Monday, May 04, 2009


As some of you know, yesterday was my b-day! :) I am now 26 years old and LOL, that's all I am going to say about my age :)

So a big, huge


to all the wishes I've received by emails, comments, Facebook! I LOVE you all!!!! You guys are so awesome! :) I really feel the love and you don't know how much I appreciate it :) So again,


I had a great day yesterday. Did some shopping with my sister, played bowling and pool with friends and went to eat sushi :) The weather was gorgeous and it was a beautiful day :)

As soon as my friend sends me the pics she took, I'm going to make a post. The sushi were very pretty - it was more about style and decoration and new taste.

Oh and guess what? My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, but she told me: "Don't say books, because the parents told me not to buy you any. I won't buy you any gift cards either. The only thing that might work is if you ask for an e-book reader, because maybe Dad will consider it as technology."

LMAO :) So yeah, didn't get any books, but it's okay :) Actually, the only sad part in my day yesterday is I almost didn't see my parents. They did wish me a happy birthday, but they had to go to the temple really early. My sister and I went too, but we left early to go shopping... when we got home, my parents were still at the temple - they had a meeting for next week, very big celebration. I left to meet my friends and when I came home, they were already in bed :(

Today, well I'm at work... and tradition is that the birthday person brings in a cake to celebrate :) My mom made one - it's been age since she didn't do one for my birthday LOL :) I'll take some pics later and post them along with the sushi :) Then tonight, going out again with another group of friends... for more sushi :)

Oh, and I'd like to take this opportunity to say:


Turns out Tracy and I share a birthday! How awesome is it? LOL :) I wish you all the best and a lot of books :)


  1. Glad you had a nice birthday. Sucks about no books though.

  2. Well Happy Birthday to you, Nath!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Nath!

    26? omg I'm so jealous! ;) It sounds like you had a fabulous day--and I laughed out loud about your dad's comment about not getting you books, but an ereader would be acceptable because it is technology. LOL! Too funny!

  4. I was away over the weekend so I missed it- But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

    You are won of my favorite bloggers sweetie!

  5. 26? Wow - you're like...young! lol How sad to think I was becoming an adult the day you were born. (Omg I need to stop thinking like that! lol)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    So funny that you mentioned you went bowling. My youngest kept trying to talk me into going bowling yesterday! Too funny...I should have caved. :)

    Sushi...mmmm...sushi. I LOVE sushi. Have some unagi for me tonight! :)

  6. Happy belated B-day, Nath! We're the same age, I had no idea. I'm glad your day was so great.

    Gosh, I love bowling. Maybe I'll go this weekend.

  7. That sounds like a fun birthday Nath! But man you are old. NOT! I'm old enough to be your... older sister. :)

    And happy belated birthday Tracy.;)

  8. Happy Birthday Nath!!

    I missed it :( I've been laptop less since my puppy ate the cord. I ordered a new one, I hope it gets here soon.

    I hope you had a fabulous day and that you read all you wanted and that all your wishes came true.



  9. 26? Yeah, you're still required to declare your age...LOL

    And I don't get books as gifts anymore either. Friends and family take one look at my TBR and tell me that I "don't need anymore books." Humph. What do they know?

  10. Aww, Happy Belated Bday! Glad to hear you had a great day celebrating. You're one younger than I am although I feel like I'm 10yrs older! ^_^

  11. I never get books for my birthday! I don't even ask anymore!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to You!!!

  13. Isabel - Thanks Izzy :) and I know about the books rule. Well, I can always buy them anyway, so it's okay I guess :P

    Amy C - Thank you Amy :)

    Christine - LOL, you really want to be 26 again? with a so-so career and no potential man in your life?

    Yeah, my dad loves technology :P

    Zeek - Thank you Zeek! Where were you? :P

    Seneca - Me too :) Love you! :)

    Tracy - LOL, apparently, I look like 22 ^_^;

    and LOL, definitively stop thinking right there. It's sometimes fun to be the baby, but not always.

    LOL, bowling is fun... even if you're not very good at it :P

    Yep, I love sushi as well :) but you know, 3 times in a week? How am I going to lose weight?

    Brie - Really? I had not idea either!! But you're lucky, you already have a husband while I have never date!

    When's your b-day?

    Leslie - It was, Leslie :) I had a good time :)

    LOL, not old enough to be my mom?

    Jenn - No biggie, Jenn :) Awww, your puppy ate through the cord? Is he okay? What kind of dog do you have?

    Wendy - LOL, with my appearance? Yes, I do :P

    and I know! about the books? Normal people just don't understand... Yesterday, at dinner - they start complaining that I had too many books in my purse, and that I would start reading at red lights and traffic... :(

    Tabitha - Thanks Tabitha :)

    LOL, I bet you've had a more filling life than me!

    Marg - Well, I don't ask for books. I ask for gift cards... but I guess that's out.

    Kristie - Thanks Kristie!

  14. Nath, I just happened to meet my hubby in college. Your match will come when the time is right. :-)

    My birthday is January 28.

  15. Hi Nath, I got your comment about Dragonbound. I was going to send you an email but I can't find one for you. I figured I'd send you an email in case you didn't make it back to see if I commented. But I'll just comment here. This you'll get :). I would recommend reading Dragonborn first. I wonder if maybe you wouldn't have to though. I'm thinking you might not, and that you could read Dragonbound. You would know this or that when it's mentioned if you read the Dragonborn first. Dragonbound does take place after events that took place in the end of Dragonborn, but for the romance between Sabina and Cordain, I think there is enough to fill you in with the events from the first book that you wouldn't be lost.
    You would just have more insight with a few of the other characters. I hope if you do that it works out to be okay to read them out of order. It might be a tad confusing at the beginning, but then again maybe not!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Sweets!

    Okay, so what does your Dad love that you can tell people they must not buy him? Seriously, if my mother or anyone says they won't buy me book GC then I tell them I don't see why they should get movie tickets from me (all my mother ever asks for is movie tickets - she sees at least one a week). Or maybe no garden stuff for my Dad.

    See with older *cough* friends like me, you can learn to be evil much younger than the rest of us ;)


  17. Brie - You are lucky then :) Although I have to admit, I can't imagine married life at the moment ^_^; but it must be nice :)

    Amy - LOL, I was going to check the comment section daily, but thanks for replying here :)

    All right, well I'll give it a try. Couldn't find Dragonborn, so that's why I'm going go straight to Dragonbound... if my reading mojo ever comes back!

    Cindy - Thank you Cindy! :)

    LOL, I could tell wine... but like me, if people don't give it to him, he'll just go buy it himself :) Easy peachy right?

  18. Belated happy birthday, Nath! I'm just going through all my feeds and totally missed it. Hope you've managed to sneak in a few book pressies for yourself in the meantime. *g*