Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow and buildings

Boy, we got some snow today! About 40cm of snow... which apparently, equal approximately to 15 inches. It started roughly around 2am in the morning and has snowed almost the whole day... It was definitively hellish this morning to get to work... it took me 4 HOURS to get in... I left at 6am and only got in at around 10ish... Let me tell you, 4 hours is very long when you need to go to the bathroom!!! What are women supposed to do when they are stuck in traffic with no exit? I was stuck on a stretch of the highway for 2 hours! Luckily, it provided me a good excuse to go home early and I did it in about an hour... Not bad when it usually takes me 45min. So basically, a very, very long day. Sigh.

My week-end was okay. As you've seen, I blogged LOL :D I also read the 23 volumes of Hikaru No Go all over again. I just love this series... Definitively in my top 3! Love it, love it, love it. It's also quite realistic in my opinion (okay, except for the ghost part)... since we follow Hikaru and his growth... You see him grow, makes new friends, changes, etc. If you're a fan of manga, you definitively want to give this series a try. It's basically about a young boy, Hikaru, who becomes haunted by a ghost, Fujiwara Sai (he's sooooo handsome!!). Sai lived a thousand years ago and was the emperor's go teacher. (Go is a boardgame where you have to construct territories and stuff like that... so lots of strategies involved). For some reason, he committed suicide, but still wants to play go. About 140 years ago, he haunted another young boy who became the best go player in history - Honinbo Shusaku; unfortunately, Shusaku died young and Sai still couldn't find the Hand of God... so he gets another chance with Hikaru... who doesn't know how to play. However, he learns how to... and also makes a great rival, Toya Akira... both chased each other (or more like Hikaru chases after Akira and Akira, after Sai)... and both embark on the path of a professional go player. I know that summarized like this, it sounds boring... but definitively give it a try! Manga has a way to make things that look boring into really interesting (eg: go, football, baking, etc.). Okay, so anyway, if you have a chance, give it a try :)

On Sunday, I went and help a friend... she's a student master in architecture and next week is her presentation... She needed help with her models... so I spent my day makes little buildings :D I did 24 of them!! but it was all the easy, square ones... My other friend came in a bit later and she did the roof tops. Here are some pics...

Afterwards, we went to eat Japanese as it was an acquaintance b-day. All in all, it was a nice week-end... I just didn't get to sleep that much :( Which might explain why I'm starting to get sick... my immune system is weakening and becoming more susceptible to my sis and dad's germs LOL :)


  1. Crap ~ that's a lot of snow!!!! I was complaining when we got 4 inches last week. I love the snow ~ just hate the driving in it.

  2. What Dev said- although we didn't get any snow- just a bit of freezing rain then all rain!

  3. Wow! That is a lot of snow. Do you still play in it, or are you so used to it that it's no fun anymore?

    And cool model! I love doing stuff like that. :)

  4. Dev - yes, that's a lot of snow... unfortunately :( been a while since we haven't had that much snow... and yeah, sucks to drive in it!!

    Zeek - I actually hate freezing rain even more!!! about 10 years ago, we had a freezing rain storm... no fun at all!!

    Jennie - Now that you're in the south, you won't have snow right? If I'm not wrong... I don't play in it, has never really been a fan of it :(

    and yeah, I like to do models too... I just hope it's okay, since it's a school project... i don't want to be the one who ruins things for her!

  5. I even like snow if I don't have to drive in it. When we lived in Ohio I took the bus when it snowed.

    What a good friend you are to help with making little houses.

    I'm happy about a couple of December releases. I'm certainly looking foward to Kay Hooper's book and after reading an excerpt am happy that Julie Garwood's got a historical due out.

  6. You know what? May and I are really hoping to migrate to Canada within the next 2-3 years. But she's scared of the snow there. 40cm of snow? Now I'm scared too. :(

    Anyway, I'm rereading ROCH 2nd Edition. Still haven't heard from you about the 3rd edition changes yet. What do you think of them?

  7. Rosie - Well I'm getting really tired of the snow. It's been three days in a row and I think it's enough... sigh.

    Yeah, my friend desperatedly need help... and then, what are friends for right?

    Yeah, me too... I can't wait for the end of the month - bookwise and workwise.

    Edmund- Hi Edmund :D If you migrate to Canada, go to British Columbia... not much snow... rain, but not snow.

    Okay, you'll have to help me out here... what are the 3rd edition changes again? LOL ^^; the translations that I found on the net are in viet... but mostly, it's like first edition, as always :D

  8. I'll send you a summary of the 3rd edition changes in a mail. Then you let me know what you think!