meant! That's a LOT of snow... :(

  2. It's like way too much snow to my taste! but it's not like that everywhere in canada... some have it lucky... unfortunately, not us... and ppl, they can't stop whining! argh.

  3. damn, that's a lot of snow. But at least you have a week off.

  4. That's a lot of snow. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. And freezing rain is the worst. Slippery as snot (as hubby says). A week off sounds good to me.

  5. I'm the goober who loves lots and lots and lots of snow. If it has to be cold then there better be snow! We have about the same here (Southern Ontario) but like you Sunday is going to be a mess and it makes me weepy. Bob told me that it's supposed to snow on the 24th so hopefully we'll have a white Christmas!!

    Have you read Julie Kenner before? I haven't but I think I have one of her books. Either that or I have been 'eagle eyeing' them.

    I love when you say 'no more' cause it's like tossing it to the fates and well, you're going to crack ;) Okay, maybe that's just me.

    Good on you for having a week off!! Yay!!


  6. I think our high down here is 80 if that makes you feel better, :) That is a lot of snow. Good books!! I can't wait to read Savor Me Slowly.

  7. I am SOO jealous of all your snow and books. LOL I'm still waiting for some of those books to make their way to a Chapters near me. But not yet. I still have a few days left of 2007 and I'm going to go out with a big buck bang. hehe

    Did it rain then?

  8. Isabel - Ype, lots of snow... but less now, because some have melted because of the rain :( and yep, I have the week off, which is great :D

    Renee - Hey Renee! I hope your husband feels better. and I agree with you, freezing rain is the worst.

    Cindy - so, did you get a white Christmas? I have read Julie Kenner before and I enjoy her :) and the no more, that was a lie! I really have no control :(

    Kris - 80F right? that doesn't make me feel better! that is like really nice temperature! LOL :)I let you know what I think of Savor Me Slowly when I read it :)

    Ames - didn't you get lots of snow too? why would you be jealous then? and yes, it did rain :(