Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas Gift...

So guess what is my early Christmas present to myself?


LOL! Yep! Was able to score this book! LOL, I've been stalking the online indicator since last Wednesday and it finally showed up today!! What did I do? Of course, I rushed to the bookstore. Man, it was crowded!! I'm surprised because Coles bookstores are smaller, so they usually get less customers, but yeah, lots of people.

On my way to the romance section, I ran into James who gave me a coupon.

Me: Thanks, but no thanks. I already got it.

James: Are you aware of the promotion ending today?

Me: Yep, buy 3, get the 4th book free, right? *reached romance section*

James: Are you looking for anything in particular?

Me: *Already standing in front of the many copies of Forbidden Falls* Nope, all I want is right in front of me :D *pointing at Forbidden Falls*

James: Really? That's all? Because there got a lot of new books and there were still in boxes. Christine Feehan?

Me: Nope, I'm good. *start browsing the aisles to find 3 more books to buy*

James: Let me go check on the outside of the boxes... I'll try to get the authors names for you. *walks away*

So I'm there browsing. Although I love Coles because they put the new releases as soon as they get it on the shelf, they don't have much older releases because of lack of space :( So it was actually kind of hard to find 3 more books. Saw Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson, but I haven't read the last release and the last few before that were meh. Picked Believe by Victoria Alexander and put it back down. Although I like her, Believe was a re-print and her earlier work... hmmm. Checked for Crimson by Jordan Summers, but they didn't have it :(

James: *walking towards me with two books* Any of those you'd be interested?

Me: *looking at Scoundrel's Kiss by Carrie Lofty and Sinful Surrender by Beverly Kendall* Nope, sorry.

James: Yeah, I didn't think so.

Seriously, it's really the best when you get to know the employees and when the employees know you :) Felt like VIP treatment :D

So, want to know what I walked out with, besides Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr?

What about you all? How have you been? Are you in the Christmas madness?


  1. Hmm.. nath, James sure pays attention & knows your taste there. Nice! ;P

    I still need to read 2 books to catch up with the Virginia River series, but I'm so glad you got it early.

    The only book I've purchased lately has been All Jacked Up by Lorelei James (I'm into erotica lately). I'm waiting for Xmas Gift Certs to arrive from Santa. I DID receive a box with 20 books from my books sharing buddy & I'm busy reading/perusing those. :) Yay!

  2. You’ve got your own personal shopper with James. :D That is so cool that he gives you such attention. Too bad more stores weren’t like that.

    Oh, and YEAH for finding the Carr. See, we would miss you’re adventures if you only bought online. :)

    For some reasons the cover for The Gift made me think of that movie The Grudge even though I've never seen the movie, just commercials.

    I’m hoping to finish my shopping today. There’s always a few last minute things I need to get.

  3. That's so awesome that James is so helpful!

    I'm done with Xmas shopping. I spent 6+ hours on Saturday wrapping presents and I'm still not finished, because I didn't have gift boxes to fit two remaining gifts. Each year the gift wrapping gets longer and longer!

    Thursday is my last day at work until 2010! I can't wait to catch up on reading!

    P.S. Is James cute? :)

  4. Hilcia - LOL, yes, i know! :D

    Are you enjoying the Virgin River series? I don't remember reading a review from you...

    LOL :) gift certificates, lucky you :D At my last b-day, my parents, sister and friends put their feet down: no more gift cards :(

    Wow, 20 books? What did you have in there? You know, you should take pictures or let us know what you get from your buddy :D Maybe we can tell you what to pick up next :D

    Leslie - Well it's a smaller store.

    LOL, I know, I would miss my own adventures too :) The thrill of the hunt, you know :P

    In my family, we gave up. Decided not to exchange gifts this year... will probably all go shopping together after Boxing Day...

    Good luck finding everything :D

    Tabitha - LOL :) I love wrapping gifts. I used to do it as a volunteer in malls. No time now :(

    Yay! Lucky you!! Apparently, I'll have to come in while the boss is gone :(

    James looks okay. A bit on the rough side.

  5. LOL, James rocks!!

    My husband went shopping today and he calls me on his cell phone to tell me the book store in the mall is closing and everything is 40% off. Do I want anything?

    Hell, yeah. Let me check my list.

    I asked for 5 books and he was able to find 3. He told me it only came to $12. I am going to have to go myself and see what they have. I might get some good deals!

  6. That's cool the he knows your tastes in books!

  7. Nath, I'm really enjoying the Virgin River series. I began and gobbled up most of them at the beginning of the year before I began reviewing at Musings, so you won't find a review from me on these out here, although I discussed these plenty elsewhere. *g*

    That's a great idea, nath, I'll gather my books and post my latest loot. It was a good haul from my buddy -- it always is.

  8. Wow, talk about customer service. I would love it if someone went through the just-arrived books for me!

    "Once Bitten" looks interesting, btw. Have you read any of her books before?

  9. That's so great that they know you so well!
    Hope you have a great holiday. After the last couple of weeks of craziness, I'm finally getting a chance to blog hop again! :-)

  10. Merry Christmas Nath!

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday...

    All Best

  11. Jill - Your husband's not too shabby either :D It's nice that he called you :) 40% off, that's great! The bad news though is that a bookstore is closing :(

    Isabel - I know! I'm a bit surprised LOL, but I won't complain.

    Hilcia - I'm glad you're enjoying it, Hils :) Can't wait to see your loot, Hils! :D

    Li - Seriously, it's great :) Especially for someone who runs after new releases like me.

    This is my first time reading Clare Willis. Will let you know what I think of it :)

    Renee - Thanks Renee :D Hope you have a great holiday as well :)

    Lea - Thank you Lea! You too!

  12. Oh another book buying story. Love them!

    James is cool. Great customer service. *g*