Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hauling Sunday XVI

One more week to October!! Woohoo! You can't believe how much I'm looking forward to it ^_^; October has been a tough month. I've been plagued with health issues... nothing really, but annoying still the same. Also, my boss is going away for the whole month of November! You know what that means?!? Freedom and time off!!! LOL. Yep, yep, going to take a whole week off and do nothing :P I think I need it really bad ^_^;

I was a really good girl this week. Didn't go to the bookstore, only to the McGill Book Fair. However, I think my resolve this week is going to weaken as a lot of new releases will be, well, released :P Seriously, I just can't wait ^_^;

Also, I did pretty good at the Book Fair. I only stuck to books I wanted or thought I would read. In the end, I got only 6 books - a lot less than previous years :P Of course, I think the selection this year was much less... but it's okay.

Her Highness, My Wife and The Husband List by Victoria Alexander - Ms Alexander is one of my comfort reads author. I find that I really enjoy her books, so when I saw those two, I bought them :P It's always good to have comfort reads author books in your TBR pile :P

The Texan's Wager by Jodi Thomas - We all know that KristieJ is a big fan of western romance and I remember her mentioning one of Ms Thomas' book as her favorite... Unfortunately, I can't remember which one exactly... but I didn't want to miss it if it was indeed The Texan's Wager :P

An Accidental Greek Wedding by Carol Grace - This was one of the few contemporary romances, but not category romances available. It sounds cute.

Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair - Okay, so I'm not much into sci-fi romance, but everyone and I mean everyone raves about Finders Keepers... or is it Gabriel's Ghost? In any case, now I have it if I ever want to read it LOL.

Much Ado About You by Eloisa James - Ames read this one not too long ago and liked it :P

So 6 books for 16$. Not bad :P

Hopefully, this coming week, I'll get my hands on some very good books :P


  1. Bargain!

    I love anything Eloisa James, so I say good choice :-)

    I've read one Linnea Sinclair sometime back, not sure which one but probably one of the two you mention - it didn't blow me away, but I'm considering trying another one as I know lots of people love her books.


  2. Nath, I'm SO glad you're getting some time off! And a whole month of ease from the boss. Good for you, you need it! :D

    And ohhh, you got some good books! I've had The Texas Wager by Thomas on my TBB forever! (I think Leslie loved it too). And Much Ado About You by James. I remember really enjoying that series by her and still have it on my shelves.

    LOL on the Sinclair. I have Finders Keepers on my TBR and it's next on my backlist Sinclair reading list. EVERYBODY raves about Gabriel's Ghost, but I've heard great things about this one too & can't wait to read it. :)

  3. Li - Yes!! :P LOL, I love buying books for cheap :P

    Haha about Eloisa James. What did you think of this book and series?

    I think you would probably enjoy her other books. You like fantasy and sci-fi, so it's probably a better fit for you :P

    Hilcia - Yes, I know!! I'm really looking forward to it. Actually, we are LOL. Being able to go out for lunch and work on our own time :P

    Is that the Thomas? :P Oh and I'm glad you enjoyed And Much Ado About You. I heard about this series, but didn't bite at the time LOL.

    So it's Gabriel's Ghost. It was one or the other... ah well, going to give this one a try... one day :P

  4. Six books for $16 is GREAT! Enjoy your haul, nath! :)

  5. Hey Nath - The Essex Sisters books were my first EJs and she became one of my autobuy authors after I read the series, so it's probably safe to say I'm very fond of these books :-)

    I actually blogged about them back when if you want to know my thoughts in more detail - not entirely spoiler-free, though:


  6. I haven't ever read Victoria Alexander. I have a couple of her books in my TBR pile but for what ever reason I haven't gotten around to them. I also have a couple of Linnea Sinclair and haven't read those either. I probably should, LOL!

  7. Christine - I think so :) Love book sales and book fairs :P

    Li - Oh, I'll take a look at your post! Thanks :P So, your love for Ms James is kind of recent :P

    Jill - There's just something about Victoria Alexander books that made them enjoyable for me. Are they the best historicals books? Nope... and some of them are really bad ^_^;;; (The Perfect Wife, ugh) Still, I keep going back to her :P

    LOL, yes, you should. We should all at least try authors we haven't read, but yet possess in our TBR pile ^_^;