Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Re-Read Challenge: August Winner :)

It's Wednesday already. My "vacation" at work is about to be over... Once the boss is back next week, it's definitively going to be very busy... That's why I'm considering making this week-end extra long and take Friday off. Hmmm, sounds extremely good. My plan is to spend the week-end cleaning my room (meh, not very exciting)... I need to weed out clothes that don't fit anymore T_T Also, I want to finish my excel spreadsheet - I'm almost there. Almost, so that would be fun.

Sigh, I need to shop for a dress. Unfortunately, the dress I bought for Holly's wedding doesn't fit anymore T_T Sad, I know. I tried losing weight this summer, but yeah, I don't have much will power :( Haven't been to the gym for the past two months... Although lately, I have a good reason: my ankle. It's better, but it still hurts a little and tires very fast. Also, the past two days, I haven't been feeling great :( Meh... my back hurts... It seems I'm not holding myself straight or something... Hopefully, it's just because I slept the wrong way or something.

Okay, I'll stop whining... This is supposed to be more cheerful, because I'm announcing the winner of this month!! :) It is...


Woohoo, congrats Ames :) Let me know from which bookstore you want your 10$ gift certificate :)

Just to recap a little bit the challenge this month... LOL, so 10 persons made it this month :) Is it me or there's less and less people each month? :) Although blogland is really quiet lately and it's the end of the summer, so this might be a factor. I guess I'll find out next month, right?

No same book or author re-read this month... but I did carry out the trend this month by re-reading Linda Howard :) I think that so far, she's the author who's been re-read the most :) We'll see if the trend will continue next month; maybe I'll have inspire some people :D


  1. Congrats Ames!!

    And sorry you aren't feeling great Nath. I hope you just slept wrong and that your ankle gets back to normal.


  2. Cindy - I hope so as well! :D Thanks Cindy!

  3. Yay, Ames!

    Hope your ankle is doing better soon, Nath. :-)

  4. Congrats Ames!

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Nath.

  5. Congrats Ames! Enjoy. :)

    nath - your comment about the number of participants got me curious, so I went back and counted.

    Jan - 25
    Feb - 23
    Mar - 23
    Apr - 14
    May - 18
    June - 14
    July - 9
    Aug - 10

    Maybe with summer over the numbers will go back up. Still a good turn out. :)

  6. Thank you ladies :D I mean, I can walk on the ankle, but I just don't feel it's as strong as before :(

    Leslie - Interesting statistic right, Leslie :D Thank you for compiling it! :)

    I hope the numbers will come up this month :D