Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lightning reviews I

*This was supposed to go up earlier this week... but I'm sick :( so it cut down my internet time a little bit :( I seriously hate being sick...

Okay, so let me try my hand at real lightening reviews :P I have a tendency to go off, so dunno if it's going to work LOL :)

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
published by Jove in November 2007

Genre: parnormal romance
Series: Book 1 of Sign of Seven trilogy.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the book, probably because I had high expectations. I believe that one of Nora Roberts strength is how well she writes relationships - siblings, parents/children, friends, etc... and she did very good with male bonding relationships in the Chesapeake trilogy... However, I thought that in this book, she was a bit off - love wise and friendship wise. The premise/idea is good though... however, I didn’t like the pacing – everything seems so rushed. For readers that want to know where this trilogy stands compared to the others, I think that this trilogy is more similar to the Key trilogy (with all the paranormal stuff, the guys vs. evil and having to stop it, their previous lives, etc.) than the Chesapeake trilogy. So if you did enjoy the Key trilogy, give a try...

Grade: none yet... I think I'm going to wait till the whole trilogy is out

Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy
published by Brava in 2005 and 2007

Genre: contemporary romance
Series: None

I think Rosie nailed this down when she said that this book was cute and sexy. I thought that this was quite an enjoyable read and it's always fun for me to read about a character that is deaf, mute or blind... because they live life so differently. Lauren was cute and not annoying in claiming her independence. Russ was a great hero except for his inferiority complex because of money... I guess the only thing I'd have liked to see a bit more is how Sean, Russ' little brother, and Russ relationship changes... I thought that their issue was resolved too quickly, that it was too rushed.

Grade : B

California Holiday by Kate Cann
published by Avon in March 2005

Genre: YA, contemporary
Series: Beach series, Book #2

You know how some books are soooo good, you just have to blog about them? Well this book was just sooo bad that I have to rant about it. Usually, Avon is good at delivering romance. I mean, they're not all great, but at least, they are romance... So what went wrong with this book? Seriously, I don't consider this book a romance... First, the heroine wasn't even old enough to have a drink... Secondly, the hero - if we can call him like that, didn't appear before half-way through the book... and seriously, I didn't see much love btw the two of them. This is the story of Rowan who suddenly gets fed up with how her parents "idolized" her little brother, she decided to take a year off and be a nanny in the States (she comes from England). Once in the States, she turns into a nanny, baby-sitter and maid... she can't take it anymore so quits her job without notice (that was sooo irresponsible) and takes the iguana with her (they were going to put him down)... she runs into the hero and they start working at a hotel resort. Hero has a gf already... they were off, but now they're back together... so Rowan is waiting on the side... then, hero breaks it off with gf and get with Rowan... but he won't communicate... and when it seems that he's getting back with the gf, Rowan is fed up and takes off again... goes to Mexico where she can free the iguana... Hero runs after her. Ugh... bad, bad, bad book.

Grade: E

Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis
published by New American Library in November 2005

Genre: Contemporary romance
Series: None

I couldn't finish this book. I just didn't like the heroine, Mia Appleby. The lady is ashamed of her background and has done her best to become sophisticated and get away from the trailer park where she grew up. She has a high position job in advertising and men are only bed partners for her... So she sleeps with her new neighbor, Kevin McKnight - our hero, and then brushed him off. Then, whenever something didn't go well in her life - problem at work, never-seen teenage niece showing up at her doorstep, she'd used Kevin for sex.... and I hated it. Kevin was a great guy... but I just couldn't stand Mia.

Grade: DNF


  1. I hope you feel better.

    Great lightening reviews. Grade E? That bad huh.

  2. Grade E? That's crazy, plus a DNF? I'm sorry you read some bad books. :(

    I haven't read the Chesapeake trilogy, so we'll see how I like BB compared to you. :P

  3. Hey Big Sister!
    tas eu le temps de faire un review si tot ce si cest pas vraiment tot pour toi pcq tu te leve a 5h30, mais en tout cas :p
    jsuis juste entrain de te stalker :P on peut te retrouver sur google :D
    bonne journee!!!

  4. ah c est encore moi, javais pas vraiment lu ton post avant de poster mon message, mais la j ai lu les premieres lignes et jsuis dsl que t as attrapper mon rhum ....
    dis toi c est bientot la fin de semaine :D

  5. Hey Nath, sorry to hear you are sick. Yeah, sisters always give it to us!!!

    Also sorry to hear that the books you read aren't that great. Whats DNF...did not finish?

    And as for Emilie...ouais c trop cool! J'arrive à me trouver sur google aussi! Ça fait vraiment weird!!!

  6. Isabel - I hope so too... right now, my throat still hurts... sometimes, it gets better, sometimes not :(

    and yes, Grade E... it was really bad!!! and I wondered why I was still reading it...

    Ames- You don't usually see Grade E... because usually, when it's this bad, it's a DNF... by the way, do you want Her Sexiest Mistake? I know you usually like Jill Shalvis book... let me know what you think of BB.

    Emilie - LOL, this is so weird, having my lil sis comment on my blog :P I wrote these reviews last Monday... but didn't post them till this morning... and under what name do you find me on google? I should try your name...

    and oh, I can't wait for the week-end!!

    Vivou - Well I guess i should blame my dad more than my sis. and yes, DNF = Did Not Finish.

  7. No one seems to be particularly loving BB, which is sad. I have a copy on its way to me, so I'll give it a shot. I liked the Key trilogy pretty well.

    Sorry you're sick! Hope you feel better and read some better books soon. ;)

  8. Ames! You haven't read the Chesapeake series? What're you waiting for? I read this series last year and count it as one of my favorites. :)

  9. I am reading Sea Swept right now, and it is AMAZING!

    Every hour I take a break from studying and read it...and well after an hour break...I try to go back to studying hahaha!!!

  10. Jennie - BB is not bad, but it's a bit crowded... but then, knowing that it's a trilogy, I think everyone should wait till the second book to tell their final verdict.

    Mad - E rating is a first because usually, ppl don't finish the E grade books ^^;

    Vivou - Glad you're enjoying it :D

  11. Hi Nath - I really enjoyed McCarthy's Mouth to Mouth as well. Have you read 'You Don't Know Jack' yet? I think you'd really enjoy it.

    I bet grade E is for exasperating:).

  12. Wow...grade E! Whoa dang...

    I really want to read Blood Brother but this is going off my HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT NOW list and just onto my TBR list...I'll get to it when I get to it.

    Great reviews sweetie!