Monday, December 07, 2009

PO and misc

Ugh, I'm pissed at my parents. Happens rarely, but I guess it does happen from time to time. Grrr.

Okay, so here's the situation... My parents have some friends with a son (aka The Son). TheSon is married (thanks god), but he has a best friend, so The Son is playing matchmaker... and yep, my name was in the hat. My mom and her friend told me about the matchmaking a few months ago, must have been like back in May (before I went to Kristie's)... and I'm okay with it. I mean, I'm not offended by it and I'm not against it. I'd like to meet someone for sure and if it means I don't have to go clubbing or accosted some stranger, great.

The only awkward thing though is that I'm not close to The Son, I barely know him... let alone his wife. So it's a bit awkward to meet them and have him play the matchmaker... but whatever.

All this was back in May/summer. The Son has also just moved close to my house, so there were talks about a housewarming party in early fall where I'd be invited... but it never happened. So I thought the deal was off. Seriously, it's been months... but I was wrong.

So I just got a phone call about 30 minutes ago. The Son is inviting me to go eat with him and his wife. Note here, no mention about the best friend... Oh and the invitation is for this Wednesday evening. Problem - I already have plans. I'm going to do some shopping with some girlfriends. These are my very close friends, but for some reasons, we haven't done anything together since early September and even then, it was only dinner. Also, one of my girlfriends is a workaholic - she's an accountant by day and at night, she helps out at her family restaurant. She works 70hours/week. Since my birthday, back in May, I can count on my hand the number of times I've seen her: 2. At the BBQ and a birthday after-dinner... and both times, she had to leave early. So yeah, I have plans to go shopping this Wednesday with my friend... so I declined The Son's invitation... He said it was okay and he'd get back to me with another date.

Now though, my parents are all grumpy about it. Especially my dad. He told me I should have canceled on my friends. That I should know what is important and should set my priorities straight...

Okay, a minute here. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? Going out to dinner with The Son and his wife is a priority?!? In whose life? Okay, although he didn't say his best friend would be there, most probably though he will... Cos otherwise, why would The Son invited me out for dinner with his wife. But hello?!? I guess my dad's really afraid I'll end up an old maid... but still. So mad. What rubbed me the wrong way was his face (all disapproval) and his tone.

Anyway, I unhooked the vacuum cleaner (we have central and the vacuum has been hooked for like a month now) and closed my door. I know, it's quite juvenile, but at least, I didn't slam the door... also, I rarely close my door, so I hope they'll get it. Grrrr.


In other news, I'm watching curling this week. It's the Roar to the Rings, the curling qualification event for the Olympics :) It's going to last all week! I'm in heaven LOL... well not totally, because my favorite are 0-2 so far... another loss and it could be over for them :( However, they are very good under pressure... so I'm crossing my fingers.

I've actually been toying with the idea of starting a blog for the Olympics with my sister... but I'm not sure.

Oh, by the way, the Olympic flame is going to be in my town tomorrow... but I'll be at work :(


I've finally cleaned up my room some :) Giving away about 150 books did free my shelves a lot. Plus the little corner shelves. I've been playing around a little... Hopefully, I'll have time this week-end to sort through them :)

The running joke in my family is that since it's so rare that I clean my room, every time, it's like a miracle... and the sky acknowledges it by having some kind of storm - rain, thunder or snow... Well this time is no exception. We're getting 20-30cm of snow on Wednesday T_T

Cindy, I think you're going to get your white Christmas.


  1. Aw, I'm sure there will be other chances for you to meet this guy if things were meant to be. Besides, you're still young! You have many, many years before they can even consider you an old maid (sorry not specifically meant towards your parents but darn Asians and their old fashioned view). And what's wrong with being an old maid? I wanted to be one for a long time, and my husband ruined my dream when we met. lol!

    I was in a similar boat as you before -- my dad's adopted cousin wanted me to marry their son, who was seriously dating someone else that they don't approve. I was invited and had declined their New Year's get together because 1)they're in another state from me and 2)I don't want to spend New Year's with people I'm not close to and my family was mad at me. Wtf right.

  2. Friends take priority over a stranger because that's what this guy is to you right now. Plus, The Son didn't give you much notice so no one, not even your parents, should be upset that you declined. It's not like you said "no, never want to meet this guy", you just need more notice next time that's all. Nothing wrong with that. It's good that you let him know that your friends are important to you. Had you blown off your friends that could be setting a precedence that they/he could call you at the last minute and expect you to change your plans.

    I'm clueless about the Olympics. I used to love watching when I was a kid but lost interest. I always found the skiing fun to watch.

    Yeah for cleaning your room. Now you've got room for more books. :D

    Funny you mention storms. I finished all the outside Christmas decorations yesterday. Today a major storm front moved in with rain all day long and lots of wind. Middle kid was worried all the lights we put up won't work now. I just hope they don't blow away. :)

  3. I'm with Tabz. It's okay to meet this guy but it should happen naturally like a get together with lots of people not a double date set-up. Too much pressure.Stick to your guns. The right person is worth waiting for.

  4. I agree with Leslie, you weren't given much notice. Anyway, maybe you should point out to your Dad, that it won't look good if you just jump at any little opportunity to meet this guy. Hey, you are a busy popular woman. Not a desperate "old maid" who needs to find a man fast! You are worth the wait :)

  5. What Jill D. said, Nath! You are worth. the. wait! If it's meant to be, it will be. :)

    I loooove the Olympics (although Curling is not one of my favorite sports, lol), but I can't wait for next ones. ;)

    WOW, Nath, all that snow for cleaning your room? Muahahah! Your sister is such a tease.

  6. Tabitha - Exactly! My friends are important to me and it's been a while since I haven't seen them.

    I guess my dad is frustrated because I'm not pro-active about anything. About meeting someone, about my job, about going back to school...

    LOL, at least, you met someone. It's not that I want to stay single, it's just so far, I haven't met anyone :(

    And yeah, WTF. Especially if he was dating someone seriously. As if you wanted to be a third-party. I hate it when people says that as long they're not married, you still have a chance. Seriously, no.

    Leslie - At this moment, I'm not even sure if the guy is aware that he's being matchmaked. Also, The Son didn't mention him at all, so I have no clues. Ah well. I agree with you, right now, he's a stranger. I'm not going to stand up my friend for a guy that might be or not someone important. If they really care, The Son will find another opportunity.

    I'm crazy about Olympics. Always been and always will be I think. Not just Olympics, but amateur sports in general.

    Oh, nice, you put outside decorations. It should be fine I think. We'd have storms and things up here and I've never seen the lights being affected (as in blown away or disturbed).

    Mary G - We'll see how it goes. I think double date set-up can be better... Less pressure actually because nobody else will be watching. At this point, IDK anymore.

    Jill - True, true... I shouldn't look too eager and right now, I don't care anymore.

    Also, thanks about your comment about the wait :)

    Hilcia - Thanks, Hils :)

    Yay, I'll have someone to talk about Olympics with :D Although, warning, I tend to boo the Americans :P Just a bad habit ^_^;

    LOL, well it's a running job in my family. Not just my sister, but my parents too ^_^;

  7. If The Son really wants you to meet his friend then he'll call again. If he takes offense and doesn't call then I wouldn't feel bad cuz would you really want to be with a man who had a best friend like that? lol

    Dad's can be like that. You just have to take it with a grain of salt and deal. Sorry you were pissed though. Hang in there.

  8. First WOOHOO snow!!! I so want lots and lots and lots of snow ;)

    And yeah, parents don't get it. I'm sorry that your Dad reacted that way. Hey, I was never pro-active in anything either and I met Bob so hey, it'll happen when you are ready.

    And any guy would be lucky to be friends with you let alone get to date you. Sure, getting into more social areas will help and yeah, I remember the bar scene and yuck.

    Parents and their darn priorities ;)


  9. Tracy - I don't think the son was offended. Ah well, if it doesn't work out, then it's fate right? :P

    As for my dad, the good news is that he wasn't grumpy for long :)

    Cindy - LOL. As long as it's white, I'm okay. It's starting to get cold though.

    LOL, never went to a bar ^_^; Maybe that's why my dad is so worried :P