Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the spirit of the Olympic Games 2010...

Sigh, another busy week. I hope it will slow down for the holidays. Actually, the good news is that my boss might be going on vacation this year, from December 24 to 31 :) That would be soooo cool! That would mean some days off :) Woohooo!

We got lots of snow yesterday. I don't know how much, but at least 30cm. Luckily, most people were prepared to the worst - so lots of schools were closed and many either stayed home or took the public transport. As a result, there wasn't any traffic - that is so rare! Even this morning wasn't so bad. The only bad thing about the snow is that it wasn't the fluffy kind. Instead, we got wet snow, so very heavy.

Roar to the Rings is the Olympic trial for curling in Canada and it's almost over. I actually just finished watching the last draw for the men round robin. The top 3 teams from last year made it, so that's good. Don't really have a favorite among them, so whoever goes, I'm fine. Actually, I hope it'll be Stoughton, because he seems to have been runner-up many times!! As for the women, well my favorite team is out of the race :( Very unfortunate. There are going to be two tie-breaker games, so right now, I'm rooting for Stephanie Lawton. Of course, having said that probably jinxed her chances LOL. We'll know the results this week-end :)

Speaking of the Olympic Games, I mentioned that the Olympic flame was going through my town on December 8. Didn't have the chance to see it, because I was at work... but guess what? I caught it this evening!! Was really lucky. I was hanging out at the bookstore, waiting for my sister... and when she joined me, we discovered that the Olympic flame was going to be relayed from one carrier to the other right in front of the bookstore!! So we waited and watched :D This was really, really great... my sister was especially happy, since she was very disappointed that we missed it on Tuesday. I'm happy too :) Royal Bank of Canada is one of the Olympic sponsor and it happened that there was one right front of the bookstore... so they were giving away pompoms and some inflated sticks so we could make noise :)

I have some pictures and a video. The pictures didn't come out very nice... and the video has no sounds :( This is a new camera and I haven't had time to figure out all the settings and modes. I definitively need to do that this week-end... But still, I have a memory of a very rare event :) So it's a nice memory :D I'm planning to go to The Bay tomorrow and buy some Olympics clothing or memorabilia :)

It's funny because people didn't know what was happening really, except that the Olympic flame was coming. The carrier was waiting in front of RBC and there was a crowd around him, people taking pictures. A lot of passerbys were like: Why isn't his torch burning? And then, someone told us that he was actually waiting for another carrier to come to him and light up his torch :) Anyway, it was cool to witness and I'm glad we were able to get a video :D


  1. Super Cool!!

    I remember maybe 86? when the Olympic flame came through our little town of Ancaster - I think it was on Christmas day but I'll have to check that.

    I don't remember the flame as much as I remember my family and we all had candles lit with a plastic cup that caught the wax that had the Olympic rings on them.

    Glad you were able to see the moving of the flame from one runner to another!


  2. Nath, that is so cool!! It's one of those once in a life time moments. I am so glad you got a chance to experience it!

  3. Good stuff on the video!! That's cool to see and good timing too. LOL

  4. This is SO cool, Nath! I lived during the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics and I remember those as some of the greatest days I spent in LA. I never got to see the torch carried, but I did get to see it burning on the Stadium and it's just so special. I still have memorabilia and pins from that time. :)

  5. Cindy - You're talking about the Olympics game in Calgary right? That was in 1988 :)

    I think Olympics are great events and it's great to have them in Canada :)

    Jill - I know!! and it was really great having the chance to see it, especially when we thought we've missed it! :)

    Ames - THe great things that happen when you hang out in bookstore, right :D

    Hilcia - Lucky you!! Great atmosphere right? I think Olympics kind of unite a country ;)

    I need to go stock up on memorabilia :P

  6. That is so so SO cool!!!! What an awesome thing to experience. Like Jill said... an experience of a lifetime. Thanks for the video. ;)

  7. Christine - I think so too :D