Monday, September 14, 2009

What's up with me...

Sorry I've been MIA in the last few days. Real life has definitively intruded ^_^; If you've left any comments on my posts, I will get back to you... and I will try my best to blog-hop tomorrow.

So what's up with me? Well my parents are really enjoying my dad's retirement and as a result, my sister and I have been cooking in the past few days... For those who knows me, they also know that I don't cook. LOL. It's not that I don't enjoy cooking, it's just that I never had the opportunity to learn... The kitchen is really my mother's domain and she guards it well :) And when I was younger, my grandmother used to live with us... so she was the one in charge. The most difficult I find is that me and my sis, we're not familiar with what we have and what we don't have... so we end up almost everyday at the grocery store ^_^; We also buy in very small quantity so the food don't spoil... Figuring what to eat, buying everything, cooking, etc... it's a lot of work LOL... which reinforce what I've been saying when people are impressed with the amount of books I read - reading is all I do. I don't have a family to take care - so no cleaning, no cooking, etc. Have to say, cooking as really cut in my reading time ^_^; As a result, I've been re-reading a lot for the past week - takes less concentration.

Here are some pictures of what we've been cooking... and yes, I did take pictures. Proof! LOL :)

For those who are wondering, yes we've been eating lots of chicken... the reason is, we bought a pack of chicken breast at Costco... Let me tell you, it's A LOT of chicken ^_^;

Another thing that has cut in my reading time is tennis with the US Open. I have to say, I haven't been into tennis much this year... especially after my favorite player retired last year... but I ended up really watching the US Open... and it was a great tournament this year!! I'm so happy about the winners, Kim Clijsters and Juan Martin Del Potro! I love Kim and am so happy that she's back. As for Del Potro, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite players... and also, finally, some new contenders!! You have to mix it up to keep it interesting!! Anyway, great tournament this year...

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to catch up with things this week-end, since my sister and I drove to Quebec City. We went to visit my uncle and his family. Basically, just spend time together. I always felt sad that me and my cousins (on either side) aren't very tight. Sure, it's fun when we see each other, but we don't go out of our way to e-mail or call each other :( Sad... and while Quebec City is only 2.5 hours away, it's all about scheduling... My cousin works part-time on the week-end, so she's always busy. My parents are busy at the temple on Sunday and I work Saturday nights :( Anyway, I did make some time so we could see them... This was the first time my sister and I went on our own. It wasn't too bad.

The weather was gorgeous, and lucky for us! Because my aunt had a surprise for us on Saturday: a canoe outing! Basically, it was a 17.3km long canoe trip... We went bright and early - she booked us at 9.30am... My aunt and sis shared a canoe while I was with my uncle... the only problem is this was my first time driving a canoe... It's not that easy. Something else my aunt didn't predict... the river water level...

Let just say it hasn't rained much in the past few weeks... so it was low... the lowest it's been in a very long while!! People stopped on the side and told us how brave we were LOL! Oh, it was fun, don't get me wrong... but let just say my uncle got out of the canoe a couple of times to pull us through the rocks LOL. After 5.5 grueling hours though, we had enough and we were quite pleased to get there :) (I don't have any pics of me, because I was the one with the camera... but hopefully, my aunt will send her pics soon...)

Overall, I had a great week-end... which kind of makes up for today... Shitty, sucky day at work :( Ugh!!! So frustrating and stressing - my boss is back from vacation and it shows. Also, I hate cell phone companies. There there simply to steal our money!!! Ugh.

But let's not think of that... let's think of the good times I had... and what I'm going to eat tomorrow! LOL :) I'll also try my best to work on some reviews :D So how have you all been lately?


  1. Please tell me you do your own laundry. LOL

    The food looks delicious - especially the fajitas. Yum!

    The rafting sounds fun but a bit more water would have been good. :)

  2. LOL on Leslie's comment. ;P

    Nath, your dinner looks wonderful. You and your sister did well with the cooking. It gets better with practice, practice, practice. Muahaha!

    Your weekend looks lovely... what a wonderful surprise. Canoeing is not as easy as it looks, right? But fun... glad to have you back. Too bad your boss didn't take another month, lol!

  3. Hi Nath;

    You meal looks excellent, I'm not fond of cooking but it's because I've done so much of it over the years. lol

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend and the canoeing looks like great fun.

    I hear you about work - I've been living at my office the past three or four months. Yes, stress seems to be the mantra these days.

    Take care and I hope you enjoyed your chicken. :)

  4. your dinners look good! I'm not much of a cook either. I'm still learning. :)

  5. OMG -- How'd I miss that del Potro BEAT ROGER FEDERER???? WOO HOOOOO!! Yesyesyesyes! Finally - new blood at the Open!

  6. Hey Nath, for a beginner your food still manage to look better than mine. Lol. I can't really cook American food which is why I stick to Asian (or so I tell myself,ha).

    Work and family keeps me busy, as always, but I managed to sneak in some time to post in my blog. Lol.

  7. You hadn’t realized because I never posted a link until today. Hehe. I was shy and debated deleting the contents on my page but then thought about it -- what’s the worse can happen? And I can always delete my blog if nothing comes of it, lol.
    I can’t use blog spot because my work IT blocks it and I’m online mainly during work time. Sssh.

  8. Hi Nath
    Those dishes look wonderful. Nice presentation too. Love your nature pictures you brave girl. Yeah the tennis was pretty interesting this year. We are huge Federer fans but are happy for Del Potro.I try reading during commercials but it's hard cause we're usually analyzing the game. We are all tennis players & my son is a Certified Tennis Instructor so it can't be helped. I just know the game is easier to call from the couch LOL.

  9. You guys are way more adventurous in your cooking than I am! Good job!!

  10. Leslie - Um, no. LOL, but I fold it.

    The fajitas were good :D and it's not really rafting, more like canoeing - lol, definitively not enough water for rafting :)

    Hilcia - Thanks Hilcia :D

    I have to say, I'm quite proud of my sister and I :D and yes, practice, practice and practice. Sigh.

    It's definitively not easy!! LOL :)

    and I know, I wish he was gone again. Peace... sigh. You know the worst is that he keeps saying how busy it's going to get and part of it, it's because he left for a month, right... not as if I could take a month off :(

    Lea - LOL, different situations, right? :)

    The week-end was great :) Makes work a little more tolerable I guess...

    Isabel - It's the hardest, learning I find. but at least, lots of things we don't have to make from scratch anymore.

    Amy - Exactly! New blood, woohoo :D

    Tabitha - I find Asian food to be the hardest to cook!! LOL.

    I love your blog, Tabitha! So happy you started one!! LOL :)

    LOL I'm online most of the time, even at work... although they don't blog blogspot, so I'm lucky :D

    Mary - Yeah, I thought you would watch it as well :D LOL :) It was a great tournament... can't wait for the start of next season!!

    Ames - LOL, thanks :D

  11. Welcome back! Your food looks great, am impressed :-)

    Did you watch a lot of the tennis? I couldn't really catch the night sessions because of the time difference, which was frustrating!

  12. We barely watched any US Open matches this year either which is really unusual for us. We used to go to US Open every year for a long time, but I think the last time we went was when I was pregnant with my second--who is now 10. OMG where the heck did that decade go? *panic* Federer is an amazing tennis player and rightfully deserves all his wins, but yeah... I'm glad for some new talent as well.

    Your canoe trip sounds awesome. I love canoeing! :)

    Keep up with the cooking... it'll get easier as you do it more often.

    No comment about the laundry. ;P

  13. Li - Thanks! Although most of the credit goes to my sister :D

    Hmmm, I saw enough :) I didn't pay much attention to the first week... but the second week, I was there in front of my TV. Although this year's coverage was annoying... They kept changing the broadcasting to a different channel (more specialized) and I didn't have it :(

    Time difference sucks for many things.

    Christine - LOL :) Time flies away... that's what it does. Wow, you're so lucky, being able to go. I'd like to, one day... I think. Montreal hosts yearly the Canadian tournament with Toronto... but it alternates: one year, we get the men, the next... the women.

    It was a very nice trip. Tiring, but nice :D

    LOL, thanks for not commenting on the laundry.