Saturday, May 02, 2009

Re-Read Challenge: April Winner :)

Let see, this month, we had 14 entries :) It is lower than the previous months, but I guess that's to be expected :) These kind of challenges lose participants as we go along... Also, blogland has been really quiet. Hopefully, next month, there'll be more entries :)

So this month's winner is...


Congrats Isabel! E-mail me (well you have my email address already :P) to let me know which store you want the 10$ gift certificate from :)

I hope you guys are still having fun with the challenge :) I know that my list of TBB books is growing each month, which is fun :)


  1. Congrats, Izzy!

    And, Nath, this is the BEST reader challenge I have ever had the chance to participate in. :)

  2. I had over 900 blog posts to read I don't know how you can characterize blogland as quiet after that!

    Happy belated birthday. No re-read for me in April, but I did have a fun reading month. Hopefully I'll have a list up soon.

  3. I know I'm still enjoying the challenge!

    Congrats Izzy!!!!