Saturday, May 16, 2009

Canadian & Neighbour Blogger Meet 2

Hello everyone :)

Well you've read last week or earlier this week in one of my posts that there was going to be a second Canadian blogger Meet :) This time, we're inviting any neighbours from the South who might make it! :)

Date: Saturday, June 13 2009

Place: Ancaster, ON (Very close from Hamilton and apparently, approx. 1 hour away from Toronto)

Time: TBA

So far, here are the bloggers who have confirmed their presence...

CindyS of Nocturnal Wonderings
Kristie J of Ramblings on Romance (announcement post here)
Ames of Thrifty Reader ,Breezing Through and TheBoob Tube (announcement post here)
Lea of Closetwriter
Me :) (announcement post is this post here :P)

If you think you can make it, please leave a comment in any of the announcement posts. If you have any questions, you can e-mail any of us (natuschan @ gmail . com - without space).

Can't wait, we're going to have so much fun! :)


  1. Hi Nath:

    Looking forward to meeting you in June. :)

    Best Regards

  2. Oh tell me who's who in the picture. The only one I know by sight is Kristie.

  3. Lea - Definitively looking forward to meeting you as well :)

    Tracy -From left to right: Cindy, me, Ames and Kristie ;)

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  5. Oops! That was me above there. Sorry! LOL

    Oh, I love reading about blogger meet ups! Too bad this one is over seven hours away by car--it sounds like fun! ^_^

  6. Oh very cool! Thanks for letting me know who's who!

  7. Christine - Awww. I have to agree though, 7 hours of driving is a lot for only one afternoon :( It would have been fun though!

    Tracy - You're welcome :D