Friday, March 27, 2009

Re-Read Challenge Reminder

Hello everyone :)

How are you doing? What's your plans for the week-end? Me, it'll be to read my re-read! LOL :) Finally chose the book and am going to devour it during the week-end :) At least, that's the plan...

So this is a quick post to remind everyone that next Tuesday is March 31, i.e. the deadline for this month's re-read challenge entry :) So you still have a week-end to re-read your book! :) I'll have the official Re-Read Challenge post up on Monday, so you can start posting review on Monday. Depending on how many reviews are up, I'll either draw the winner name on Wednesday or perhaps give everyone an extension :)

Happy re-read and good week-end!


  1. I am reading my re-read challenge as we speak. I started it last night. So far it's better than last month's book :)

  2. I read mine at the beginning of the month, and it is still all kinds of awesome.

  3. It's taking me DAYS to finish my re-read book! I'll have it done on time though! :)

  4. I'm about half way through mine. One of my favorite heroes and thankfully I like the heroine too.

  5. I've got mine read - and a bonus one to boot!! Now I just have to write it up - but since often the reading of is the hard part - I'm chillin'

  6. I like your website and your reviews. Although not a part of your challenge, I have been re-reading. The economy has kept discretionary funds at a minimum ergo, I have gone to my library shelves (mysteries mainly and not entirely) and have been re-reading for over a month. There have been some delightful surprises! Books I have entirely forgotten. A couple that were probably first reads because they got put on the shelf and forgotten. And then those that I loved the first time, remember and am loving the second or third time. And as a mystery fan, we won't even talk about how often I have read my Agatha Christie's. ~ blessings

  7. Shit, I didn't write mine yet.
    You'll have to email me 3 or 4 times a day and remind me or else I wont get it done on time.

  8. Jill - Well that's a good sign! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying it more than last month's book :)Can't wait for your review :)

    Isabel - LOL, Isabel :) You're always early it seems :)

    Lori - Can't wait to find out what book it is. I think half the fun is to find out what others have read :)

    Tracy - DAYS?!? Ouch, it doesn't sound good ^_^;

    Leslie - So, were you able to finish it today?

    Kristie - Another two-fers? Can't wait! Well, I think it depends on your mood... sometimes, writing it up can be the hard part, but reading does take more time.

    Tahoe Mom - Welcome to my blog :) I'm glad you're liking it! Indeed, in these difficult times, re-reading seems to be the answer. It's always fun to go back :)

    Seneca - LOL, all right, let me do that right now.

  9. holy crickey's that came up fast! i have the book picked out- and thankfully it's a former category, ie, SHORTER- will reread tonight and get it posted!