Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hauling Sunday XIII

The week-end is almost over and I basically did nothing ^_^; It's not real news as it happens quite often, but it's still cause to sigh. Sigh. LOL.

The past week has been okay. Hmmm, it's been quite stressful and depressing at work. Stressful, because I was expecting reagents to be delivered and they were, but I didn't receive them. So I had to track them down and it was a real headache :( Depressing because my co-worker has family issues. His grandmother is very sick and she's refusing treatment. Obviously, he's been kind of depressed, sad and quiet... and it made the atmosphere in the lab very heavy. We're only two in the lab and I didn't know how to act around him. So I've been keeping quiet and it made for a long week. Finally, I have some minor health issues. Nothing serious, especially since it was caught early. It's more of an annoyance than anything... and all I can do now is wait for the meds to work their magic.

Luckily, I seem to have found my reading mojo again :) Plus, I bought some books so that always cheers me up! Let see, what are the goodies I got :P

Our Wicked Mistake by Emma Wildes - Quite frankly, the blurb of Our Wicked Mistake sounds so-so; however, I really enjoy Ms Wildes' writing and her stories. They are simple and focused on what is most important, the couple :) So we'll see how this turns out :P

A Hellion in Her Bed by Sabrina Jeffries - This is the second book in The Hellions of Halstead Hall series :P I read an excerpt a while ago and was really looking forward to reading A Hellion in Her Bed :P

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis - I was a bit hesitant at getting this book as Ms Shalvis is pretty much hit and miss for me. However, it does sound good and the price was right :P

Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle - Ms Boyle is another hit and miss author that I enjoy. The relationship between the hero and heroine of Mad About the Duke started in How I Met my Countess and I've been very curious to see how it would develop. I was going to wait to get this book; however, my 25% off coupon was expiring on September 30, so I thought I should take advantage of it :P

And lucky me, Tabitha has been purging her books to make more space in her new home... and she kindly sent me the following books:

By now, you probably know why I asked for the Jayne Ann Krentz books, given my recent review of The Golden Chance :P I've also been in the mood for romantic suspense and so  Laura Griffin was on my list of authors to try out :) Finally, Tabitha has reviewed Island Heat and seemed to enjoy it a lot :P 

And that is my week :P 


  1. Great haul, Nath! I hope you enjoy the JAK books! I have the Eclipse Bay books... OH and you let's see what you think of the Mayberry, I know Tabitha liked it. :) I've been looking at Laura Griffin too... Natalie keeps raving about them. :)

  2. Books can make any day better. :) Hope those meds kick in quick!

    Nice haul - Tabitha really came through with the JAK. :)

  3. Kris - Thanks Kris! :P

    Hilcia - Thanks Hilcia :P I hope so too :P These are her shorter books and so far, I haven't enjoyed them as much as the full length.

    Nod nod, I'll let you know about the Sarah Mayberry and Griffin :P LOL, I have a few of the Griffin books already, but never really read them ^_^;

    Leslie - LOL, true, true.

    Sigh, I hope so for the meds, I hope so.

    LOL, indeed, Tabitha came through :P that's the cool thing about starting collection a while ago :P Me, I'm really playing catch-up ^_^;

  4. That's some serious haul!!!
    I think you ladies on Breezing Through sold me on the Emma Wildes one. I hope you like it.

  5. Christine - Only if you count Tabitha's books LOL.

    I do think you should give Emma Wildes a try. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it :)

  6. Yay lots of books! That makes everything better huh?! :) I really enjoyed Unspeakable, I'll have to get the 2nd book!

  7. Mollie - LOL, so true! :P You read Unspeakable? I'm glad you enjoyed it then! :P