Friday, May 08, 2009


First of all:

Happy Mother's Day

to all the blogger mothers... the mother bloggers... Hmmmm, well you know who you are LOL :) Hope you have an excellent week-end and hope you get pampered by your hubby and kiddos...

So, how has everyone been doing? My week has been quite busy - first, going out with my friends on Monday and then, going out for lunch on Wednesday... Have to say, I'd have my fill of sushi :) In addition, well, I signed up for the gym again :( My dad made me - he needed someone else to sign up for the gym so we could get the familial package... so there you go, back to the gym. This time though, I paid for the year... so I better go. So far, I've been 2 times... My goal is 2 or 3 times a week + one swimming session. That's my goal... will I be able to make it? No idea...

In the previous post, I promised some pictures of the sushi I ate on Sunday. So here there are:

Looks pretty right? Taste is okay. The yellow paper is actually algae that they colored yellow. It's fun once in a while to eat something different - but it relied at lot on the sauces... Japanese mayo and sweet sauce... So it hid the taste a bit. The presentation is very nice though, so it makes it worth once in a while. I still prefer the sushi place near my house that I went with my friends on Monday night.

Few months ago, after the So Cal bloggers had their get-together, Kristie wrote a post about a send Canadian get-together... More details to come about it, but I've been planning my trip to Toronto LOL :) The date we've come up with is June 13... and that is only a month and a few days away. Me, being anal, I wanted to start to plan the trip... So that's what I did :)

Also, Ames and I have a crazy bet/challenge going on. We were complaining about how there were not many releases for the month of May. I only had 2 books actually... Sad no? Ames didn't have many releases either... and so we came up with this challenge: no more buying books for a month. A month!! LOL, you guys know me. A month is like eternity!!! Anyway, challenge started May 6 to June 5... Let see who caves first - my sis believes I won't make it LOL :) She's right... if you look at the odds, Ames has a greater chance to make it... but we never know :)

So that's pretty much it with my life. Nothing much going on. I had the reading blues... but I finished two books in two days, so I think it's coming back :) My goal this week-end? Read and write posts :) What about you? Any special plans?


  1. That sushi does ook pretty, for sure. It's all about the quality, though. Sounds like it didn't taste that great.

    Excited for you on the Canadian get-together. Say hi to all for me :)

    And good luck on the reading challenge, LOL. I know I'd need it.

    No plans this weekend. Unfortunately, at some point, probably on Sunday, I'm gonna have to go into work. Ugh. I'd do it tomorrow instead of on Mother's Day, but we have a family day planned tomorrow. Steve's volleyball game, then Star Trek at the IMAX.

  2. Ooh, pretty sushi. I'm really picky with my sushi and taste is everything to me. So even though they are artfully done, I would want them to tase as good as they look.

    I need to get in the gym and tone things up. I just need some motivation and right now I have none.

    It's so cool that you guys are meeting up. I really wish that there was a book blogging community around these parts. Oh Well.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You know how I have been doing. *cry* *whine*

    I'm going to have to stand behind your sister on the challenge, LOL.

    The sushi looks pretty, but I'm sure it tastes as disgusting as any other sushi.(sorry!) Ok, I'm not really sorry. I admit to having sushi once. I spit it back out into my napkin while pretending to cover a cough.

    My Brother in law wanted to feed my Cotton and Jojo some sushi ones. I wasn't keen on the idea.

    I hate the gym--I'm way too lazy. I'd rather sit on my ass and read while drinking a Pepsi and eating something from Taco bell.

    Well, fuck a dog, I am sure all sun and shine today? Sorry. I like others to suffer with me when I am sick. It's part of my giving nature. ;-P
    (My sorry was real that time)

    Love you,

  4. Oh shit. I was supposed to say FUCK A DUCK! not dog. Jeeeeez. I still have a fever, as you can tell.

  5. But but what if you read a really great book from your TBR, and have to read its sequel straightaway... ;-)

    Good luck in sticking with the challenge!

    And I *love* sushi.

  6. Lori - Well it tasted okay, but I consider it cheating a little bit when you mask all the taste with sauces.

    Oh, I will :)

    Haha, well I'm doing fairly good so far. Lucky for me, I have a book order that should come in today :)

    Hope you had fun! And what? Going in to work on Sunday? Why?

    Brie - Nod nod. I agree with you Brie :)

    Ugh, motivation is the hardest thing when it comes to the gym. especially after you're done one session and you're all sweaty and sore...

    Seneca- Feeling better today? I hope so...

    LOL, I know... well to help me, my sister has taken my I-rewards card as hostage... although I can use my zip code LOL :) But anyway, doing okay so far... I miss the bookstore a bit, but not enough to go yet.

    and LOL, yeah, I can imagine that you don't like sushi... if you don't like sea food :P

    Li - I'll suffer or break down! LOL :) Although, I have to say, I don't have many first books... so I should be fine.

    Crossing my fingers :)

  7. Actually the yellow paper is Soy sheets. :)