Friday, March 20, 2009

Review: Falling in Love by Pauline Trent

Well, earlier this week, I posted my entry for Keishon's TBR challenge... and I thought, why not be done with Brie's Contemporary Romance challenge as well? So this month, I would only have the Re-Read challenge left. Good idea no? Of course, to me, Brie's Contemporary Romance challenge is the easiest to fulfill each month, given that contemporary romance is my favorite genre :)

Falling in Love by Pauline Trent
published by Zebra/Kensington in January 2009

After years in the military, Chris Montgomery is looking for somewhere to relax and recharge, and Lambert Falls, with its tree-lined streets and picturesque town square, seems ideal. Chris expected that a stranger in town would attract suspicion and gossip. He didn't expect to meet someone like Angie Kane, with her warm, open smile and self contained air that are instantly intriguing. Angie has built a satisfying life for herself, one she's not willing to uproot for someone who's just passing through. But Chris is quietly persistent - not to mention handsome and charming. Against her own better judgment, Angie finds herself falling deeper than she ever intended - until one phone call forces her to choose between the town she's always loved, and a man she can't imagine living without...

Genre: contemporary romance
Series: none

The Story: Chris Montgomery was with the Green Berets, but was injured in his last mission. He has now recovered and decided to settle down in Lambert Falls, where his grandfather left him a plantation house. He is immediately attracted to the sheriff's niece, Angie Kane. Although the attraction is mutual, Angie is reluctant to start a relationship with Chris. She's been hurt in the past and she feels that there's a gap between her and Chris. In addition, she expects Chris to want to leave Lambert Falls in the future... and that's one thing she'll never do.

My Opinion: I basically bought this book on an impulse and if I remember correctly, to reach a certain amount in order to use a coupon. The result? I really enjoyed Falling in Love and am glad I bought it!

Like the title says, the story of Falling in Love focus on Chris and Angie falling in love, their relationship. Chris is new in town, meets Angie and feels attracted to her. However, Angie is not ready to start a relationship... so with the help of a relatives, her uncle Bobby and her younger sister, Carter Ann, he slowly courts her and wins her heart :) I liked how the book only focused on Chris and Angie's relationship and how slow they took it. This type of books is so rare these days ^_^;

I liked both Angie and Chris' characters. I really felt for Angie and could relate to her. She's afraid, she doesn't have much confidence in herself and she can't see why Chris would be attracted to her. She's not bold like Carter Ann and has difficulty going after what she really wants. I like the fact that the people around her liked her so much and how her family helped Chris to court her... Her relationship to both Carter Ann and Bobby was heart-warming and it was funny how Carter Ann and Chris maneuvered Angie into situations so she could go after her dream. As for Chris, well he's the nice guy, the kind I wish I will meet in the future. Someone's patient, attentive and affectionate. He can be sneaky at time, but in a good way :)

I liked the issues that Angie dealt with, because I thought they were realistic, especially for a woman from a small town. Also, Ms Trent didn't spend too much time caricaturing the secondary characters from a small town. Like I said, she focused on Chris and Angie... I really like Carter Ann's character as well. At first, I wasn't sure, but she turned out to be a very nice and thoughtful woman, a loving sister. I hope she does get her own book :) Finally, I think that Ms Trent did a wonderful job writing Angie and Chris' storyline. It was believable and sweet, especially when Chris left to help his superior. Those communications and letters were so sweet :)

My complaints on this book are minor... like I'd like to know the reason of Angie's dislike towards Langdon Howard. I also felt the ending was a tiny bit rushed, a few extra pages would have helped. However, it doesn't affect the quality of the book. Overall, Falling in Love was a solid book and very enjoyable. I'll be reading more of Ms Trent in the future :D

My Grade
: B. Like I said, a solid book :) Refreshing in both the storyline and characters. It reminds me a tiny bit of Virgin River, but with less "action/event." If you're looking for a book about the H/H, you should give this a try :)


  1. Nath ~

    What a great review. Thank you. I'm glad you liked Angie and Chris's story. My readers' opinions are the ones that matter to me most.

    ~ Pauline Trent

  2. I love when an impulse buy turns out to be a great read!

    And I really like what you write about this book, especially that it has a strong focus on the couple and that the relationship is more on the slow side. As you said, this type of book is so rare these days and, as much as I like the other type of books, I enjoy reading books like this also.

  3. Great review! It's going on my wish list now.

  4. This books sounds wonderful and I'm going to have to pick it up for sure.

    Based on your previous recommendations(Robyn Carr)I know you never steer me wrong.

    Great review as usual.

  5. I started this one but didn't get very far before it became one of those 'put it down somewhere but can't remember where' books. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it - I'll have to search some more for mine!

  6. Pauline - The book had to be good to receive a good review :D I'm looking to read more... so is Carter Ann getting her own book?

    Taja - Yeah, those are the best :)

    I think Falling in Love was a great change of pace. In the past few years, I think the trend has been quick relationships... so it's nice to read one that isn't.

    Isabel - I hope you enjoy it :D

    Jenn - LOL, I hope you'll enjoy it Jenn! Everyone has different taste, but yeah, it's fun to find someone whose tastes are similar to you :D

    Kristie - LOL, look for it Kristie and let me know what you think of it! I get what you're saying though... It's a good book, but not one you read sitting at the edge of your seat. I guess it's due to the slow pace :D

  7. Great review, Nath. I've heard some good buzz about this one. I do love relationship-focused books as much as the action-packed ones. And at that price, who can afford not to pick it up?

  8. Lori - Where did you hear of this book, Lori? :) and yeah, with this price, seriously, it's worth to give a try :)

  9. Oh I just love a good love story and this sounds like it's right up my alley. Thanks for the review!

  10. Tracy - I think you will enjoy it a lot Tracy :D