Saturday, September 19, 2009

More canoe pictures...

Sigh, long day today. I've been at the Fathers' place since 8.30am... my friend who usually does the morning shift has classes today. Ugh.

It's not bad though... I had time to work on two buddy reviews and I cleaned out my Gmail inbox. 577 emails labeled and archives. Go me!! LOL :) Yep, pretty proud of myself.

I said I'd post more pictures of my canoe adventures last week when my aunt would send them to me. So here are a few more...

Fist pic: that my uncle and me in the background of the pic... About 2 minutes after we left shore. Yep, somehow we ended up in the wrong direction ^_^;

Second pic: My uncle and I paddling.

Third pic: There were some waterfalls, so that's my sis and I. Pretty nice pic :)


  1. Wow, busy bee there! lol.

    Can you work on my Gmail inbox too? I just checked and saw 8000+ emails that need labels and to be archived....

  2. What a great pic of you & your sister!

  3. After only 2 minutes and you're heading in the wrong direction. LOL That sound like something I would do. I don't do well on boats, even little ones. ;)

    Love the pics and the scenery there is beautiful. :)

  4. Tabitha - LOL, sorry, but no can't! It took me 2 hours for 600 emails, I can't imagine 8000+ ^_^;

    and I'm lucky because I only use my gmail account for blog-related stuff...

    Lori - I know, I really like it as well :D

    Leslie - LOL, it happened a couple of other times. Let just say my sis and aunt had a couple of laughs :D

    The day was gorgeous and the scenery was indeed beautiful :D

  5. Ugh, I use my gmail account for blogs and corresponding with friends so there's much buildup. Maybe it'll be a task for spring cleaning!

  6. Lovely pictures and scenery! It looks like you had a wonderful day even though you started in the wrong direction. ^^

    I'm bad with cleaning out my inboxes for my email accounts. I'm happy I managed to clean up my feed reader this morning. *g*

  7. Tabitha - I used to be a hotmail girl and only opened an account at gmail for blog, that's why I've been able to maintain different accounts :D

    and LOL, by next spring, how many new emails do you figure you'll have?

    Taja - Thanks Taja :D LOL, that first two minutes... it pretty much told us what would be happening the rest of the afternoon, LOL!

  8. Ugh, I was trying not to think of that!

    Since gmail started, I ditched hotmail. haha

  9. I love that third pic. you are so pretty.

  10. Tabitha - Nah, I thought it was too complicated to switch everything. So I kept it.

    Seneca - Thanks Seneca! I really like the picture :)

  11. I'm with everyone and love the picture of you and your sister.

    I'll have to tell you about the first and only time Bob and I ever canoed together. I had been canoeing many times before so I was horribly bewildered ;)


  12. Cindy - Thanks Cindy :) It's a great picture indeed.

    and LOL about you and Bob canoeing... well sometimes, it's just the combination of persons right that makes it work or not...