Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preference in books...

Sigh, I read one book so far this week. One. Well at least, I'm reading so that's the good news. Seems like I just can get myself completely out from Slumpville. Still going to try though...

Anyway, let's talk books :) Last week, I read Falling in Love by Pauline Trent, published by Zebra/Kensington... Did you ever notice that most books by that publishing house has the back cover following the last page immediately? Most other books I've read, there's always a few blank pages or pages with advertisements after the end of the story and then, the back cover. Personally, I don't like it when the last page is followed right away by the cover. Sure, it's easy to find the ending - I mean, how many times did I read the ending and it turned out to be an excerpt? However, I feel that the book is not complete... you know, that there's something missing in the wrapping ^_^;

Also, what do you prefer when it comes to the texture of books? I like it when the covers are mat and not glossy. It's more fun to touch LOL :)

So what are your preferences?


  1. I do like excerpts, and I like ads for upcoming books, but aside from that? I don't really care.

    I can tell you're in a slump, Nath. You're finding all sorts of stuff to pick on, LOL! I'm not in a reading slump, just a blogging slump.

  2. Interesting. I do notice when books have nothing at the end, but I don't mind. I hardly ever read excerpts, but I do like to look at the adds for other books and such if it's there :).

    I agree, I prefer the matte finishes too!

  3. I'm with Amy - I don't really notice when the last page of the book has the cover right next to it.

    My pet peeve is the advertisement card stock stuck in the middle of a book. Drives. me. nuts.

  4. Good one, Tracy!! I despise those little cards!

  5. Lori - All right, I admit that I'm in a slump and sure, I don't have much to say... but I am not picking on nothing LOL.

    I mean, it's a reality :) I just think that if they put some extra pages at the beginning, they should put some at the end as well. Symmetry, you know...

    Hope you get out of the blogging slump soon! tell your sons to say something funny :P

    Amy C - Matte finishes are the best! With glossy finishes, you can often see the fingerprints :(

    and like I told Lori, it's all about symmetry ^_^;

    Tracy - LOL, I guess I am demanding... or picky ^_^; Ugh, I don't like advertisement card either!!! but cutting them out leaves a gap :(

  6. Okay, you've made a darn fine point...symmetry! Now I will look at books differently! And remember you and this post...especially when I pick up a book that has no ending filler pages :).

  7. Don't care for glossy. I dont' like fingerprints.

  8. Here's hoping your re-read will get you out of that slump. ;)

    I do like the extras at the end - I'm like you and feel like something is missing.

    I don't mind glossy and but I do like the raised text.

  9. Have to have extra pages at the end or I start getting antsy. I'm so used to extra pages at the end that when they aren't there I start to get anxious when I'm reading. I keep thinking 'there can only be a few pages left & nothing is resolved'. Luckily I get so antsy I will flip the pages to figure out where the end of the book is.

    And I find those center cards pretty much mark where the first sex scene is gonna be ;)

    My problem lately are books with really small print and tight margins so that you almost have to flatten the paperback to see the words where the paper joins.


  10. Amy C - All right, all right. I might be a tad picky LOL. Of course, no ending filler pages is not cause for me NOT to buy the books LOL :)

    Isabel - Me neither!

    Leslie - Well, it kind of did... but I feel like I'm slumping again, bleh. Not feeling super today.

    Finally, someone that feels the same way!! and yeah, I do like the raised text as well! :)

    Cindy - LOL about the center cards comment. Well I don't know... Depends on the books, but yeah, it usually seems to mark a sex scene LOL :)

    Ugh, I hate small prints and tight margin. I mean, everyone should have the same page layout.