Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things on my mind...

So here are things on my mind...

Roar to the Rings - Canada has finally decided on its curling representatives for Vancouver 2010. I'm a bit disappointed with the results - I was really hoping Jennifer Jones and her team would make it... but the team got off to a bad start. Then, during the tie-breaker, I was rooting for Stephanie Lawton, but she got eliminated... then, Amber Holland... and Krista McCarville... In the end, Cheryl Bernard won. I'm happy with the results. She proved to be the best during the trials and so, she deserves her spot. However, this bodes badly for me - if everyone I root for ends up losing ^_^;

On the men's side, I was rooting for Glenn Howard... just because this would have been his first Olympics. It was between him and Kevin Martin and Martin won. Ah well, it was kind of expected.

So overall, I'm a bit disappointed, simply because my favorite teams didn't make it... but can't complain, because both Cheryl Bernard and Kevin Martin's rinks are good... and I had a lot of fun watching the trials :)


Speaking of sports, unrelated to the Olympics, but still noteworthy... Justine Henin, my favorite tennis player, is back!! Woohoo!! I'm so glad to hear this :) So far, she won a few exhibition matches... and that's good :) Can't wait till January when the WTA season starts again :) Really looking forward to Australian Open now :)

I kind of lost interest in tennis a little last year... but with Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin's comebacks, things should get interesting again :)


I really don't understand how publishers price their books. Seriously. Some books are now 10.99$ CAD. Let me repeat, 10.99$ CAD. Last I checked, the 1$CAD = 0.94$US. So can someone explain to me why a book that is priced 7.99$US = 10.99$CAD?!?

With the Canadian dollar being so strong, pricing on books should decrease. However, it's not the case! It's actually increasing, so I really don't understand the publisher's reasoning. I could accept 1$ difference... but 3$ - that's way too much. This what actually what I was paying 1$CAD = 0.50-0.60$! So I really hope prices come down soon...

And please, don't bother pointing out e-books. Not interested.


S, my friend/co-worker, finally deposited his thesis today. Yay!! It's finally over, finished, done!! Sure, it's not perfect, but at this point, you cannot ask for miracle. Today was actually his deadline and he had till 5pm. My other co-worker, J, and I were joking and telling S that if by 4.45pm, he wasn't going to make it... to jump in front of a car - that would give him a good excuse LOL. In the end, he called us at 4.50pm to tell us it was all done (the printing and binding). So happy for him :) Now, we'll have to see whether he passes or fails, but it's out of our control.

It was a bit crazy the past few days, proof-reading his thesis. Luckily, J is fluent in English... Our boss corrected the content, I proof-read and I had J proof-reading after me. So S still had a lot of corrections to do today and a 150 words abstract... and he had to translate it in French!! Oh gosh. Seriously, scientific writing in French is hard and impossible. I can't imagine people going into sciences in French... It sounds so weird. There was no way I could translate a 150 words abstract in English to 150 words abstract in French. We reached 198 words and I was really proud... and then, you had our boss making changes and stuff. Every hour, he would call S up to talk and every time, for about 30 minutes. At 2pm, he still had S changing his rationale of the study! I mean, are you kidding me?!?! Just let it go!

Anyway, it's all done. S now owns us a meal LOL :)


Speaking of work... My boss is going to Cuba with his family from Dec. 24 to Dec. 31!!! Woooohooo!! You know what that means, right? It means, I'll have some time off :) I might have to come to the lab one or two mornings, but it shouldn't be that busy :) So that's some good news :D


Oh, I almost forgot... I know, how could I really forget books?

I need some books suggestions... what was your greatest reads lately? I have all those coupons and I have nothing to buy :( It's just sad.

I was actually thinking of buying the Dante Valentine's series by Lilith Saintcrow. Anyone have read this? Lately, I find myself reading a lot of urban fantasy... and this has caught my attention... Especially since the series if finished.

I've also seen a few other books... The Sweetheart's Knitting Club by Lori Wilde... A Zebra release about vampires... but I can't remember the author right now.

I need to check Li's blog, Me and my Books, because I remember she mentioned Moira Moore. Now would be a good time to buy one or two of this author's books.

By the way, anyone knows whether Jordan Summers's Dead World series is finished or not? I can't find that information. I recently read Red and it was okay. I do have Scarlet in my TBR pile already and I've skimmed through it... and meh. Not too sure about it. Crimson, the third book is out, and I'm debating whether to buy it or not. If the series is over, I might cave... but if not, I think I will just stop.


Okay, I should be going to sleep. Haven't had much sleep lately... and I think that I caught a cold again because of lack of sleep. I should know better by now.

Tomorrow is TBR challenge. I read the book, hope I'll have time to write the review :)


  1. Speaking of prices of books, I can truly commiserate. A new paperback costs between RM28 and RM36 here (CAD$9 and CAD$11). One of my reading resolutions for 2010 is to cut back on book buying to 2 books a month. A drastic, but necessary move.

  2. I find Avon is the worst publisher out there for marking their books up so high. There was one book I wanted from avon that was that much, back in the fall, and I said NO, this is ridiculous, I'll wait for it to show up at the ubs or thrift store. I found it this past weekend at the thrift store, for 2 bucks. So if you're patient you can save money. LOL

    And I know that ebook comment was directed at me. haha

    Also, again if you're patient, you can order from Book Depository. Some of the paperbacks on there are 50% off.

  3. Mmm, i can't think of any great books for ya. Sorry about that. Cuba? oh wow. Enjoy your time off.

  4. Wow Nath, that's expensive for a paperback! I don't blame you for ranting about it. :(

    I wish I had a recommendation for you, but UF? You're way ahead of me reading that genre. :) (Your boss is going to Cuba? The lucky guy!) Lucky you, you get time off during the holidays... enjoy!

  5. S is lucky to have all of you helping him with his thesis. It sounds like you should all celebrate. :D

    Yeah for bosses on vacation!

    I'll second Ames' suggestion of Book Depository. Here's what I've bought the past few months, all at 1/2 price - Hoyt's To Desire a Devil, Singh's Blaze of Memory, Wilson's Queen of Song and Soul, Day's Atlantis Unmasked, Putney's Loving a Lost Lord and Richelle Mead's Thorn Queen.

    The only problem you might have is waiting to get them. And we'd miss reading your book buying adventures. :)

    *after reading my list of books bought I realize I haven't read any of them yet. LOL*

  6. I've read a couple of the Dante Valentine books and gave up - (a) cliffhanger endings and (b) I just didn't like the heroine.

    Moira Moore - I like but don't love, in fact, I'm sort of stuck midway through her latest book. Angie really likes her though, IIRC.

    As for recs, I *loved* the last Eloisa James Desperate Duchesses book (A Duke of Her Own), and for an EJ, I thought it was pretty standalone.

    And I can't remember, have you read Ilona Andrews' "On the Edge"? I thought that was really good too!

    Finally, have you read any books by Mary Kay Andrews? Contemporary romance/mystery in a Southern setting - I read "Savannah Blues" earlier this year and it's one of the very few contemps I've read and really enjoyed this year.

    And I lied, one more rec - I love Julie Hyzy's White House Chef mystery series.

  7. Okay, most important: I hope you won't get a cold. Try to get some rest.

    Pricing of books - it's funny, it's actually cheaper for me to buy books in English than in my own language. Some paperbacks cost now nearly twice as much as ten years before.

    No book recommendations, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll think of something. Can't let all the coupons go to waste! ;)

    Yeah for your boss's plans and oh, you're really into sports, aren't you? :)

  8. Crimson is indeed the last book in the trilogy.

  9. Nice. Having your boss out this time of yr is the best. I wish mine would go on vacation, she has so much time accrued but barely takes any time off. So I'm taking off the end of the month...not going to see her for a week, woot!

    I'm sort of in a reading slump still, mainly rereading old goodies. Although just the other day I read Hunter's Need by Shiloh Walker and I liked it. It was my first Hunter read.

    Um, $7.99 per book is way too much. I use at least 20% coupon when I buy a new book. Otherwise I can't afford to buy as often as I do...and I'm not going for ebooks anytime soon either. Lol

  10. Jace - First, Welcome back in blogland, Jace!! :D

    How much were they used to be? If the $CDN is very high, the books are sometimes sold the same price... I've seen books ranging from 6$ to 8.50/9.00$... I just find it outrageous to pay 11$ when the $CDN is so high :(

    You're good cutting back on books buying. Me? I complain, but I can't stop myself :(

    Ames - Avon is one of the worst, but I've seen many other publishers increasing their price :( Even Mira/HQN :( I mean, seriously :(

    LOL, yes, it was partly for you, but not only you :D

    True, Book Depository seems to be the way now.

    Isabel - Sigh, Isabel. Me neither :(

    And LOL, simply not working is going to be wonderful :D

    Hilcia - Yes, I know!!

    do you get time off between the holidays, Hils?

    Leslie - LOL, he definitively owns us a meal :D

    LOL, yes, I know, I'm not the most patient person. My other problem with Book Depository is that I'd have to pay credit card :( Not too fond of that... but getting books cheap. I guess I can't have it all :P

    Yeah, I'd be missing my book buying adventures too LOL :P

    Li - Well I'd be lucky in the sense that the series is over... but if you don't like the heroine... I'm not too sure either :(

    As for Moira Moore, I think eventually, I'll try one. Just one to see.

    I think I do have them all, the Eloisa James series...

    I did read On the Edge, but didn't review it. Overall, I thought it was okay.

    Hmmm, Mary Kay Andrews. Her name sounds slightly familiar, but I don't think I've read her. Will have to check it out.

    I have the first book in the White House Chef mystery, courtesy of you :) Have to read it... but it's not very romance-y (i know, i know, it's mystery....).

    Taja - I've been having a sore throat for a week. I just won't go away, ugh :(

    Wow, I guess translation and smaller markets make the book really expensive :(

    and yes, I'm really into sports... although I don't practice them myself. Always been that way :)

    Jordan Summers - Thank you for letting me know! :D

    Tabitha - LOL, yes, I agree with you!! :D

    Good for you, taking time off as well :D

    That's good, re-reading oldies :) I should do that too. I spent the week-end reading a manga :)

    LOL, glad to know I'm not the only one not swiching to ebooks! :D