Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some changes...

Ugh, I'm still in a reading slump... kind of. My problem is not reading, but choosing what to read. Nothing really appeals to me ^_^; However, once I decide what to read, well I get it done and end up enjoying it. The worst is that I have a huge TBR pile and well, lots of choice... but just... bleh. So definitively no fun.

Not much reading done, so well nothing to blog. Well sure, I could blog about other things, but well.. I think that the blogging muse is still on vacation ^_^; Can't wait till she comes back as well :P

Otherwise, well I'm being obsessive... LOL, just ask Ames, Chantal or Holly ^_^; I'm waiting for Paradise Valley by Robyn Carr and The Warrior by Sharon Sala to come out. Both are supposed to be released next week, April 1st. However, from experience, I know that Mira/HQN books come in early at the bookstores... usually 2 weeks early. So I've been checking the online indicator daily... well, hourly ^_^; Finally, the wait is over!!! One of the bookstores has received the books. Hopefully, they won't wait too long to put it out on the shelves. Wish me luck :P

Aside from that, the biggest news at home is that my dad started his retirement yesterday! And it wasn't planned... expected, but not planned. Long story short, my dad is a chemist and work in the same field as me. He was with company A for a long time, more than 15 years... when company A was sold to company B. Company B was from England and all they wanted were the patents and rights to market the drugs developed. So after two years, company B closed down and my dad lost his job. That was about 6 years ago... It was very unexpected and the worst is that the whole family was on vacation when it happened. So when my dad came back, well... From what I understood though is that company B had an arrangement with the government when they bought company A and weren't supposed to close down. Long story short, my dad's previous boss, the owner of company A and the government teamed up to open a new company C and my dad was recruited to work there. Company C was expected to last for about 5 years... then, it would either be sold, go public or go down. This summer, they announced that they were looking into selling... Which was done about two weeks ago... My dad was hoping to work another year or two... however, they cut down people and my dad being the closest to retirement got the pink slip.

In a way, it's really not a bad thing at all. My dad is going to turn 60 this summer. He deserves retirement and well, we can afford it - that being the best news. Also, last time, when my dad was out of job, he was very stressed, because he didn't know if he would find a new one, etc. This time, well it's retirement... biggest worry is that he gets bored and my mom goes bersek ^_^; It's just that it took so long for the company to get sold... and then, after that, it all happens so fast. Friday, my dad knew for sure that he'd be receiving a pink slip... but he thought he'd work till the end of the month... Not even. They gave him his letter yesterday and was pointed out. LOL, although we were expecting it at home as well... let say it was a shock to see my dad's car in the driveway when I came home!

Anyway, it's going to be a huge change at home. My dad used to leave to work at 7am and come back at 7pm. Don't know how he'll be adapting. I just hope he enjoys it :)


  1. I have the same reading ailment. I can't decide what to read (maybe there is too many choices)

  2. I went through the whole - don't know what to read thing a while back. I was like you...I just didn't know which one to read next but liked the ones I ended up reading. I think that's when I decided to switch up my genre's. I'd go from historical to contemporary to paranormal and then do it all over...that way I didn't get sick of one style. :)

    Congrats to your dad - even though it's earlier than he thought it would be. He'll just have to find some great hobbies to get involved in so he won't drive your mama nutty! lol

  3. Marnie - Not fun right? :( Sigh. Nothing feels appealing... LOL, sometimes, wonder why I bought them at first ^_^;

    Tracy - I'm trying to mix it up, but I'm not sure it's working either. Anyway, it's not as if I have many historicals to choose from... we'll see if the new books will help or not. I just can't wait till April, lots of new releases. I'm sure it'll be back at that time!

    LOL, yeah... that's what we've been joking around. Hopefully, my mom will survive :P

  4. I can't wait to read PV, it looks good. Sorry about the reading slump.

    that is cool about your dad. Does he have a hobby? if not he can explore options.

  5. I'm not the only one! I was just reading that Lori has the blogging blues and I have the "I don't what to read" blues.

  6. Well you definitely have to plan a party for your dad!! My dad was white as a ghost the day he got home and he knew he was retiring for about a year. I think the first few weeks you feel like you are on vacation and then finally it all sinks in.

    My parents found a rhythm after about a year. It's a huge change in lifestyle so hopefully your father has been looking forward to retiring and is more than ready to get his groove on! ;)

    Congrats to your Dad!


  7. Kris - It is good :) Not as good as TR though, but still very enjoyable. Slowly getting out of the reading slump, I hope. Maybe it's because I'm so excited about April's release... hmmm.

    Rosie - LOL, I guess the blues are going around. Wonder if it's due to a too long winter or a slow month books release-wise.

    Cindy - See, the thing is that he didn't plan on retirement. It was forced on him, so I don't know if he'd enjoy a party.

    LOL, I just heard my mom yelled at my dad this morning that he was annoying. He kept cleaning after her in the kitchen LOL :) and it's only been 3 days!! Well, let's hope they adjust soon :)