Friday, September 25, 2009

Re-Read Challenge Reminder

How is everyone doing? I hope well :) It's been quiet on blogland... I know, I know. I say this often, but I can't help it when it's the truth, right? I hope everyone is busy with RL and not sick like me ^_^;

For those who are wondering, I did get Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong! Yay!! It wasn't too hard either... Just two phone calls, although I have to admit, I did feel a little bit bad ^_^; But that's another story. Here are the two covers, Canadian on the right and US on the left. Which one do you prefer?

I still haven't made up my mind... In a way, I find the Canadian one a bit weird... took me a while to figure out the image. I like the black and white look with a little color. Ms Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series are being re-printed in Canada with new covers, so this one fits right in... but me, I had most of the US covers... and so the US cover would fit better... but while I like the image, I don't like the yellow background. Ah well. Can't complain too much right?

Next on my hunting list is On the Edge by Ilona Andrews...

LOL and before I forget (which would be sad, because after all, this is the topic of this post), the Re-Read Challenge is for next week! :) End of the month is Wednesday, September 30 - so that will be the official date. However, feel free to post your review anytime between September 29 and October 1st to be eligible for the 10$ gift certificate :D I'll have the draw done on Firday, October 2nd :)

So have you done your re-read? I did mine (which is why this reminder is a bit late LOL)

Have a nice week-end all!


  1. Oh holy flying eff balls I completely forgot! I SUCK! lol Damn - I didn't read a book yet. Ahem - let me get right on that. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am with you Tracy, I still need to read my book too.

    Nath, I like the American cover. 1. the model actually looks like how I picture Elena and 2. I like the yellow. Works for me :)

    I haven't bought the book yet. I have some birthday money....

    I just finished Sliding Home. It was good. Do you want me to send you my copy. I would do that for you :) email me with your home address.

  3. i like the US cover better...i love the wolf near the lace on the woman...its pretty. :)

  4. Fighting off some nasties here. Kids keep sneezing so I'm trying to stay away from them. :) I'm such a good mom. LOL

    I like wolves so I like that cover. The b/w cover - it looks like her back is about to erupt. Yikes!

    Amazingly I'm almost finished with my re-read. Go me! LOL Of course I'll wait until the last minute to write the review. :)

  5. I re-read Bridge to Terabithia but haven't written a review yet.

    here's a link to one I haven't told you about yet. I think I re-read these every year.

    I like the wolf, haven't read the book. I have On the Edge! There's a great story to how I got it too.

  6. The Canadian cover strikes me as more horror-ish.

    You made me curious and I looked up the UK cover, which is again different:

  7. OH and I love the wolf so the right one gets my vote.

  8. Tracy - LOL, lucky I remembered the reminder! :) Well you still have a few days, you should be fine, Tracy :)

    I agree that the right cover with the wolf is nice... it's just the background color, hmmm :(

    Jill - At least, you already know what you're going to read no, Jill :)

    True, true, the model does look like Elena. Have fun using the birthday money!! :)

    Thanks for the offer on Sliding Home, but it's okay. I'm just going to order it myself, since I have a coupon LOL :P

    Jessica - It is prettier indeed LOL :)

    Leslie - If I were you, I would do the same, Leslie. Especially since I just got sick. No fun at all!!

    LOL, you're right about the cover. It kind of look like the edge of lizard/dragon...

    Don't worry about the review... I haven't started mine either LOL :) I usually write them the same day I post them...

    Book Dragon - Can't wait to read your review... Hmmm, haven't heard of this book.

    LOL, I love stories about how we get books... especially before their release date :D

    Li - Definitively, gotta agree with you on that...

    LOL, the UK cover looks a bit Christmas-ish, don't you think? I think it's a bit too cute-sy.

  9. I really need to read my book... *g*

    Covers - the Canadian fits the series title (Women of the Otherworld) IMO - like Li said, horror-ish. The US has warm colors and then the title is "Frostbitten" ^^ - I can't bring that together.

    Maybe I should look at the UK cover? *g*

  10. I like both covers but thinkI am leaning more toward the Canadian cover, i like dark covers.
    I have done my read but still have to write about it, that is always the part that gets me ;)
    I read The Bride-Finder by Susan Carroll

  11. Taja - You should see the new Canadian covers for the Women of the Otherworld series. Very pretty in my opinon. Now, I want to re-buy the whole series ^_^; I hate it when they switch covers :(

    Yeah, that was a bit of my problem, the colors and the title just didn't seem to match. And while I like the medallion, I don't get why it's there ^_^;

    Kris - Dark covers can be very nice and this one is pretty I think. It gives off a very clean vibe. I think the US cover is a bit busy.

    Yeah, writing the review, that's always the difficult part LOL :)